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/boy/ ~ Seems like the best place to put this
File 154606804549.jpg - (72.45KB , 725x694 , bbe255245797819d0524d90262d2b6416f0cdca6b046e044bf.jpg )
33789 No. 33789
I'm running away from my home (I'm 13m btw) if someone wants to pick me up kik thisguyhere73 (weird post but gets the message out)
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>> No. 33791
r u good sucking cocks?
in plural
>> No. 33794
I'd have to be taught;)
>> No. 33795
meeh I'm not a teacher...
>> No. 33796
Ok im actually a virgin thats why
>> No. 33799
seems like a trap to me. who's dumb enough to believe this person?
>> No. 33800
Why would someone lie about something like that
>> No. 33807
We require at least 1 weenie pic to verify your age.
>> No. 33820
Hi I tried to find u on kik (thisguyhere73) but I cant find u :( ???????
>> No. 33822
Be careful, this is obviously fake post
>> No. 33823
Here one weenie pic coming right up xd
>> No. 33824
File 154610616036.jpg - (1.34MB , 2576x1932 , 20181229_124724.jpg )
>> No. 33825
Kinda want to see his butthole tho
>> No. 33862
File 154612135856.jpg - (448.41KB , 833x1066 , 20181229_170435.jpg )
>> No. 33863
U R fat, do cardio...
>> No. 33864
this hole dont need a teacher!
>> No. 33867
The hole don't the mouth do
>> No. 33868
How much pit hair you got?
>> No. 33870
Not alot
>> No. 33871
Can I see?
>> No. 33873
Ohhh u mean armpit hair srry yeah I have a medium amount, still want the pic?
>> No. 33876
I do im into boys pits
>> No. 33877
File 154612853341.jpg - (490.83KB , 1616x1212 , 15461284966461209365263.jpg )
>> No. 33878
Careful people. Theres a big risk for us esp if we cant verify ur real. Why dont you video you playin with your dick some and say Alligator so we can at least tell your the one posting
>> No. 33892
One of the images have EXIF info with date and time. Could be faked, but still. What country are you in boy?
>> No. 33916
America, and I'll send the video in a few minutes
>> No. 33917
which one?
>> No. 33919
waiting for the video
>> No. 33987
did he ever verify with video or did someone get him?
>> No. 35297
Can I run away too lol, I’m 13 from us I’m a virgin (anal) bit I have sucked 3 friends and my brother. Message me on kik @tightgrasp
>> No. 35299
No one over 35 plssss
>> No. 36040
File 154768323476.png - (1.26MB , 1334x750 , 195C85CB-9BCD-4186-9B5D-EE5044C36A3A.png )

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