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/cg/ ~ http://uii.io/HBU2p Pass: 0pGSpXde{V+wm{m ...
File 154714903737.jpg - (267.24KB , 1238x929 , 1 first time.jpg )
48122 No. 48122
Pass: 0pGSpXde{V+wm{m
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>> No. 48182
Wow dude. Are you that hard up for cash to need four shorteners? What is your PayPal address and I will give you a few bucks to help out?
>> No. 48185
File 154717691212.jpg - (107.92KB , 1752x682 , asshole.jpg )
I take that back. No PayPal donation for you.
>> No. 48187
>> No. 48216
just 3.7 MB
>> No. 51117
i wish there was a video of that....

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