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/boy/ ~ Nude boys in movies
File 15449196698.png - (555.65KB , 1019x755 , id=1_Kidsworld.png )
30351 No. 30351
kids world (2001)
link: https://myfile.is/TeBbM5n2bd/id_1.kids_world_2001_1_rar

Pass: #!JaneChibiMovies!#
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>> No. 37188
Hals über Kopf, I'm going to upload a version without the subtitles the following weekend
>> No. 37191
Thank you... !
>> No. 37198
I was browsing Jpg4 site and I found a video that was partially cut, and it led me to this site right here called: ero-sceny.ru It has the motherload of underaged child nudity and such in cinema films. Maybe some of you can find out which ones they are? It has some bs premium membership thing so Im not too sure.
>> No. 37226
Anyone knows what is it saying in the video with the cute boy with the little dick?
>> No. 37248
File 万物創世記.mp4 - (4.94MB )
Japanese TV
>> No. 37249
File 林檎の歌.mp4 - (1.99MB )
>> No. 37250
File ドリフ.mp4 - (2.89MB )
Japanese sketch
>> No. 37251
File イッテQ.mp4 - (7.74MB )
Japanese 2
>> No. 37308
Many clips are uploaded without the name of the series or movie they come from, they probably do not have a reference to their name on the internet. While you can try your luck at cinemonsterr.blogspot.mx & childrenincinema.com that are not good options to download the movie (as you can see) but at least they serve as a reference to search the original names of some movies.
>> No. 37309
For example, the following clip is only referenced as Japanese commercial. and to find its information you have to be very lucky
>> No. 37310
File 15488336776.png - (1.13MB , 1345x564 , Japanese commercial.png )
Japanese commercial (funny).

link: https://myfile.is/Bfhbh4s9b9/Japanese_commercial_1_mp4

No pass
>> No. 37734
******************************* [UPDATE]. FROM 19/02/02 *******************************************
>> No. 37735
File 154916032091.png - (648.57KB , 1366x768 , id=81_duvar (1983)[1].png )
Duvar (A guard verifies if a boy is circumcised).

link: https://myfile.is/abb6Besdbb/id_81.duvar_1983_1_rar

Pass: #!JaneChibiMovies!#
>> No. 37736
File 154916064687.png - (1.41MB , 1366x768 , id=82_id=83_Hals Uber Kopf 1986[1].png )
Hals Uber Kopf (A woman is late for a date and drags a mud-covered child home she believes to be her daughter. When she puts her in the shower to wash the mud off, she discovers her mistake and in fact has brought home a boy. She convinces him to allow her to dress him up as a girl and pass him off as her daughter for her potential boyfriend. Boy's frontal nudity in bath and running around the house.)

link (just nude scenes): https://myfile.is/Sde5B5saba/id_82.Hals_Uber_Kopf_1986_1_rar

link (full episode, 227 MB): https://cpmlink.net/Ot3YAA

Pass: #!JaneChibiMovies!#
>> No. 37737
File 154916093754.jpg - (94.03KB , 928x347 , id=84_Ketchup[1].jpg )
Ketchup (Very rare and hard to find movie) (a kid have sex with womans) (forbidden movie).

link: https://cpmlink.net/Qt3YAA

Pass: #!JaneChibiMovies!#
>> No. 37738
File 154916122556.png - (1.68MB , 1345x754 , id=85_The Annunciation.png )
The Annunciation (A 12-year-old Adam (Péter Bocsor) and 11-year-old Eve (Júlia Mérö) are shown nude at the start and the end of this film.
Many kisses throughout this film inclusing a very erotic kiss as they share the "forbidden fruit" in the Garden of Eden, and one where he is holding her in his lap (both clothed) with his hand on her hip. Towards the beginning when they are both nude except for loincloths, he is kissing her bare shoulders. In a similar scene near the end he is kissing her bare stomach.)

link: https://cpmlink.net/m93YAA

Pass: #!JaneChibiMovies!#
>> No. 37751
This scene is actually about the boy having to prove he is a male. When they discover that he is has not been circumcised they question whether he is Muslim and is asked to prove it by reciting something. He fails and is kicked out.
>> No. 37765
File 154918326111.jpg - (662.39KB , 2457x1440 , Untitled.jpg )
A beautiful movie... or maybe just a beautiful boy. From "Murmur of the Heart" - 1971, Fr
>> No. 37863

Pass: #!JaneChibiMovies!#
>> No. 38003
Thanks for the clarification, when I don't understand what happens in a scene because of the language, I use the description that https://www.rarefilmfinder.com/ gives, but maybe they do not understand it either XD
>> No. 38004

Pass: MichaelJackson
>> No. 38130

Pass: MichaelJackson
>> No. 38822
********************************** [UPDATE]. FROM 19/02/02 ************************************************
>> No. 38823
********************************** [UPDATE]. FROM 19/02/09 ************************************************
>> No. 38824
File 154974984656.png - (1.15MB , 1366x768 , id=86_El sacerdote [1].png )
El sacerdote (spnak)(rear nudity).

link: https://myfile.is/l8d7wat6be/id_86.El_sacerdote_1_rar

Pass: #!JaneChibiMovies!#
>> No. 38826
File 154974996257.png - (874.12KB , 1341x712 , id=87_Kadhal Konden[1].png )
Kadhal Konden (spank).

link: https://myfile.is/o4f6w9t4bb/id_87.Kadhal_Konden_1_rar

Pass: #!JaneChibiMovies!#
>> No. 38827
File 154975006690.png - (951.26KB , 1366x768 , id=88_Dva lidi v ZOO[1].png )
Dva lidi v ZOO (rear and frontal nudity) (10 yo boys).

link: https://ouo.io/REzekJ

Pass: #!JaneChibiMovies!#
>> No. 38828
File 154975020892.png - (451.67KB , 969x461 , id=89_The Tragedy of Macbeth (1971)[1].png )
The Tragedy of Macbeth (full nudity)(bath) (Macduff's son (Mark Dightam, 11) is being bathed by his mother)

link: https://ouo.io/dqsztn

Pass: #!JaneChibiMovies!#
>> No. 38829
File 154975037412.png - (636.20KB , 1366x768 , id=90_you are not alone (Du er ikke alene)[1].png )
you are not alone (A classic)(Anders Agensø (15) and Peter Bjerg (12) have lengthy frontal nudity in shower scene).

link: https://ouo.io/j2gEPI

Pass: #!JaneChibiMovies!#
>> No. 38985
thank you very much to the guy that made all posts on myfile.is, all your links worked perfectly! i hope the asshole that spams this thread with malicious links to cpmlink ceesty destyy geesty feesty and such shit and tries to make money gets banned from this board forever. some people don't deserve a nice place like this
>> No. 38986
ouo.io is another malicious site used by a spammer to make money on clicks, admin please ban this idiot and remove all posts with links to malicious sites!!!
>> No. 39096
Thanks Jane chibi, great job , many interesting movies , great cuts, and beautiful boys scenes.
>> No. 39904
wow, You have a very sharp language for someone who can not read that everything is published by the same person and with the same password. Well I guess I have to talk about the subject
>> No. 39906
URLshorterners are very commonly used as an alternative way of sustaining projects, businesses, communities, etc.

Of course, websites that share this type of material are very common, but are they justified?
At this point I want to make clear some points:

1.-I do not agree with people who find links to files already uploaded and apply the URLshorter to earn easy money (if you see for example a file that has a password "boysapriori" comes from a site onion and is very unlikely to be the original author). Nor with those who use too many shorteners for a file (and of poor quality or well-known)

2.- I have also seen in the situation of having to spend several URLshorteners to download a file (which most of the time was one descepcion)

The only way it is justified to use them is:
1.-That you have uploaded the file
2.- Do not use more than 2 shorteners (3 if the file is large and of quality)

why? Because if you raise it (apart from the time it takes you) you risk having the police knock on your door tomorrow. It seems that many do not consider and want everything on a silver platter without considering the risk others run so you can see all this material. If someone is willing to run that risk ... Could not you thank him/her with 30 seconds of your time?

Apart from that, allowing Shortener URLs can encourage people to upload more material, even large and good quality files. Of course including a preview. Of course, nobody would be forced to use the links.
>> No. 39911
File 155039587454.png - (409.62KB , 1366x768 , screen final.png )
Beyond that, what I do to bring you this section takes a lot of time and effort. For the education that my parents gave me, I can guarantee that what I do gives me the ethical right to monetize a part of the links, since it is like a job:

1.- Normally I download the complete movies (that weigh from 1 to 4 GB) to sometimes only take a few seconds of scenes.

2.- I do not record from the screen because the files weigh too much, it is my last option (a video of one minute can weigh up to 200 MB).

3.- I organize everything well to avoid repeating files.

4.- I prepare the previews screen by screen

5.- I will never use more than two URLshorteners in any case.

6.- I am quite active for any problem despite studying the university and being very busy (especially during exams)

I'm pretty sure I'm the one who has the most work to create content on this website and to prove this is what I do every weekend:
>> No. 39912
File 155039600754.png - (173.46KB , 1357x743 , screen table.png )
I do not joke that it can take up to 5 hours to download, edit, archive, classify and upload each of the movies.
>> No. 39913
File 15503960905.png - (284.10KB , 1209x678 , screen cut.png )
Sometimes it's hard to find and cut out all the good scenes, sometimes I have to watch the whole movie
>> No. 39914
Finally, I am very grateful to people like you for your support, now we have a special update
>> No. 39915
********************************** [UPDATE]. FROM 19/02/17 ************************************************
>> No. 39916
File 155039653241.png - (1.37MB , 1366x768 , id=91_Den vita stenen.png )
Den vita stenen (full nudity and rear nudity).

link: https://myfile.is/c758k7u2bb/id_91.Den_vita_stenen_rar

Pass: #!JaneChibiMovies!#
>> No. 39918
File 155039671469.png - (1.71MB , 1366x768 , id=92_Cesta z mesta (2000)[1].png )
Cesta z mesta (frontal nudity)

link: https://myfile.is/B866k0ubbc/id_92.Cesta_z_mesta_2000_1_rar

Pass: #!JaneChibiMovies!#
>> No. 39919
File 155039727655.png - (1.04MB , 1366x768 , id=93_The White Cloud Caroline (1985)[1].png )
The White Cloud Caroline (rear nudity & partial nudity).

link: https://myfile.is/K075kcu0b9/id_93.The_White_Cloud_Caroline_1985_1_rar

Pass: #!JaneChibiMovies!#
>> No. 39920
File 155039753499.png - (1.33MB , 1366x768 , id=94_Men Behind The Sun[1].png )
Men Behind The Sun (A 10-year-old mute Chinese boy is playfully undressed before an experiment: full frontal nudity.)

link: https://myfile.is/Ac8ck7u9b3/id_94.Men_Behind_The_Sun_1_rar

Pass: #!JaneChibiMovies!#
>> No. 39921
File 155039780651.png - (1.84MB , 1366x768 , id=95_Un sac de billes.png )
Un sac de billes (Germans try to determine whether boys (Paul-Eric Shulmann, 12 and Richard Constantini, 10) are Jewish by making them show their penis.
Joseph shows penis in another scene.)

link: https://myfile.is/L4F2k2udb4/id_95.Un_sac_de_billes_rar

Pass: #!JaneChibiMovies!#
>> No. 39922
File 155039824556.png - (1.35MB , 1366x768 , id=96_Cross My Heart and Hope to Die.png )
Cross My Heart and Hope to Die (Rear nudity) (naughty boy)(A boy mocks a man for being blind and even lowers his pants in front of him) (This is personally a favorite for being one of the first films I found)

link: https://ouo.io/UZ8BaQ

Pass: #!JaneChibiMovies!#
>> No. 39923
File 155039853440.png - (912.05KB , 1366x768 , id=97_Chempiony iz podvorotni [1].png )
Chempiony iz podvorotni (revenge and torture)(full nudity)(spank).

link: https://ouo.io/4veeAU

Pass: #!JaneChibiMovies!#
>> No. 39924
File 155039881952.png - (1.69MB , 1366x768 , id=98_compilation 1.png )
1.- Follow You Follow Me (side nudity)
2.- Menino maluquinho (full nudity)
3.- Oficio de tinieblas (naked kid crucified)
4.-The Barbarians (no nude but torture)

link: https://ouo.io/MDCTVo

Pass: #!JaneChibiMovies!#
>> No. 39925
File 155039952148.png - (1.18MB , 1366x768 , id=99_compilation 2.png )
1.- Abschied (spank)
2.- Der Leihopa (frontal nudity of two boys)
3.- Santa Sangre (A boy is tattooed with a stake painfully) (Hard to watch)

link: https://ouo.io/TjHMcQ

Pass: #!JaneChibiMovies!#
>> No. 39926
File 155039991276.png - (1.30MB , 1366x768 , id=100_Bacanal de Adolescentes (1982).png )
Bacanal de Adolescentes (A 12 years old boy have VERY EXPLICIT SEX with two womans, well you can see the preview) (This is one of the rarest and most special movies that I have uploaded although in 2 years I could not find an version with audio) (Also other teenagers have rampant sex (That means bacanal)).

link full movie: https://ouo.io/2nTjFV

Pass: #!JaneChibiMovies!#
>> No. 40314
Good job Janechibi thx for your staff'

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