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/boy/ ~ MIXXX
File 154154370464.jpg - (87.15KB , 917x562 , 2 (1).jpg )
26453 No. 26453
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File 154154371554.jpg - (396.18KB , 891x1253 , 2 (2).jpg )
>> No. 26455
File 154154372218.jpg - (135.82KB , 1152x416 , 2 (3).jpg )
>> No. 27017
I am a 42yo man living in Seattle, WA in one of the poorest parts of the state. I chose to live here because it's so easy to lure little boys into my house. They see me sitting on the park bench playing with my tablet and ask if they can play because they don't have one. I tell them I have an Xbox at home and they can play with it any time. It usually takes a while for them to trust me but after a while we're playing and having fun. Little boys are so vulnerable and easy to persuade especially when they're poor and needy. I keep my boys between the ages of 7-9 but have on occasion stayed with them until puberty. I had so much fun masturbating them and feeling their little cocks getting ready to unload knowing that it would be a dry orgasm. One day I was home alone doing my chores when a knock came on my door, it was Jim, a 7yo who I played with many times before. I wasn't really in the mood or ready for boy time so I let him play his favorite games on the Xbox while I went about my chores. It wasn't just minutes later when I heard my door bell ring and opened the door and saw Jack 9 and his little brother Billy 6. I invited them in but was a might leery about Billy since I have never met him and not in my age group of boys. They heard Jim playing in the other room and asked if they could play to. I told them it would be ok as long as Jim was good with that. I could hear the boys playing, laughing and giggling as they played trying to wipe each other out but there was another sound I heard that caught my curiosity. It wasn't the sound of boys playing Xbox but the sound of boys playing with each other. I peeked around the corner and discovered that the boys had their pants down and were playing with each others cocks. I got so excited at this site and seeing a 6yo cock stand at attention and playing with his brother and Jim I just had to intervene. I came upon them like I was surprised and asked them what was going on here. Jim and Jack just looked at me as if to say "what do you think?". But Billy looked scared as if he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He began to sob so I took him into my arms and began to rub his cock and balls. I told him that it was ok and not to be afraid but I was afraid because of his age. It wasn't until his brother Jack assured him that it was ok. Now here I am with three half naked little boys who wanted to play Xbox. Well, to make a very long story short, I have played with pretty much every little boy in this neighborhood and most of them still are with me. I love little boys and their cocks are my obsession.
>> No. 27021
File 154235905995.jpg - (242.07KB , 1362x912 , w.jpg )
>> No. 27030
little boys with bald balls and hard cock wanted. preferably ages 3-7, cut and into brother/father love. sucking and fucking would be nice but will train if necessary. let me suck your little boy cock and you will not need girls to make you happy.

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