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/boy/ ~ John, Carlos and friends
File 154958358714.jpg - (44.32KB , 640x480 , MG00993.jpg )
38361 No. 38361
hi would love to see more John and Carlos if anyone can share
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>> No. 38366
Yes, yes, more John and Carlos. I remember having
seen a file with more than one thousand pics of
them, just I don´t know where. I hope someone can
find it and bring it here.
>> No. 38550
File 154967606788.jpg - (43.38KB , 480x568 , MG00000.jpg )
>> No. 38551
File 154967620087.jpg - (41.35KB , 480x640 , MG05889.jpg )
>> No. 38552
File 154967622054.jpg - (45.42KB , 438x546 , MG00018.jpg )
>> No. 38572
File 154968585727.jpg - (51.21KB , 480x616 , 151714910776_cr.jpg )
>> No. 38573
File 154968679826.jpg - (36.04KB , 450x600 , !!!!!!!!!!!!!Foto_134ss.jpg )
see also:
>> No. 38925
File 154983405518.jpg - (53.73KB , 480x640 , MG01066.jpg )
>> No. 38926
File 154983409388.jpg - (40.02KB , 412x572 , MG04043.jpg )
>> No. 38934

LINK: http://dl.free.fr/getfile.pl?file=/qiL6pV3V

Pass: JonathanAlexanderSilvaGonzalez

size: 312.20 MB

note: just copy and paste the pass.
>> No. 38950
muchos gracias mi amigos
>> No. 38960
File 154986309310.jpg - (64.09KB , 480x640 , ~MG01761.jpg )
Thank You!
Thank You!
Thank You!
6,077 Files!
makes me wish they had had a DSLR!
>> No. 38999
Sorry to ask....
Pass doesn’t work for me,....
>> No. 39000
The pass works just fine.
Make sure you don't have a space at the beginning or end of it.
>> No. 39002
Thanks for sharing!
I do wish that thy were better quality but I suppose thy may have only had a cheep camera.
I also wish that there was no pics of the older hairy-coked boys or men.
I hate seeing hairy-coked men & I don't like seeing hairy-coked older boys either!
Seeing other men nude like that makes me want to puke.

I rely with there was some video's of just the boys nude playing & having sex at all-sorts of various locations.
It also would have been awesome to have seen just the boys having sex with some sexy little girl's to.
An to see some little boy sperm from some of thees boys going into each-others mothers, but-cheeks and all over each-others nude bodes!
>> No. 39026
File 154992711292.jpg - (50.81KB , 640x480 , ~151820200093.jpg )
These pictures are over 20 years old. My first digital camera, a 1 MP fixed focus Epson, 1024x768 cost $500.00 in 1998. Yeah, I wish the photographer had had a modern DSLR but they just didn't exist back then...
>> No. 39044
These boys are from venezuela, the old and good venezuela.
>> No. 39101
Yes, old and good Venezuela. John would be alive today if he'd been in a more modern country where he could have been taken care of by real doctors.
>> No. 39121
Hi does anyone know if there is any videos of thees boys?
>> No. 39147
File 15500291604.jpg - (57.41KB , 672x512 , ~MG06000.jpg )
That John died fifteen years ago is sad enough. Your assertion that he would be alive today is pure speculation. Every day 170 Americans are diagnosed with leukemia and 67 lose the fight. Paul Allen, Bill Gates' partner, and one of the richest men in the world died a few months ago from a blood cancer.
>> No. 39244
File 155011037936.jpg - (2.52MB , 3840x2160 , RIP Johanathan NOT! SFW.jpg )
>> No. 39937
File 155040767445.jpg - (45.00KB , 480x640 , MG00805.jpg )

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