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/boy/ ~ 14y/o, looking to sell
File 155251528649.jpg - (1.22MB , 2320x3088 , 335B9A36-CB8E-4D97-BBCE-8C44B5DD2DBF.jpg )
43341 No. 43341
hey! i’m a 14 year old boy and i’m looking into selling some pictures and videos of myself for money. message me on wickr for more info or to talk about it: younggboy14
>> No. 43343
Hey we all nto from America can you use other app then wicker cause it works only in America use like snapchat fake acc
>> No. 43344
sure, i made a snapchat real quick: add me @paxyoungboy
>> No. 43348
14 years and all ready for prostitution and easy money, but IMO you're in the wrong forum, this is for free videos and pictures.
Sadly enough people answer these offers and don't seem to understand the risk to cut off the branch they are sitting on.
>> No. 43351
hm, well do you know any place/forum that would be better to do this at?
>> No. 43353
Actually u looks older (TOOOO OLDER) but its ok...

this is a complex site here is the clear net...
We only believe you if you certify your photos...
Something like that...
>>38123 >>39035

The boys are not imprisoned for selling their photos! the adults for buying them... yes!
>> No. 43405
come on! u at least 18!
too old
>> No. 43563
i can assure you i’m 14, aha. message me and maybe i can show you
>> No. 43564
i can assure you i’m 14, aha. message me and maybe i can show you
>> No. 43605
Yes mr. cop!
>> No. 43606
OK officer text me pls

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