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/cg/ ~ We Wuz KANGZ
File 154689822080.jpg - (231.58KB , 1350x1125 , mr-t-1.jpg )
47731 No. 47731
Get it while you can niggas, because I do no re-up.


Fuck you crybaby school girls, drama queens, and punk azz haters.

Can a nigga gets some reparations?
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>> No. 48277
File 154723587377.jpg - (19.71KB , 450x253 , 154707884474s.jpg )
your are is a god man... thanks and this vid full plz.
>> No. 48325
File 154726393830.jpg - (22.68KB , 600x366 , hell-no-nigga.jpg )
Nope. You did not share a file or two with me before asking.

And yes I do have that vid and more than 100 like it w/ her and her siters/mom/alice.
>> No. 48348
unrarx doesn't work on these

what am i missing here
>> No. 48432
To those who are looking to place requests n this thread:

I am more willing to fulfill requests when you post a file w/ that request. I am more than happy to share content if others are willing to also share w/ the community.

Give one - get one

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