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/boy/ ~ 14 year old sweetheart needs a daddy to buy him stuff
File 154983502439.jpg - (388.42KB , 1560x1560 , IMG_20190204_113025.jpg )
38927 No. 38927
Looking for a daddy that would be willing to buy me new things in exchange for lewd stuff, hit me up if interested
Discord: cute uwu#2854
kik: tli223
>> No. 38932
I love your economic thinking ,,,, and your thighs
>> No. 38966
I only believe in boys who do this ...
>> No. 38973
This is a LEA trap. These 14/15/16 kid posts are law enforcement traps trying to lure you to KIK. They've been doing this all last year in the girl forums too.

Never use KIK, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, gmail etc tracking corporate crap. Get something like Wickr Me that is an encrypted denaturalized peer to peer system and email like Protonmail..

>> No. 38976
Or some vigilante dickhead. Kik, snap, Facebook, Gmail, Skype etc., pure stupidity to use anything like that. You’d be amazed at how many do.
>> No. 38977
Telegram and Tox are ok too.
>> No. 39006
""Or some vigilante."" Agreed that too.

No telegram is not safe no more than discord.
>> No. 39120
OP here, no I'm not a lea trap lol, I use Discord and Kik so people can have easier access, because I know most use that, just for your well being, I made a wickr, so like, could you stop messing up my rep? I'm just trying to make some money lol
tli223 on wickr btw, feel free to add if you're rich <3
>> No. 39166
messaged you on wickr. hope we can work out a deal $$

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