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/boy/ ~ Toddlers
File 151577362880.jpg - (134.01KB , 600x800 , imgsrc_ru_47986146xDd.jpg )
11032 No. 11032
Any one else love toddler boys
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>> No. 13155
File 152079057598.jpg - (377.20KB , 549x800 , 1449715639.jpg )
>> No. 13156
File 152079058282.jpg - (376.94KB , 554x800 , 1449718248.jpg )
>> No. 13157
File 152079058948.jpg - (299.15KB , 626x801 , 1449729668.jpg )
>> No. 13158
File 152079059833.jpg - (401.59KB , 800x800 , 1449748368.jpg )
>> No. 13159
File 152079061398.jpg - (346.05KB , 517x800 , 1449754439.jpg )
>> No. 13160
File 152079062781.jpg - (312.55KB , 659x800 , 1449762537.jpg )
>> No. 13161
File 15207906344.jpg - (387.80KB , 800x800 , 1449772184.jpg )
>> No. 13162
File 15207906539.jpg - (476.94KB , 800x800 , 1449794917.jpg )
>> No. 13166
File 152080639166.jpg - (63.65KB , 1366x1024 , slave.jpg )

That naughty thing should get locked up, it ruins all the image!
>> No. 13207
You do realize that many pedos wear those, right? Besides, cages are useless on kids.

Maybe a kinky item for a picture, but no real purpose. I'm wearing a cage right now, and I dream of teaching a toddler to tease me, but never allow me to cum. Maybe if I'm really good, I'll clean his dad's cum out of his ass.
>> No. 13305
File 152095103747.jpg - (132.37KB , 725x950 , 57d75afa39b3d.jpg )
Never knew it's a thing among pedos. That's a kink of mine, but I like guys of wide range of ages.

And why are cages are useless for kids? Had some light dom/sub practice with a teen guy, used this kind of toys and he got to love it.
One of the things that excited him in theory, almost made him regret that excitement in practice, and then after release he was happy to repeat cycle :3

Agree that devices might me ineffective on younger fellows, because if one wants to disobey and jerk off, he would do it with this thing on too.

Still saw a number posts on some boards where people claimed they've made even very young kids (mostly their own) to wear sorts of cages all the time. They used to complain and such, but didn't get to touch themselves. Mostly from some specific places. Something not looking possible in 1st world countries, unfortunately.

Funny that we have like opposite fantasies (I prefer to see someone needy and frustrated) but about same topic.
>> No. 13332
Funny yes.. in your fantasy, I'd be the boy. Please be a sorcerer and turn me into my younger self, I promise I'll be good :)

the problem is, these cages are most useful to create a huge ormonal build up, and a boy too young doesn't have such hormones in him. So in that situation it becomes just a little discomfort, not linked to inner urges.

Now that I think of it, yes I wish I could see more cages on kids, so that I could pretend I am them.
>> No. 13565
File 152120610582.jpg - (137.30KB , 1280x720 , twlba5j7oo5g4kj5_onion.jpg )
cum on, it's tots thread, go create another one for that stuff
>> No. 13566
File 152120616025.jpg - (150.12KB , 640x480 , DSCF3614.jpg )
>> No. 13567
File 152120617948.jpg - (217.79KB , 640x480 , DSCF3611.jpg )
>> No. 13568
File 15212062149.jpg - (112.39KB , 640x480 , DSCF3628.jpg )
>> No. 13732
Is there a vid to follow
>> No. 14442
File video-2013-10-11-10-10-25.mp4 - (3.85MB )
>> No. 15134
anyone got anymore videos?
>> No. 15135
I would like to know where the poster got this vid from
>> No. 15767
very nice moreplzzz
>> No. 16464

would love to pund the ass of this long haired cherub
>> No. 16791
>> No. 17699
Any more of this set?
>> No. 19526
>> No. 21114
Somehow, while I normally like girls and women, I really love boys between 2 and 6 years old. They are adorable. <3
>> No. 21421
File PichPich.mp4 - (6.36MB )
>> No. 21426
File 15330662276.jpg - (447.13KB , 2042x1636 , T-11.jpg )
p: dalla
>> No. 21427

I think I'm in love. <3
>> No. 21429
Have u got any more of this cute boy body mp4
>> No. 21434
Hi have u got any mp4 or any mega files on him in the porn on any of him so want to see more only got a iPad
>> No. 21572
I am very sexually active with my boys i like children who are in the age range of 2 yrs old to 6 yrs old i have young sons who are very sexually active with me i like having family orgies with them.
>> No. 21577
File 153328500473.jpg - (1.72MB , 3264x2448 , 1418261192528.jpg )
I think it's fantastic that you're enjoying your 3 delicious young sons, I hope you are having intense sex with them regularly and that they are eager to drink every drop of your cum. You are living the dream, absolutely nothing better than feasting on those sweet young bodies, sucking those superb rigid young cocks and having them suck you off again and again.
>> No. 21581
Do you have any images or vids of you playing with them? Are you going to continue fucking them and playing with them in their teens?
>> No. 21588
OMG What an amazing sweet beautiful boy cock to love and adore !
Pure lovely perfection !!!
>> No. 21589
What a gorgeous cock !!!
>> No. 21838
Please, more vids and share some of your own personal stuff, if you can.
>> No. 21842
Howdee fellow pedos I'm a father with a gay 12yr old son i often watch gay incest videos with him i have watched him with a boy kissing and rubbing cock on cock on his iPhone
>> No. 21849
Please share a video or pic of you having fun with him.
>> No. 21850
>> No. 21860
I love his circumcised cock.
>> No. 22079
love this!
>> No. 22220
This should be called TooCute Toddlers Thread

So many yummy puppys
>> No. 22437
Any video of two same age 69?
>> No. 23742
This thread needs to be more active
>> No. 23759
File 153807296821.jpg - (166.50KB , 1600x1200 , 047.jpg )
>> No. 23760
File 153807309883.jpg - (216.33KB , 700x463 , 53354.jpg )
>> No. 23761
File 153807319474.jpg - (203.51KB , 700x426 , 53355.jpg )
>> No. 23776
If someone wants to see their little boy convered in cum, I really want to fuck a toddler boy for my first pedo day
>> No. 29197
anybody has released his own childhood pics?

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