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/cg/ ~ Link back or get a smack
File 151621171714.jpg - (21.99KB , 200x200 , stop.jpg )
13474 No. 13474
Any punk trying to advertise his forum without linking back to us will earn himself a big fat ban. Our tags are here https://pastebin.com/VeEM0j12

любой придурок, пытающийся рекламировать свой nabble.com или подобный форум, не связывая нас баннером, заработает большой толстый бан. Код наших баннеров тут https://pastebin.com/VeEM0j12

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>> No. 20385
File 152535360784.jpg - (42.57KB , 1280x720 , back.jpg )
After 1 day of downtime 180chan.info is back at its original URL. I'm posting this here because /cg/ is 180's main sub. The situation is still critical though because I'm refusing to arbitrarily delete legal content and it may go down again today.

I'm now leaning towards a new policy with downtimes where we'd automatically restore any dead chans under a known temporary domain if the original name doesn't bounce back within 48 hours. Given the IQ of some of our users who can't even copy/paste a password however this will not go smoothly so we'll see how things go during the following weeks first.
>> No. 20676
File 152570774748.jpg - (43.58KB , 458x359 , mourn.jpg )
180chan.info was the last of the old domains originally making up the Triforce in 2012 along with 144chan.org and 155chan.info. Like the ship of Theseus however, with their loss the Triforce has not been lost. We continue to live on, under braver policies, bigger populace, stranger stronger domains, and of course wiser Mods.

Pervs n' peds what the antis took away from you is now back at 180chan.sh
>> No. 21204
File 152637807811.jpg - (21.73KB , 360x342 , oyvey3.jpg )
While our rules do not forbid posting premium-only links in /cg/, they obviously don't serve the vast majority of our visitors. We're therefore relaxing de-shekeling rules regarding these type of files.

Shekeleers can still post them, but if users get pissed and started posting direct free links to your content we will not protect you by deleting them as we do for normal redirects.

This may be a first step in totally phasing out premium-only links so keep that in mind when planning your threads.

>> No. 21482
File 152665958650.png - (1.16MB , 960x532 , russkyes.png )
Pervs n' peds, please welcome our latest chan casualty https://180chan.ru 180chan.la 180chan.al https://180chan.co
>> No. 24234
File 152882953252.jpg - (17.10KB , 236x279 , gangstamod.jpg )
I figured playing nice ain't working with these niggas so I'm taking my gloves off. Pervs n' peds please welcome180chan.al https://180chan.co
>> No. 26810
File 153234046618.png - (132.36KB , 640x624 , donkey.png )
The 3 /cg/'s are getting so many visitors now that they've begun attracting not only non-collector noob posters but also possibly normie scum who know nothing about studios, models, or sets. We recently banned partial sets in /cg/ and now it's time to raise the posting standard once again to drive away outsiders aiming for a hit-and-run profit while stealing page 1 spots from serious and organized shekeleers.

We have no rules against posting salad threads which aren't dedicated to a specific theme, but from now on if you do that you must mention the model name and set number with each post.

That rule obviously doesn't apply to homemade amateur sets/vids which don't have known names and numbers.

UPDATE: Shekeleers think we're heartless monsters snatching crumbles from their mouth with all links deleted for not having a name/number, but without organization this hobby will be destroyed. The sets you post today will be shared and reshard tomorrow, and without models names or numbers eventually nobody will know which set belongs where. Please realize the historical role you're undertaking in preserving these artistic masterpieces for future generations and act responsibly, especially that active production is getting rarer and rarer.

>> No. 28380
File 153390480712.jpg - (41.42KB , 634x356 , coca.jpg )
I figured 180chan is so addictive only https://180chan.co is its suitable new domain.
>> No. 28481
File 153399009547.jpg - (29.34KB , 500x375 , girl_at_funeral.jpg )
Let's all stop fapping for one minute and remember those who forgot to bookmark our emergency link #1, emergency link#2, or 180chan's emergency gateway thus forever losing contact with the Triforce when 155 and 180 went down simultaneously.

May you find other chans filled with lolis and shotas while staying clear from grannies and trolls, amen.
>> No. 28923
File 153440478784.jpg - (225.19KB , 1378x1378 , 301redirect.jpg )
Just letting everybody know we got 180chan.info back and will always be redirecting it to the current 180chan. Think of it as emergency board #3 besides trichans.forumside.com & ChanZ gateway
>> No. 31407
File 153656963739.jpg - (192.72KB , 1024x743 , marx_engels_lenin_stalin.jpg )
Users have always complained about the use of link shorteners on /cg/, but our long standing policy was to not disturb the market forces between visitors and shekeleers. However so much content is posted daily on /cg/ now that it's possible to raise the posting standard at the expense of losing a chunk of it.

A quick survey reveals the percent of shortened contributions on the /cg/'s of 3 chans is 40% at 180chan, 80% at 144chan, and 85% at 155chan.

It's therefore possible to take advantage of the already high percent of direct links on 180's /cg/ and ban shorteners on it for new posts. Existing posts with shorteners will be tolerated, and shekeleers will also be allowed to copy their old posts to 144 or 155 if they wish.

Not wanting to take a hasty decision however without room for debate and shekeleer outrcry, the bill will not be signed by Mod before Monday, Sep 17. If you'd like to suckup to Mod's decision propose an idea or an argument please join the discussion at https://180chan.co/spam/res/1905.html

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