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/boy/ ~ Sharing nephew
No. 35246
Just wanted to share this photo of my cute nephew. He just loves showing of his dick and told me that he wants a boyfriend when he gets older!
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>> No. 35249
Definitely need more of this kid!
>> No. 35252
Let's see a picture of that little cock rocked up.
>> No. 35253
me encantaria pasar una noche con el
>> No. 35284
Never a boyfriend when he is older, I'll be his boyfriend now, he is so cute and sexy Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
>> No. 35336
He is delicious, I'd do anything to suck his sweet young cock for hours.
>> No. 36047
Here's some more of my nephew in different poses. He's only gone as far and playing with my dick and letting me play with his, and I don't want to force him to do something he does like, although he loves to pose and model.
>> No. 36048
Doesn't like I mean
>> No. 36049
>> No. 36050
Get his perfect, sweet young cock rigid and take a few pics, we'd love to see him aroused. I admire your restraint, I could not resist sucking that lovely young penis and licking his sweet ass.
>> No. 36130
looks hot thanks for dick and ass pic please post more :)
>> No. 36134
I'd love to see his cock hard!
>> No. 36219
Looks Jewish, am I right?
>> No. 36225
a very ugly kid, sell him!
>> No. 36229
a hen with a worm cluck cluck
>> No. 36232
File Isaac_(4).mp4 - (646.74KB , Isaac (4).mp4 )
>> No. 36260
Mods might want to delete pics and let OP repost without location data.
>> No. 36351
A humble request. but mods seem not to take notice.
So once again:
***Mods might want to delete pics and let OP repost without GPS location data!***
>> No. 36356
Please show us his sweet little dick hard!
>> No. 36371
File 154797198997.jpg - (4.87KB , 220x204 , myhat.jpg )
Dafuq is location data? Anyway images removed to be on the side of caution.
>> No. 36663

When you take photos with a cell phone by default the GPS location of where the photo was taken is embedded in the photo.
>> No. 36716
Hey guys! I have some stuff to share but I dont know how to upload pics or vids without location data! Or any data!
I really want to share and I'm sure and my boy will not disappoint you. I promise
Someone know what I need to read or watch?
>> No. 36765
Why don't you just use the Wickr Me app if you want to share or talk with likeminded souls.... Create a free Wickr and make it your screen name on here.
>> No. 36769
Wickr is awesome for sure!
>> No. 36782
is safe?
>> No. 36784
If your using a Windows PC than 1st right click on the image or video you want to share, than click on properties, than click on details, than click on Remove Properties and Personal Information.
>> No. 36786
Its safe,Im using it.
>> No. 36814
WIckr is safe as fuck. Wickr is recommended & approved by 10 out of 10 Cartel Drug Lords....

Not kidding either, though it comes off sounding funny.

Wicker is a Peer to Peer Decentralized authoritative messaging that is cryptographically hashed with multiple rounds of salted SHA256, just to name the basics.
>> No. 36841
Been using Wickr for over 5 years. Second to none!
>> No. 36871
It's a cool app Stuff. Hit me up when you get the app :)
>> No. 36888
Did you tried messaging me? I see your name as califunn
>> No. 36919
Nope never sent you a message dude on Wickr! How could I? I don't have your Wickr id in the first place & I never posted my Wickr id here yet either.
>> No. 36921

RentboyX13, We have a saying down here in Cali Colombia.... más cansón que piña entre los calzoncillos!
>> No. 36922
Sorry my mix up Califunn. What's your Wickr name?
>> No. 37132
Absolutely no idea what you said =/
>> No. 37161
I was curious so I translated it.

"more tired than pineapple between the underpants!"

Not kidding either, that's the translation.

btw RentboyX13 your all over this place, 155, 144, your getting around.
>> No. 37195
Just crusing through

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