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/boy/ ~ hmmm
File 152170154756.jpg - (60.63KB , 1152x648 , wb n b.jpg )
14141 No. 14141
i like girls and boys, but its cute
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>> No. 14143
i wish for young squirt vids. why is there none? i like the idea of fantasizing about making a boy have his first, and tasting it. visual aid to the thought of feeling their hardness and throbbing in my mouth. yeah. what can i say? i don't discriminate against sex, race, or religion. is just as fun of a fantasy to fap too as girls; to me. girls and boys are sharing and showing willfully. let us see. End sexual repression. because now that i am old? i remember what a horny little kid i was. and so so punished for it. ending sexual repression and prohibition would allow self awareness and growth.
>> No. 14199
this isnt working
>> No. 14325
File 152187527310.jpg - (155.62KB , 1152x653 , view.jpg )
yup. sorry is now down again. I was merely trying to share before it was shot down. But still' JPG4.us is fun to crawl too. I have seen that video several times as well as others just as worthy for the point as described before.
>> No. 14397
I think this is the actual link

>> No. 14399
It's so pitty that you always use hosts for adult shit! Impossible, to download from there without any danger!
Why don't you use dl.free.fr? problems there are really very rare, everything works fine!
So thank you for reup - and don't forget PW, please
>> No. 14408
Could someone upload this video to the site itself. I can not play the video on the website
>> No. 14409
Imean could someone upload this video onto this website
>> No. 14410
>> No. 14434
Good JOB! TY
>> No. 14435
oops not that spam one. I was see if I could delete it. lol
>> No. 14436
Oh just noticed the "actual link" too would not play for me. But here on another server
>> No. 15644
Non of the links work.It would be better on this site in mp4
>> No. 15645
...front page of https://japsex.xyz/
>> No. 15646
Thank you very much.
>> No. 16433
not working
>> No. 21854
>> No. 21859
>> No. 21883
best viral indon..
>> No. 21896
Post them for download on dl.free.fr
>> No. 21906
why - for heaven's sake must you always use these strange hosters! there are so many your can trust! if you choose dl.free.fr, the uploaded archive stays available maybe even a half year or longer! would be kind of you to find such a fine link
>> No. 21927
I believe the thread-startere is a spammer. The supposed video he linked to is not viewable and there are a bunch of other non-viewable vids on the site. There are some WolfFire supposed videos but they're actually just still photos with Phillepino language speaking as the audio. The only vids that are viewable are the tamer ones that are hostable on Youtube.
>> No. 21936

1. The site was good, but 15 days after it was posted, the video was taken down.
2. It is Filipino not "Phillepino" you non spelling moron.
3. They are from Indonesia, and the people in the video are Indonesian.
4. If you actually knew the story behind the video, you would know that the women involved were arrested because it was a HUGE scandal in Indonesia, and they are still looking for the guys who originally filmed it.

If you want details, look up on Google or DuckDuckGo, "Kenpokan vs Tante" which means "Nephew vs Aunt" in Indonesian.
>> No. 21939
please reup the video please pleaes
>> No. 21941
p: F@PF@P
>> No. 21952
If the site is legitimate, as you say, how do you explain the vids that, by the thumbnail, appear to be WolfFire productions but instead, are just a still shot of the thumbnail, with someone speaking as the audio? It doesn't matter which one. All of them are this way. What is that if not bait-and-switch?
>> No. 21968

Sweet summer child...

Because the site is a mirror of http://en.nyuu.info which is/was a compiled search site (for mirror streaming) known as "AV4.us" which mirrors adult content for avegle, japsex, and a few others. Some users mirrored CP that was uploaded onto said sites, and the sites that originally hosted the CP would take it down, as soon as it is noticed by the original host site. In this case, pusatpelakor.com taken the video down after someone complained about illegal content, OR one of their administrators manually noticed that there was CP on their server, and deleted it. What this does to the Mirror host AV4.us is that it causes the video to not be available, and then it feeds back to the other video links which have captured pictures of the videos. Many of those videos are also blocked or removed by the original hosts.
>> No. 22080
Exactly what the thread is about, and all parts really seem to enjoy what is going on...
Thanks for sharing this playfull and life-giving video!
>> No. 22152

Can you upload this somewhere else please? The download is very very slow and it randomly keeps failing, so I have to start from the beginning each time.
>> No. 22153
I agree, minifil is hopeless, to download a file yesterday took 8 attempts, constantly fails before completion.
>> No. 22170
>22152 >22153
Remember the times when it took almost an hour to dl a few MB?
Here at minfil it takes far less to dl 901 MB, and I can assure you, if dl fails it's not from their end...
Sorry, but that's the truth, and don't forget, the poster chooses where to upload (as long as it's free ;-)).
>> No. 22187
Then explain why I was getting ~40kb a second download speed and I would constantly get network errors in chrome and the download would stop? Downloading torrents and from other sites is perfectly fine.
>> No. 22188
File 153475486884.png - (74.67KB , 728x762 , VjT55T4.png )

This isn't even half my attempts to download either. 40-50kb/sec download speed is garbage as well.
>> No. 22857
Tante vs Anak
>> No. 27346
japansex.xyz still has the video.
>> No. 27486

ths to share, but what's the password,F@PF@P is wrong
>> No. 27493
Theres an active link in another thread which the password worked on
>> No. 27714
>> No. 28032

wow,you found it, think you
>> No. 28213
FYI, the minifil link does work. On my first try, it got 500kbps, and this was through TOR. However it crapped out midway, and I downloaded it again. This time it was around 300kbps, and it finished. Having said that, this is just wolf day 3, reduced in resolution (but about the same file size, go figure), with huge black bars on top and bottom. Somebody did a half-assed job at re-encoding this. If you have access to an Onion CP board, you can get the original HD quality.
>> No. 28278
Because password is in capital letters you try
>> No. 28996
reup the vid plz
>> No. 29168
its still on this page cut..
>> No. 34534

It worked for me. Maybe you left some whitespace in.
>> No. 34684
more from Wolf?
>> No. 34846
name of the video?

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