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/boy/ ~ Teen boy cum.
File 151846002584.jpg - (41.83KB , 300x434 , 300x300.jpg )
9088 No. 9088
For those of you here who have been lucky enough to have sucked a teen boy to completion, I have a question.

How does the taste and texture of teenage cum differ from an adult? I can't swallow cum without being sick, so I am wondering if teenage cum tastes different to adult cum, if it has the same texture, etc. I'd love to suck and swallow a teen load, but I'm concerned it would also make me barf.

Pic not really related.
>> No. 9103
I love swallowing boy cum. Totally different to adult cum. Almost sweet, very flavourful. Doesn't have any of the bite of adult cum.

I've swallowed many boys' loads. It's awesome.
>> No. 9245
Second that, tasted as well, nothing like adult, texture much smoother and sweeter!!
>> No. 9315
I am old and this will never happen for me. I can only Imagine using photo and Video and testimony. I Love Human Anatomy and I Love to watch others Realizing it. But Yeah. So Yummy an Idea. But? Same I not want to offend others and not sure if is ok here to say about Human Beauty. My preferences are not anyone's else s problem. I do not Judge Your all's preferences .
>> No. 9316
I Applaud all who are not ashamed to admit self guilt's. But even I would never take what was not given and Correct. Boy Cum is Beautiful! And I Miss IT ! I remember mine too ! If I had the Chance to record in my early years? i WISH ! AND I WOULD SHARE ! LIFE and Was Natural !
>> No. 10596
I have swollen boy cum too, but not only teen boys, I have drunk 11 years old semen, in 2 different times I had 11 years old boys who had a dick which was enough to have a decent fuck
the semen tastes almost sweet
in another occasion a 14 yo boy who had a very small dick came in my face and said he was sorry, he kept coming as i slided his dick back in my mouth so i can taste his semen
it was great!!!


I had a 17 years old boy who was about to shoot and tried to take me away he was very naive or foolish i dunno he said he was going to pee...! how silly i kept sucking, he had a small dick and his semen tasted still sweet although he was taller than me!!!
it ios great to suck a boy!!!!

i sucked a 7 years old too: he was trying to take my head away from his dick saying it was wrong but his dick started to pulse and he stopped pulling me away and he started to moan as he dry came
>> No. 10598
I suck my dog. Tastes like squirts of warm saltwater.
>> No. 10883
I started sucking all the boys on my street when I was 9. it was awesome . they all would all come to my fort in the woods. some would cum sum not . I would swallow if they did .very sweet tasting like pre cum.
>> No. 10889
when I was 11 it all started. in 6th grade we moved to a new house. and my new friend ej 14 showed me how he likes to suck cock . now he sed its your turn to suck mine . was not to sure if I wanted to but he talked me into it . that was the 1st load I ever tasted. he put his hand on the back of my head and jammed his cock to the back of my mouth and held it there when he came so I had to swallow . it was awesome . then I started to give his younger brother ben 8 some bjs his brother ej walk in on us in the middle of me sucking him off one time. he went behind ben on the other side of the bed pulled up bens legs behind his head and told me I had to lick his asshole. he made me do that for like 15 min . then made me suck him
>> No. 11833
sooo hot
>> No. 26571
Anybody got tips for sucking teen cock? I'm in an LDR with a trans mtf girl and her cock is just so fucking perfect. The only thing wrong is that I'm not there to suck her off every day.

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