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/cg/ ~ Project MK~ultr@ part 6 | Reactions-2-CP Vol. 4 ++NEWEST RELEASE++
File 152839365552.jpg - (223.40KB , 1280x720 , mkultra6pr_7785091_30165044.jpg )
23810 No. 23810

welcome to Volume 4 of my react-series! I announced this video for April 2018. Sorry for the later release. It's always a great effort to do such a video. This time the video is almost 17 minutes long. It's the longest movie I've ever made. More minutes mean more work. This video includes many surprises for you. I like to put in my "special effects", my personal "KotK-footprint". You will see it - you will hear it - you will feel it. I wish you a lot of fun watching! And always remember: "It's not just a movie - it's a KonG!" :D

rar-file "enigma" | file size about 151 MB (includes: video + preview):

Download: https://ouo.io/wDnfhx

Mirror: https://ouo.io/6g5M5Q

Password: Qt5vjQsG-eN$b~KinGoftheKonG@darknet~jWc+q\A,a0GtF
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>> No. 23877
Extremely retarded.
>> No. 23987
what is link name chat room
>> No. 24044
File 152859754280.jpg - (766.00KB , 755x1006 , b6.jpg )
Actually disagree.
This is nice and I like the realistic reactions of the single girls. You can see feminazi groupthink kick in with the groups of teens. They morally outrage each other until none of them would break ranks and admit they want/get dick. Sad damnation of western morality witchhunts. The only way to break the femanazi mindset is to rapefugee them out of it
>> No. 24055
Awesome. I love this video and appreciate your hard work. I love the idea too. Cute girls. How can I find the other parts of this work? I am very interested.
>> No. 24085
BEAUTIFUL ...please post all of the lovely girl !
>> No. 24131
Brilliant, many thanks for this.
>> No. 24149
Love the challenge,
Has to be a cross between RIKKI(let's fuck a 2yo) & the guy who wants you to cum on the floor so he can lick it up. Can't wait to find out. Is they nazis? Do they shit on enough sub humans (children)?
ok I'll download it next week & see.
>> No. 24195
password doesn't work fix it
>> No. 24235
is there others
>> No. 24327
File 152897378769.jpg - (153.90KB , 1044x1600 , img20120623084957.jpg )
I think its Angie from here

Long story short single American guy adopts young Russian Girl and much romantic travel to Disney World is had. Also much dieting (child abuse LOL) to keep from becoming Amerifat landwhale
>> No. 24438
>>24327 Is there a video with this girl. I've only seen photos, and if so, can you post them. Thanks.
>> No. 24465
File 152914132872.jpg - (113.40KB , 575x800 , 138525094275.jpg )
No video of that girl.
The only other video similar to topic is this one which I also like, so if OP reads MOAR
>> No. 42398
Pass doesn’t work
>> No. 42422
Can’t open it, wrong password
>> No. 45602
http://dl.free.fr/getfile.pl?file=/uOD96jq1 direct link
>> No. 45606
Okay, I guess I got late to the party, could you reload, thanks!

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