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/boy/ ~ My Teacher
File 154707205446.jpg - (70.93KB , 720x960 , 1896765_287093184777325_474671878_n.jpg )
35282 No. 35282
A few years ago when i was 10 years old, one day starts normally. On a Friday and last lession on the day. But the end of this lesson in the boys locker room, when i had showered and begin to change my cloths to my mormal. I was naked in this point, and one of mine teacher that usually are there looked on me with a big smile, on my body. She looked happy when she saw me naked, for me at that point didnt know why she looked on my body.

She was so close to me more times than this.
She maybe was horny on my well looked soft body.
She name is Sofie.

Part 2

One day on the summer in my country we have something called summerleisure. she invited me to her home, we came to her house. After a long time upstairs we was she looked at me and said: I have to fix your shirt. because it was not completely buttoned, she opened my whole shirt, i was red in the face. It tooked a time then she buttoned my whole shirt. But she knows before that i could do it for my self.

A question what could she done in the fist place if we two where alone?

A old picture of me. its not the teacher that took this photo. Im 20 today.
>> No. 35283
I mean first, soory fo my bad english.
>> No. 35296
Too bad your teacher didn't do anything to you.

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