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/cg/ ~ Gvenet-DSC_3598-DSC_6000
File 154558234544.jpg - (258.59KB , 1920x1080 , vlcsnap-2018-12-23-17h21m53s689.jpg )
45400 No. 45400
NEW Movie: Gvenet-DSC_3598-DSC_6000 (converted in one)

download (you need all 3 parts)

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>> No. 47335
1.13gb on WD takes about 2 years.
Think this out carpetbagger.
>> No. 47341
File 15467109253.jpg - (41.27KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2019-01-05-18h53m56s172.jpg )

>> No. 47351
File 154671713440.jpg - (95.93KB , 1280x720 , ra-11a.jpg )

>> No. 47366
File 154672190481.jpg - (185.46KB , 1280x720 , ra-11b.jpg )

>> No. 47421
Freeloading Leacher here Anonymous 19/01/04(Fri)21:44 No. 47199

All YVM posted here:

Stolen from MIR Anonymous 19/01/04(Fri)21:46 No. 47200

More Casey and Nicole posted here:
Try these dlfree sharing threads and ask there:
These people all know how to share properly.

DUH, I can count to 1, so I think I am smart. Anonymous 19/01/04(Fri)21:56 No. 47202

Dude, did you leave your brain on a train and replaced it with a piece of dog shit found nearby?
If you support this poster, that must be the case.
You also seem to have trouble comprehending what the general consensus is regarding this posters choice of hosts.
Are these sentences correctly phrased and sufficiently comprehensible to you?

Stupid WD Upload Anonymous 19/01/04(Fri)22:03 No. 47203

You have a dream, where all cg is premium posts only, having re-uped previously freely posted material. Must be posted to premium only or tediously slow free host forcing people to buy buy buy buy buy and spend spend spend.

Comprehension problems? Anonymous 19/01/04(Fri)22:11 No. 47204

Seems to be some confusion regarding the nature of shekelling. See, most people do not have major issues with links for shekells, but many people have issues with forcing people to buy premium accounts even though this is cg.
There is greed and then there is GREED.
One is tolerable, the other is not.

YVM-Daphne 04 Nude Anonymous 19/01/04(Fri)22:17 No. 47206

All Daphne posted here:

A story... Anonymous 19/01/04(Fri)22:41 No. 47211

I was looking through SW posts and found a webcam I wanted. It was posted to File Al, a notoriously slow free host or requiring premium purchase.
I found the same material and much much more on pornhub, xvideos, youjizz etc and downloaded heaps more free and incredibly fast.
Lesson? Get it here very very slowly or purchase premium, or, go to MIR and get heaps more free and just as fast.

If this guy can leech this material from MIR then resell, why not just go to MIR and get it for yourself free?
Seems a no brainer, but then for some, that is the case...no brains.

IDIOT SUPPORTERS OF THIS THREAD.. Anonymous 19/01/04(Fri)23:04 No. 47212

Pretty ordinary photoshop buddy and the gist was not relating to the need to purchase premium access, but that cg is a sheckelling board.

When material is posted to MIR, why any fool would purchase a premium account to download the same from cg is incomprehensible.
If it is rare or new, OK, but most of the rare and new stuff is posted to MIR first.

Much of this material is also posted on other cg threads link free to fast hosts.

It is not smart arguing the point that buying premium is better just because you were fool enough to buy premium, just makes you seem more foolish.

Give up and go with the consensus that this poster is a dick who has more interest in making people buy a premium account than sheckelling or sharing.

Requiring people to pay for something NEW and ORIGINAL is one thing. Most however are not stupid enough to buy a premium account just to download something that is already available all over the trichan for FREE.

IQ test Anonymous 19/01/04(Fri)23:23 No. 47213

You are at a market...

There are many people at different tables who have what you want and are happily giving it away free, even though they may have paid for it but they are of a generous nature.

There are some people at other tables who have taken from the first group and are selling individual items for a few cents each because they need some money, but, just a little money.

Then, there is one person who has taken from everyone at the free tables and is selling a subscription so whether you want one item or more you must pay an ongoing fee just in case something turns up that you want.

Where would YOU get your items?

A LEECHER HERE Leacher 19/01/04(Fri)23:27 No. 47214

HI, have recently downloaded stuff from MIR and was wondering if anyone would like me to start my own thread here to upload it to premium? I know many of you prefer to pay for free stuff and am willing to oblige.

Anonymous 19/01/04(Fri)23:39 No. 47215

Thank you. Found this on MIR but would much prefer to download it over a day or two via your links. Can somebody explain how I can buy a premium account because I hate to get things for free2780&^% *&$470&*99^
Srry, my brother took my crayon and I got all grumpy.

Anonymous 19/01/04(Fri)23:46 No. 47217

The freeloading leecher posting to this thread should take a lesson from those on MIR where he leeched it from as to how to SHARE content.
He also needs to learn how to SELL content.
A few sheckles via links most can cope with, buying premium accounts most do not want.

Anonymous 19/01/04(Fri)23:50 No. 47218

Yes, now you have a premium account you can download all this material and re up to a better host for everyone else. You would be considered a good person for sharing properly.

Another IQ test Anonymous 19/01/04(Fri)23:59 No. 47219

There are two shop keepers.

One makes obtaining his products as difficult as possible and criticizes and downplays any customers who make reasonable suggestions for better selling techniques.
The other offers the same products at a smaller cost and is happy to re-stock as requested and is polite and courteous to his customers.

Which one would you prefer purchasing from?

HELP MODS Anonymous 19/01/05(Sat)00:08 No. 47220

Can you stop people complaining about the choice of shitty host used and making people pay for premium accounts? This is a commercial thread and people should not be allowed to complain about how greedy this poster is or about how little he cares about sharing.
This poster should be able to use the crappiest host or extort money without criticism.
>> No. 47448
You just keep stealing other free posters work and re-up to premium. How greedy and underhanded are you?
>> No. 47452
File 154676151869.jpg - (95.46KB , 1280x720 , Buratino - First Time Web.jpg )

>> No. 47465
Hey Mother fucker: if you do something like that make sure that the files are also online.Almost all files are dead
>> No. 47471
File 154677246123.jpg - (33.61KB , 720x480 , vlcsnap-2019-01-06-11h59m00s415.jpg )

>> No. 47543
File 154679639914.jpg - (113.56KB , 1500x1000 , 000.jpg )
pic set reuploaded:
>> No. 47554
File 154680647470.jpg - (92.71KB , 1920x1080 , vlcsnap-2019-01-06-21h26m03s801.jpg )
Download 2 movies

>> No. 47555
Here is what you do not understand. The little school girls who are complaining about file hosts are simply the type of self-entitled assholes who will find another reason to gripe if they cannot bitch about the file host. Let them bitch all they want (we know it will never amount to any changes).
>> No. 47556
If this host switched to shorteners to earn money, the number of complaints would be the same, not less.

The shortener you chose does makes you disable adblock. Too many captchas. Your file host sucks because it deletes files quickly. I hate the redirects and run-arounds. And so on and so on.

Just face it OP. These drama queens will complain regardless of how you share. They are simple minded bitches who love controversy and enjoy the dopamine drp they receive after venting their disgusts with Capitalism.
>> No. 47571
File 154681505693.jpg - (75.98KB , 1280x720 , gvenet & angy.jpg )
movie reuploaded:
>> No. 47582
How about starting a thread with all of the links you found/like instead of hijacking this poster's thread? I know socialists do not like capitalism, but damn, even the Joos do not through tantrums like y'all do.
>> No. 47644
Self entitled assholes are those who steal from someone and then sell for a profit.
Still, each to their own. You keep supporting people uploading to premium. I shall encourage those who share new stuff free.
>> No. 47645
Dude, a capitalist here. Have no issues with people stealing things and making a little profit. Have issues with mean cunts who only share (sell) to their jew friends. I am an egalitarian. Making things inaccessible to those who for any number of reasons will not or can not buy a premium account pisses me off.
>> No. 47646
Right wing venting is it that I hear? How to twist and miss-direct to try to make something a reality when it is not. Many sharing on MIR and CG direct link to dlfree. Sure, some files get deleted if they are reported, some do no, often they are re-uploaded. Now, the LEA run host this poster is using is unlikely to remove no matter how many times they are reported because of the info they receive from those purchasing and downloading from those premium links.
Why on gods earth you users (not the Jews posting) are supportive of premium links is beyond me.
Someone offers you something for free and you criticize it, but someone offers to sell you that same thing and you are over the top supporting them.
>> No. 47648
Presume you all picked the last option in the IQ test. Never mind, low intelligence is not the burden it once was.
>> No. 47650
The links are already out there being shared by good individuals. Those same individuals who are introducing all the new material here on the chans. Some people are merely pointing that fact out.
We understand some do not understand that the trichan is predominantly a sharing community. Those who do not understand the concept of sharing can sell their wares on the two boards for that purpose.
But, since this IS a sharing community, it seems only right that those who do not know how to share without being greedy should and will have people pointing out other options to the bad hosts used on these threads.
>> No. 47669
I like "miss-direct." Wasn't she last year's Miss America?
>> No. 47687
File 15468763785.jpg - (350.02KB , 1500x997 , 000.jpg )
pic sets 01-46
download (you need all 4 parts)

>> No. 47713
I want a Corvette but cannot they ask crazy money for them. I do not get pissed at GM because I do not want to pay the price for their product.
>> No. 47714
I prefer to DL click free w/out redirect and numerous captchas. That is my preference. You preference is captchas and run-arounds. I do not get upset and call you an asshole because I hate shorteners. To each their own. Drama quewens makes this issue more than it is.
>> No. 47768
What OP is doing is also sharing, you're too dumb to realize why his efforts (to make money) are appreciated by the community

1. I can use a free premium link generator to download what he is posting as "premium only" faster than with free uploaders after filling a few captchas

2. He does all the searching job for us, it saves time and effort finding what you are looking for in one thread rather than having to search through 3 chans plus onions, of course, he does this in exchange for something, that's the point of /cg/

And most importantly imo

3. After the free links are gone this will remain as a backup, it happens all the time, they get taken down and now you have to beg someone to re-up GB sized files in 20 links and pray the password works. Wdupload links might be slow when not premium, but they don't 404 so easily, and because they are secure passwords aren't even needed.

Now that you've been informed of the relative advantages of shekelering, you can stop pretending to know better than people who willingly participate into this. You are welcomed to keep posting links to threads with free/fast downloads, but that's about it, the choice of what to use is ours based on which is one we find more convenient, there is no right and wrong way of sharing, each has its advantages and disadvantages.
>> No. 47806
Someone down the road is giving one away free, you just have to ask you dumb shit. I think the guy giving it away stole it from his friend Mir. You can steal a new Corvet from Mir also or buy one from your friend here for a shit load.
Get free somewhere else or pay for something stolen here.

Are you too stupid to understand the difference?
>> No. 47808
I get your point and I respect it. No issues with people choosing to pay for something free elsewhere. Am very concerned if this trend spreads. Soon those who can not for any reason purchase a premium account are denied access simply because of their circumstances. You may not care, but I do.
>> No. 47810
OK, well put. I see your point.
Still have misgivings about the choice of host however. Why choose such a slow one? Must be other secure hosts that have better download speeds? Probably a premium dlfree post would download in seconds where a free one may take half an hour. There is an advantage to premium. But this host where a 200mb downoad can take 8 hours, he is catering only to those who are first world residents for whom $20 is nothing and excluding everyone else.
I know some of you do not give a shit about the poor, the uneducated or those living under repressive regimes who can not obtain premium links. What if the whole trichan became like that?
Mr Vine began as a sharing site and gradually turned into a crap hole where nearly every link was to premium FileAl.
Would hate to see the wonder of the trichan turn to crap just to satisfy the egos of a few. Keep your premium links by all means, but still make things accessible to the less equal.
>> No. 47811
Are u shure they well remain as a back up?
How old are u?
Do u continue to beleave in Santa Claus and in the Easter Bunny?

What do u think is happening when the hoster find out what kind of contend u are hosting there?

Your hoster log your FTP acces and IP.
If they find out what u are hosting there, they made a secure copy, delete your acount, give the secure copy and your acces data to the cops from cyber crime investigation and you well not bleave how fast u are in jail for..... back up! :-)))))

So..... come down from your dream tree into the reality :-)
>> No. 47834
File 154695462741.jpg - (68.81KB , 1280x720 , Nk_009.jpg )
Veronika Nk_009 reuploaded
>> No. 47968
thanks for katrin sets
>> No. 48004
Interesting that nobody is blowing the following thread apart. https://144chan.pk/cg/res/25375.html

ex-load is by far the worst slow-host.

Oh I get it. It is because that content is not in huge demand like these files are.

Premium price to pay for premium quality files.
>> No. 48005
One last thing. The thread I just linked debunks that this argument is about the principal behind sharing, and is simply about the demand for its content.

You want this shit and do not want to pay for it. You do not want the shit in the linked thread, and so you do not bitch and moan about that thread also being premium only. At least in this thread, the majority of the files can be dl at slow speed. The other thread is ONLY premium dl.
>> No. 48028
File 154708179965.jpg - (97.21KB , 1100x1099 , 728-Kids-Hobbit-Feet-large.jpg )
Your post is a myth. Most of the content these host place on their cloud is CP and/or other types of porn. If they lost all of the CP business, the hosts would have to shut down from lack of funds.
>> No. 48087
Oh I get it. It is because that content is not in huge demand like these files are.

Premium price to pay for premium quality files.

What planet are you living on??? Premium content yes, but appearing on about 10 different threads and being re upped all the time. Premium content that is rare or not available elsewhere may be worth the effort of purchasing a premium download sub, but not when it is everywhere free and fast and often link free.
>> No. 48205
more please
>> No. 48207
File 154719724913.jpg - (122.24KB , 800x746 , preview.jpg )
pic sets 1-38
>> No. 48266
>> No. 48293
lol, made me click!
>> No. 48349
I agree. You can get all Gvenet pics and vids on Tor for free and they are direct links. Why deal with crap like this.
>> No. 48364
yes... find it !
>> No. 48449
share more gvenet
>> No. 48541
more Gvenet here:
>> No. 48812
>> No. 48860
File 15476074922.jpg - (201.25KB , 541x501 , naked (16).jpg )
A few...& no Russkie payola crapola
>> No. 48942
File 154767084294.jpg - (130.55KB , 1920x1080 , vlcsnap-2019-01-16-21h29m27s080.jpg )
Anny & Elimar lesbian play - movie

>> No. 48948
With post #45453 can you split file to just under 1gb wd upload asks you to get premium on files 1gb and up
>> No. 49013
Find more Anny and TC movies here:
>> No. 49078
File 154775601178.jpg - (71.70KB , 720x576 , vlcsnap-2019-01-17-21h12m38s388.jpg )
Oxi huge movie collection ( 23 movies NN Topless - Solo and duo with Karina,Arina,Mari,Ariadna,Hana,Jenny)
download (you need all 5 parts)

>> No. 49093
thank you

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