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/boy/ ~ Vids enabled on /boy/
File 151811461346.jpg - (11.16KB , 200x200 , vid.jpg )
8659 No. 8659
In our effort to appease our Jewish masters by facilitating homosexuality users by improving the board we have enabled uploading MP4 & WEBM vids UP TO 8 MB on /boy/

Please let us know if you have any more Bilderberg instructions requests or suggestions.
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>> No. 8660
go crazy you bastards
>> No. 8708
Can you post a video please
>> No. 8862
>> No. 9959
File 151895837637.png - (122.91KB , 1148x665 , topiclinks.png )
If you want vids or something you may start here:TL2 REDACTED FOR BLACKLISTING US
>> No. 10002
Its better don't share onion links here! This is a clearnet forum so we must keep safe! Anyway newbies wont know how to use them!
>> No. 10004
Yeah I agree! To newbies its very dangerous!
>> No. 10018
Effectively, Tor is safest no doubt! However must consider something very important: there are many newbies on here! Then each one has a little reason about it! I've been using ONION WEB since a long time and I've learned all the tricks. Majority here don't uses Onion and that doesn't mean they are unsafe. There are several appropriate protection methods on clearnet! The choice is for each one!
>> No. 10021
You're right Lucifer! By the way I know who you are! One of most famous BV4 members wow! I recognized his way of calling the boys, and especially your posts! Lol If you plan to share all your stuff here the NEWBIES and NEWCOMERS will get a huge boner and will cum infinitely!
>> No. 10022
Yeah Nazinho! You're a smart guy! Lol I recognizes you as well! As for my posts, yes I'm intending share big amount of stuff! Just remember: Be discreet!
>> No. 10083
LEA run all the primo HC sites. Biggest hypocrites on earth.
>> No. 10169

Maybe! Just ignore LEA and go ahead! Paranoid sucks! Lol
>> No. 10178
What's LEA???
>> No. 10544
>> No. 10641
LEA = Law Enforcement Administration
Cops, FBI, BKA, FSB (old KGB), eieio, etc.
>> No. 11026
TOR is great IF you know how to use it properly. Some newbie going in blind with a Windows version is asking for trouble.
>> No. 11940
Sorry guys but u use tor to chan? That isnt safe right?
>> No. 12451
If you are searching within onion sites on Tor, you are about as safe as it gets. LEA looks for mostly any new material being shown or shared so they can save the poor little tyke from the evil Candy Van people. Don't trade. Don't make anonymous 'friends' with social media. Don't post your favorite photos of young lovers and avoid downloading anything requires javascript or payment and you are pretty safe. Oh don't use your iphone to view CP, it's all bugged and identifiable.
>> No. 13608
LEA are interested in convictions. They don’t give a shit if it’s 40 year old footage of two consenting14 or 15 year olds.
>> No. 13699
If only they would put as much effort into catching and disposing of terrorists as they do tracking and locking up dangerous lurkers then maybe the world would be safer for everyone, but preverts are easier to catch and not as well armed. Maybe.
>> No. 13848
Why am I in this handbasket...why is it so warm?
>> No. 13954
MODS.Can we post mega/ect.links here???


>> No. 13956
In this thread? Better start a new one. This thread is 100% discussion
>> No. 15656
File 152509170642.jpg - (37.35KB , 550x560 , 2018-04-30 14_28_21.jpg )
why the boys are not censored? We can show the worst thing and these well, but not with the girls why?
I don't understand
>> No. 15753
Redmod already admitted he's part of a jewish plan to turn straight people into gays.
>> No. 15754
it sucks!
>> No. 15755
15753 Are you the same idiot who thinks the holocaust was faked?
>> No. 15906
File 152523038113.jpg - (684.07KB , 2048x1536 , 012452ww9zbgw63y8036g6.jpg )
Because boys have a beauty impossible to hide... just that
>> No. 16015
Bilderberg instructions are that you must allow kids playing with big toys.

Signed: Edmund D. Rotshild
>> No. 16056
It is a Short Asian boy getting Jacked off and Cumming
>> No. 16103
holohoax was fake
>> No. 17211
i think i have
I'll post in some days
>> No. 17278
es seguro

what happened with this blog
>> No. 17282
hey guys!
yesterday I made a vid w a hot 12yo boy in my car
but dunno how to blur my face and upload to a free server
And how to make the vid untraceable...
>> No. 17327
That's a lot of things you don't know and none of them are simple to learn if you are inexperienced so I'll be honest and probably be flamed by all the guys who want to see your stuff but you better keep it for yourself, especially if there's your face and probably many other identifiable things on it.
>> No. 17344
This is BV4 via a clearnet redirection. Unsafe.
Instead, use tor and the real BV4 address which is: http://boyvidscckevqedz.onion
>> No. 17370
Thanks man!
>> No. 19591
File 153009767346.jpg - (4.12KB , 200x186 , myhat.jpg )
The sticky post is for meta discussions, please don't post content like pics or vids to it.
>> No. 20726
A faster response to malware reports would help,the malware post below for example, >>20709 .The longer it stays up,the more fall for it. When reports are ignored,users have no choice but to post warnings on other boards and chans.
>> No. 24585
I have seen a lot of posts on here that depict violence against the subject. This is some sick shit and should be banned. Is snuff next? What the fuck are you people thinking?
Ban this sick content.
>> No. 27266
File 154261936729.png - (292.85KB , 1276x980 , plan-b.png )
If you're an exclusive /boy/ user who doesn't visit 180chan or 155chan, make sure to at least periodically check 144chan's homepage to update your bookmarks for the latest 180chan/155chan links and emergency pages, in case 144chan suddenly migrates to new name as usual.

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