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/boy/ ~ My initiation
File 152600023349.jpg - (45.35KB , 800x535 , 38336754Ews.jpg )
16542 No. 16542
My own initiation into boy-man sex began when I was nine years old. I grew up with my single mom in a small town. When I was 9, way back in 1977, she moved for work to the big city she grew up in. Her brother lived in the same neighbourhood and he helped us find an apartment and get settled. He would frequently sleep over but this didn’t arouse any suspicions for me that he might have been having sex with his younger sister, my mom. That is, until one night, I got up to go to the toilet and heard much groaning and grunting from my mom’s room and I kinda realised what might have been going on (I was not totally naïve!).
My uncle was nice to me and would take to things like drag racing or fishing. It was out in his boat that he began grooming me: he would encourage me to pull down my pants to piss over the side of the boat, and would make comments about the amount of piss I had or my penis size and whether it was stiff or not. He would pull out his penis to show me how big a man’s penis was and he would show me how far and how much he could piss.
Sleepovers at his apartment also began. My uncle was a bachelor and, to me, this made him more fun. Porn quickly became a feature of sleepovers. He had an amazing pile of Playboys and Penthouses which he would let me browse, and he encouraged me to get my clothes off and sit on his sofa, jerking my junior cock as I ogled the babes. I got comfortable doing this and he also got naked and jerked off. I was very intrigued by the size of his cock and soon he was fondling my little red wiener and getting me to play with his man monster.
I remember how nice it felt to have someone else fondle me, and how much nicer it felt to have my cock in his hot mouth. My uncle’s cock seemed so huge and it had a distinctive taste and smell, a little musty and salty. I was fascinated by the “cream” that jizzed out of his cock sometimes: on his tummy, on my tummy, on a porn mag…eventually in my mouth. A sharp taste, vaguely like salty chlorine. My uncle never penetrated my anus too much, preferring to pop his cock head into my rectum. I got used to him jazzing his cream there.
As we settled into the pedo routine my sleepovers became more frequent, eventually becoming twice weekly. My mom asked a couple of times if I was comfortable with the sleepovers and if I ever felt scared. I thought that was a weird question and I wondered how much she knew. That evening she came up while I was having a bath and knelt down beside the tub. She asked me to stand and then, to my shock, she began to fondle my wet penis. As she did so she told me that her grandfather had similarly played with her and her brother when they were kids. She said that this doesn’t happen to all kids but that it had happened to them and it was happening to me and she wanted me to have fun and not get hurt or be afraid. She got me out of the bath, dried me, and then sucked me off a little.
Mom never got nude with me but would sometimes fondle and suck me. Sometimes I asked her to, sometimes she just did it. When I told my uncle about this he smiled and said that I should enjoy it and that I was a lucky boy. He showed me some magazines in a mailing envelope, and they were kiddy porn. I now recognize them as the stuff that came out of Denmark in the late 1970s. Lots of images of naked boys, and girls, and of men with them. He told me that it was common for men to love boys and girls.
It was after that I met his buddy with the two step-daughters, but this is a boy group, so I guess you don’t to hear about that.
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>> No. 16563
Nice...I don't mind continue reading some stories of you with your buddy's stepdaughter :)
>> No. 22845
Can you please, of please continue your story with the step-daughters? Also, how long were the three of you doing this and do you still do it with them today, or is it weird for you to be getting sexual with your mom or uncle when you're older?
>> No. 22964
More story, please.
>> No. 25478
I agree with everyone more more more how old were the girls show pictures
>> No. 25502

Please, if you're still here, please post more of the story. If you have already posted it, then please link to where you did.
>> No. 25581
File 154082330370.jpg - (35.98KB , 321x460 , singles_073.jpg )
Thanks for asking me to continue telling what happened to me as a kid who was loved by grown-ups.
A few months after my uncle began molesting me and my mom also played with me a bit, he drove me to a Burger King where we met a guy with two girls. The man’s name was Matt and the two girls were his step-daughters: Shelly was 8 and Lisa was 6. The guys kind of chatted for a while and told me and the girls to go and have fun in the play area next to the restaurant. After a while we all got into Matt’s car and drove off to a motel. On the way my uncle and Matt told us that we all played the same kind of games and it would be nice if we could all play them together.
At the motel I remember Matt closing all the curtains and turning off the lights while my uncle got undressed. So did Matt and they got us three kids to lie fully clothed on the bed. My uncle pulled off Shelly’s skirt and panties and lifted her top off. Matt knelt on my side of the bed with an enormous hard-on and rubbed my cock a little through my shorts before pulling up my t-shirt and kissing my tummy and my nipples, then pulling down my pants and jocks and sucking my stiff little wiener. I turned to see my uncle rubbing Shelly’s pussy and running another hand up Lisa’s skirt.
This first time in the motel really sticks in my mind. I remember it began raining outside. I remember feeling Matt’s cock for the first time – longer than my uncle’s. Matt always smelled of cologne, not as earthy as my uncle. He really liked having his tongue in my ass, really licking deep. It was the, too, that I first touched the girls. I lay on top of each and kissed them. They sucked me off, each of them. Matt and my uncle sucked each other off. Matt’s hot cum burst ended up on my tummy and chest while my uncle blew his load In little Lisa’s mouth.
I leaned later that this was the first time the men had met – they contacted each other through personals in a sex mag. I saw Matt and his stepdaughters about once every two weeks. Shelly and Lisa were, at different times, intense crushes of mine. There were other random kids in this pedo mix, but these two girls were my constant lovers.
>> No. 25582
File 154082406814.jpg - (85.38KB , 833x575 , lcs02_14.jpg )
My uncle molested me from ages 9 (1977) to 14 (1982). By that time I had been with four other men (incl. Matt), two other girls and another boy. During all this time my mother would sometimes have a boyfriend and not touch me sexually. Other times she would masturbate and suck me every few weeks. When I was 14 my uncle had a major heart attack and was on life support for a few days. After that we only had sporadic sexual contact. Around the same time Matt got divorced from the girls' mom and was out of the scene. However, my mom let Shelly and Lisa come for visits to our place. She knew what was going on although she never interfered. For a couple of years me and these girls would have sex sleepovers. I even lived with Lisa when she was 17 and I was 20 - she owed me her first abortion!
>> No. 25930
File 154103982730.jpg - (91.33KB , 600x799 , 24157477hbk asscoboy.jpg )
When I was 13 (would have been 1981), a year before his heart attack, my uncle took me to a downtown adult cinema one evening. It was actually in the basement of a sex shop, down a run-down alleyway. My uncle went in first to make sure there were not others in the shop, then called me in. The guy at the counter stamped both our wrists and unlocked the basement door for us. I remember thinking how dark it all was: the only light came from the cinema screen and a couple of dim red lights down a couple of narrow hallways.
I could see two or three guys in the seats watching the screen. I remember thinking that the room was much smaller than a normal cinema, only five rows of seats. My uncle and I sat in the back row to watch a stick flick, a German woman being banged by two guys. As we watched he undid my pants and eased them down to my knees, and then pulled his hard cock out of his own pants. He reached across and began fondling my young teen hard-on and I stroked his man pump.
One of the guys watching the film was looking back at us and, maybe at a signal from my uncle, the guy got up and joined us in the back row. He sat on the other side of me and murmured to us what a nice cock I had. Next thing, this guy was fondling me too. He then got his cock out and my uncle told me to stroke it. It was only half stiff but hardened up after some strokes from me. It was then that my uncle suggested we go to a “room”.
I pulled up my pants and followed my uncle down a narrow side hall which only had half walls. We walked through a door into a small room with a built-in bench and a metal tissue dispenser on the wall. The bench had a small stained mattress on it. There were also hooks behind the door and the men stripped and hung their clothes on the hooks. Mine were soon there too. There was some light from the faint red globes.
The men got me to lie down on the bench. My uncle kneeled down and sucked off this man, then came over and sucked me. The other man then sucked me off. He would sometimes breathlessly mumble what a beautiful boy I was. He then began licking my tummy, chest and thighs, giving me a real tongue bath. As he leaned over to do so, my uncle was behind him rubbing his cock on his ass or fondling this guy’s cock.
It was then my turn to begin sucking. This guy sat down on the bench and my uncle got me to bend over between his legs. I began sucking this guy off. I had only sucked my uncle and his buddy before, so this was the third man I had sucked off. As I slurped on him I could feel my uncle applying cool lube to my anus. We had recently begun anal sex and my uncle was now going to get his fill. As I sucked I felt a slippery finger probing my tender teen ass, then another. After some finger fucking I felt his cock head gently pushing. I groaned in pain a little as it pushed past the sphincter, then relaxed to let him start fucking me.
It was all too much for this other guy who started jazzing in my mouth. He whimpered loudly as he did so. He sat there for a while watching my uncle fuck me, my elbows on his thighs to support myself. However, I heard a voice at the door and realised that another guy was watching us, the guy from the shop. My uncle invited him in. This guy stripped and just left his clothes on the floor. My uncle pulled out of my ass as this other man came over to me. He told my uncle that I was beautiful, like he had said. His hand was on my cock as he bent down and kissed me. His breath smelled minty and his tongue in my mouth also tasted that way.
This guy also sucked me off but he did not want me to suck him. Rather, he lubed his cock, bent me over, and started where my uncle had left off. The first guy was still in the small room, enjoying the show. My uncle soon put this guy to work by sticking his cock in his mouth. I soon heard the guy behind me groaning and felt his hot squirts inside me. As soon as the shop owner pulled out my uncle was back in and he also soon lost his load inside me. At the age of 13 I was already a cum whore. That pedo friendly cinema served me well for a few more visits with my uncle and they let me in for free after my uncle’s heart attack. I had adventures with other guys and boys there.
>> No. 25945
It's annoying when someone takes up the whole page with a load of balls and shit isn't it. For every one person who says to carry on, there are a hundred who want you to fuck off to nifty or one of the million other places where you can tell your stories.
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>> No. 29741
It started when I was 9. My mom and aunt work out of town on the weekends and instead of paying a babysitter, they decided to leave my 12yo cousin in charge of me. It started out with him touching me whenever he got the opportunity. I always wore shorts, so he would constantly run his hands up and down my legs and grab my ass. Then he’d pull his dick out and start masturbating in front of me. He was always trying to get me to touch his dick. One day I finally gave in and touched it, and it went from there. Before I knew it, I was sucking his dick like a pro. Sometimes swallowing his little boy load, but mostly letting him cum on my young face. I look back on those days fondly. I couldn’t wait for Friday night back then. As soon as our moms left, I would strip down and walk around the house naked until Sunday evening before they came home. My cousin couldn’t keep his hands off of me either. I’d sit on his lap while watching cartoons or playing the Nintendo, and his hands would wander all over my body, stroking my legs, ass, and chest, eventually playing with my little boy dick. We would take showers together, sleep together (I was naked, of course). He eventually started fucking my ass too. It hurt a little at first, but I eventually learned to love it as much as I did sucking him off. He even convinced me to let him tie me up once and had his way with me.
>> No. 29897
Lovely to hear about you and your cousin. Horny boys.
>> No. 43188
That shows the only reason y'all into boys is you've been molested as kids.
>> No. 43262
Is that right? So what exactly are y'all into?
>> No. 43615
Yeah. Fuck off. Nobody forced you to read the message. Fucking faggot.
>> No. 43733
Still doesn't explain why you're here. Or is that your way of admitting to being molested? Just lurking around waiting ffor the opportunity to come out about Uncle Bad Touch making you ride his fingers huh?

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