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/boy/ ~ My kik
File 154983372057.jpg - (2.28MB , 4032x3024 , F2CF096D-AADB-4796-A2F0-2935767C6924.jpg )
38924 No. 38924
Hi I'm a 16-year-old boy and I've stumbled across this thread on Reddit I've been very horny lately and Ik you have been too since you're on here so hmu on kik if you wanna chat in a top I don't bottom my kik is @phillyboi___
>> No. 38971
This is a trap. These 14/15/16 kids are law enforcement traps trying to lure you to KIK. They've been doing all last year in the girl ones too.

Never use KIK, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, gmail etc tracking corporate crap. Get something like Wickr Me that is an encrypted denaturalized peer to peer system and email like Protonmail..

>> No. 39145
I'm not a trap but ok
>> No. 39159
We only believe in boys who do this...

>> No. 39399
This is a site aimed for posting boy material like pictures and videos.
NOT a contact forum!
And YES I'm getting pissed of all these kik, wickr, skype and whatever.

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