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trichaner concerns
File 153561750253.jpg - (326.48KB , 1000x1400 , 153452544270.jpg )
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Am I unusual? Am I alone?

I love non nude pics and nude pics of LG's. Perfect age is 11. The beauty is awe inspiring. It's the perfect rendition of female beauty. Perfect age, such cute personalities, love being around them, admiring them. Love their beauty and have a collection of over 4 TB of pics and videos. I support all the non nude teen and preteen studios and buy their sets. I fully support the NN community. People have to be nuts to not see the beauty in LG's.

But I'm not interested in CP. Child porn. I see some hard core CP on here and I never download it or view it. It just doesn't interest me.

And when I think of LG's I don't think sexually or get a hard on. I just love their beauty. Like a painting, sculpture or work of art.

I guess this is good as I don't have to worry about getting caught with CP or trading it. I only collect legal NN pics or legal nude pics. Although I do take the necessary precautions when online and encrypting my collection. I'm well aware that they would bust me just for having these, so I'm just as careful as I would be if I downloaded and collected CP.

Any others like me?


>> No. 1931
me too.can u share your picture,please?
>> No. 1932
File 153982097722.jpg - (685.85KB , 2000x3000 , Lgh_414_05024_jpg.jpg )
TURNING TROLL MODE OFF temporarily, honest opinion incoming:

>Am I unusual? Am I alone?
probably not
>Perfect age is 11
perfect age is 5
>love being around them
it's ok to be near little girls, but touching them is not ok
>over 4 TB
i've more
>studios and buy their sets
i don't buy anymore, because i don't have money
this world is stupid if you need something you don't have to show your appreciation
>NN community. People have to be nuts to not see the beauty in LG's.
they don't need to be models to show their beauty, being a pedo means you love little girls, not just some flashy studio production
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>> No. 2419
You've got me on your side, man!

File 154910349342.jpg - (139.91KB , 1296x1728 , 48427312_792654621071202_6837836235881316352_n.jpg )
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please link me forums like lolilust <3 p.s sorry for granny pic =D

File 154902035294.jpg - (56.58KB , 271x200 , freedom-of-speech.jpg )
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Who can blame antis for trying to shut us down when our own people demand topics they dislike to be shutdown?

File 154870759717.jpg - (55.25KB , 1170x1560 , 49457164_360915981138501_3403477508648075264_n.jpg )
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can someone link me forums for videos and pics exchange? I remember something like lolilust or something and 2-3 more forums.... I deleted all files last time and can't find em

File 154854264246.jpg - (12.11KB , 182x182 , 506144_0_42441.jpg )
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Hello, each time I try to insert a link in my message, my all message is not displayed. How sould I post URL link? Should I use BBCode or HTML code or something else?


File 154836755879.jpg - (0.98MB , 3648x2736 , cute_melissa_001.jpg )
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144 has not been working recently (about a week) on tablet. No mobile service on device, airplane mode, connected to WIFI, VPN connected. Message says server cannot be found. Works fine on same WIFI via PC.

Picture not related.


>> No. 2329
Forgot to mention -- Use the same VPN service on the PC that works just fine.

File 154827912754.jpg - (937.04KB , 3456x5184 , IMG_0005.jpg )
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is there any onion channel similar as 144chan?

File 152004644456.png - (14.50KB , 200x200 , 3301912.png )
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ok fellas, let's get some WORKING onion links going in here
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>> No. 2302
Why do you know allow PBC chat link to be posted here?
>> No. 2303
*know = not
>> No. 2304
Why do you NOT allowing PBC chat link to be posted here? It is not blocking your site like TL2 and can be seen reached from regular browser.


>> No. 2311
>> No. 2314
File 154808455260.png - (11.16KB , 475x66 , logo-4.png )
For admin: I have added a link then you deleted. I added into another section and you kept deleting. So it was not my spamming at 3 places!

So this is 4th (actually the only one) :

(for Tor browser) LINKS REMOVED FOR COPYING ON https://155chan.gr/spam/res/1135.html#2116


File 15480769353.jpg - (554.16KB , 1280x720 , sm34479488-02m24s.jpg )
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File 152364398241.png - (209.09KB , 623x634 , 152347625598.png )
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Can anybody reup the o-nion link of this site?
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>> No. 2209
TL2 DELETED FOR CENSORING US for a list of Tor sites
>> No. 2212
Yes please new link ?
>> No. 2215
TL2 has had fruit down for over a week >>2028 is the listed link.
>> No. 2291
According to discussion at Girls A Priori (girlsprin3pqjyqk.onion), it's dead and gone.
>> No. 2305
Is 155 down it wont load wen i try to load it


File 154609218172.jpg - (393.56KB , 1664x2496 , 2_838.jpg )
2168 No. 2168 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I don't see why i should have to do this. But many use my nick when its not me!!
Therefore i shall always use a coded sig!!!

If it aint the same, then it aint me!! GOT IT??

I have always posted GOOD stuff here, good vids, good galleries, but now someone is pretending to be me!!

That is now over!! Always check the "sig"-"name" with the code after, if it aint the same as this one, then it aint me!!
>> No. 2183
My heart bleeds gallons of piss!!
>> No. 2200
She is "op pic J" SOOOOOOO bad ass. So Few peeks, ,But WOW WOW WOW. And may I call you Neph69? Cool? Cool! Hey? I dont want 5000 photos of her. Just the "best*" if ya know what I mean? Will they be mad at you if do it? Well TY anyways and lways appreciate all you share. TY.
>> No. 2290
There are not accounts here, so that's why. Everyone can impersonate anyone.


File 154621355612.jpg - (3.06MB , 3968x2976 , IMG_20181223_143219.jpg )
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Back to your God
>> No. 2175
What is that greenish light over there in the thickets? A UFO? Or maybe a ghost? I wanna know!
>> No. 2176

Metallic emerald green flat bed trunk, probably someone out logging.
>> No. 2177
Oh, good. So there was a rational explanation this time! All the better!
>> No. 2180
Ok Jew (or cryptojew if you are a Christian). But go back to your GOD, the shekel, please.
>> No. 2289
Jews are allowed to fuck 3yo. I wish I was a Jew.

File 154494446889.jpg - (140.49KB , 593x892 , Tokyo_Montage_2015.jpg )
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where would you go if you were visiting Tokyo?
>> No. 2182
>> No. 2288
File 154770029116.jpg - (142.47KB , 860x1250 , 008.jpg )

Yeah, that's compensating dating. It was legal many years ago, and there were many cp videos produced about it. Most vintage japanese child porn was themed around it.And there are many Loli doujins about it.

It's still done by many girls that want to have a good source of money. But I don't think it would be easy for gaijins(foreigners) to hire little prostitutes. And also considering the fact that many of them are highschoolers, but you can get highschoolers elsewhere as well.

<sorry for anime pic>

File 154672208550.jpg - (67.46KB , 1024x819 , 9c3d26d193bf0655a637e10c634300a49a65cc3b_hq.jpg )
2214 No. 2214 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Little more than 1 year ago i've lost one memory stick right in front of my friend's house, after it got out of my pocket. There was some darknet videos, explicit, and my friend called the police.

I live in Brazil, so there is some specific laws here where i think i need some local help, i really dont know.

I've only used the memory stick on my very old ubuntu laptop, and before the use i got it completely formatted through ubuntu tools.

The brazilian police are very slow and the case doesnt gave any results to my friend, so i really dont know if they can find me. I'm at risk?

It would be greatfull if any brazilian friend could reply me or if any IT technician can tell me if the memory stick can me traced back at me even with the very types of format i've done with it.

Sorry about any grammar error.
>> No. 2216
What is it that you got formatted, the stick or the laptop? If it's the stick, does your friend know it was yours or did he just find it there? Did he give it to the cops or did he throw it away?

I don't know about Ubuntu but Windows stores metadata on all storage devices that connect into it, forever. You can't clean that data w/ CCleaner, for example. I'd definitely format the laptop as a precaution.

I'm guessing you formatted the usb stick and it was the slow format, right? In that case, I'd only worry about fingerprints and contact DNA on the stick but 1: your friend has his on there as well, and 2: contact DNA is very easy to spread around.

I don't even think they'll test for contact DNA. For fingerprints, you just tell them the truth: you went to your friend's house and saw the stick on the floor, picked it up, thought it was broken since it had been thrown away and left it there. You had no idea what was inside.

If your friend doesn't know it was yours, I wouldn't worry too much, but I'd still format every computer the stick has been inserted into.

If anything happens, my tip is to deny any accusations. If you say "yes, I did x", the judge will have no choice but to convict you, and he won't be able to give you any sentence smaller than the minimum. But if the stick wasn't yours, they need beyond reasonable doubt that it was in order to convict.

Is there such certainty from fingerprints on a low-value object left flat-out on the street (and a street that you had verifiable reason to be in)? No, there isn't. 20 of your friend's friends plus the entire neighborhood might have touched that thing.

You should've encrypted the stick, seriously.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 2286
Unless your memory had data about you: photos, texts,audio, etc. There is nothing to worry about. It's latam after all. The only people that are caught are the ones that left personal data. I.E. cellphones with cp.

If you were from a 1st world country it would be more worrisome.

File 154742564136.jpg - (149.21KB , 786x684 , th.jpg )
2280 No. 2280 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Now that the heavy regulations have begun, what is going to be done about the Joos milking dead links attached to their shorteners? I could not count the number of links I clikced, worked the shortenrs (which makes the Joo money), only to find a dead link at the end of the cycle.

Aditionally, if premium links are to be identified, I think the number of shortenrs a poster attaches to their files hould be disclosed. I would like to know if I am attemtping a two, four, or five shortenrs cycle before I start clicking. Nothing worse than working a four shorteners cycle to find a 3.7mb file containing 8 photos.

I propose that posters must disable shortener links to dead files. Users can identify the dead link and the poster can then disble those shorterner. I also propose that posts w/ shortenrs should disclose how many shorteners are attached to each file and disclose the file size.

If we are going to start heavily regulating one class of Joos posters, we need to start heavily regulating all Joo posters.

See what happens when you beg for big government intervention...
>> No. 2281
Are you saying these assholes get paid whether you download their files or not?
Another problem is when the shorteners kick you on to a virus site. It happens often.
>> No. 2282
File 15475429959.jpg - (4.87KB , 220x204 , myhat.jpg )
I'll have to blame users on this one. Some autistic dedicated users would go all the way back to page 15 on /cg/, pick a thread which hasn't been updated since 1997 and which its shekeleer has been buried in Hawaii long before we had the dark background for 144 and bump it all the way to the top with "reup plz!!".

If you feel you must comment on some ancient thread type the word sage in the email slot when responding. This will post your reply as usual but cause it not to bump the thread all the way to the top.

Now for current threads, note that we don't censor negative posts so read others comments on a thread before downloading. This is called market signaling. If everyone is cussing for too many shorteners or dead links then move on to another thread or proceed at your own risk.

It's impossible for mods to micromanage hundreds of shekeleers and breastfeed users the content, you need to exert some minimal effort while we take care of major violations like cp, double-posting and recent reposting.

File 154690761457.jpg - (66.90KB , 1023x870 , depositphotos_94051128-stock-photo-smiley-doing-th.jpg )
2228 No. 2228 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I think it's a shame that so many fake pictures are here, what better way to do that? Also, it is a pity that most of the pictures and videos if they are to download are all very old and not much is new. With so many videos there are not even links to download or watch I think it's stupid here others like it vl always the same pictures and videos are there and so many fake pictures.
>> No. 2229
Well the fake pictures are really annoying but you can not expect much from movies and pictures because you have to look for other sites or download them but you will not find much good material everywhere I think the pages are mostly monitored or blocked
>> No. 2274
Unless the pics you are viewing are amateur photos uploaded by the photographer, almost every professional photo is a fake. With all the air brushing to remove flaws or blend imperfections, it is rare a professional photo is an original image of the model untouched up.

File 15316536961.jpg - (34.80KB , 537x451 , geniemod.jpg )
1496 No. 1496 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Do you guys have any ideas, complaints, or suggestions on how to improve the Triforce, whether technical-wise or policy-wise?

By the way we already have a PHP wishlist, for which I'm asking any volunteer or paid PHP developers to post here or contact us regarding.
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>> No. 2051
I think we should be allowed to search and upload vids it’s only available for the boy section


>> No. 2109
What is the destination for 144cg. Is it to become the domain for premium hosts only. Seems that those selling material and not sharing should be paying a commission to the trichan, or banned from posting material only available via premium purchase. Any thoughts?


>> No. 2110
Is this relevant to those posting on 144cg to premium only hosts:

0102 - We do not link to websites that seem to be making a quick profit of being listed on Topic Links 2.0
>> No. 2197
First TY for the freedoms you all fight to protect here. Most fold or comply. Here ya all are. Keep up the great work. So, as I was just wandering around and having all my thoughts, I became aware that I didnt really know what was expected of my posts on all the different chans. So I started looking. 155 and looked at top "LOCKED" and each chan there after. And none told me that Hebe for rando pic threads, Mir for sets and complete vids, and CG is for those that post for a dollar a day living and those that like a great puzzle. (Ha Ha) So, in an effort to reduce redundant threads, and eliminate un needed misunderstandings; there can be one of those Top "Locked" posts say this info. or a link to where it is. What is supposed to be the difference between 155, 144, and 180? Are Tryforce allow skel in Boy? or is Boy aloud in CG? And the "Request" thing. Wow that causes a lot of undue waist. But it kind of works good how it is until someone abuses the reply function and ruins it for everyone else. And a Limit on number of re-directs or what ever it is. And where is thread about best way to Man Handle* this dang Google Capture Crap that is taking longer then I have to do this till Granny wakes up and kicks me off to play her Candy Crush, or what ever the fuck ol Grannies do. Jeesh, I aint got all dang morning to get off. Thats right. Some of us aint here as collectors*. I come here to spend ah moment and at least 1 of a few objectives. Learn something, Get off, or, both. Too Me? The Internet* IS' my Library. And that's just how it's going to be for me because I dont want anyone or myself to go to prison for exploring their sexuality over Pics and vids. It's so crazy what people have in their heads. Well, I hope I enlightened some and wish for Peace and Lots of Cum. Oh,,,, since mods space? my name? I saw someone else use my old JSD(just some dude) so is this one used? ElRando69r ? Ha Ha. Be Well ya all
>> No. 2255
Stop deleting good images before I can see them!

File 154547682474.jpg - (40.76KB , 351x450 , 12-01-24-Nervous-Guy.jpg )
2134 No. 2134 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I've known "Tina" for about 11 years now, she has two kids now a 5

year old daughter and a 6 year old boy. Tina and her kids are like family. The kids call me

uncle "John" and the little girl even likes to call me "Daddy" sometimes. Tina and the kids

come over to visit my place usually once a week. My mom and girlfriend are

also really close to Tina. Just to be clear, I've never had any kind of actual sexual contact

with her 5 year old daughter "Jen". I have seen her naked twice, the first time maybe 8 months

ago when she needed help getting out of her swim suit and the second time this summer when she

had pee'd herself trying to go to the bathroom and couldn't get outta her swim suit. Both times
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
6 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 2191
So Tina and the kids DID come by for Christmas. Tina still had a cough so she really was just sick. She even got me a present and thanked me for being such a good uncle to the kids. This coulda been bad tho, I think I'm just lucky Jen was a good girl and didn't say anything. Maybe she remembered from the times I helped her get in/out of her swim suits? I still haven't had a chance to ask/talk to Jen about it, but I'm planning to as soon as I get a chance. "But the woman will over react and call the cops and they will come to talk to you" yeah that's what really worried me.
Sorry for the long ass original post. Was nervous as fuck and kinda venting. I'll let you guys know what happens afer I can talk to Jen. Thanks for the advice guys.
>> No. 2192
As I was just typing my response got an error message saying windows had encountered an error and had to close my VPN. VPN is supposed to shut down/close browser if any interruption to connection but it didn't, vpn shutdown but browser stayed open with multiple triforce tabs open. WTF?
>> No. 2194
File 154645591881.jpg - (310.36KB , 768x1024 , !44226_2267_123_469lo.jpg )
If you configured your VPN kill switch to shut down if the VPN goes down, it will only close your internet connection, not your browser. Which is ok. If your browser stays open but your internet connection is cut, it does not reveal your true IP.

For example. I have private internet access and I have the kill switch always on. That means that I can not connect to the internet without the proxy. If the proxy goes down while I'm on the internet, it cuts off my internet and I unable to connect to the internet without it. It does not close my browser.
>> No. 2199
I wouldn't think so. As you saw it DID interrupt current but left old and inactive open. Besides its the IPS you should be worried about? Who is sold out and who refuses? What about the fact of "View Only vs Download and catalogue*? I Guess in some places there is no law. No Common sense. No Empathy. No Concern for recourse of ones evils? Awww. But to let the Butterfly wander and Rome as it feels. That is as God intended. Not capture. Not pursued. Not Convinced by an others small rational; But let the Chance to Fly on his own. Who are we to take he wants footballs in his ass from; Someone just turn hem selves in already if you feel vonurable to act upon you thoughts. LMAO but i liked op story. I was relating. I had them similar moments too. but I was their age and yeah. Young Perv. LMAO! YUP! Thats ME! I learned what a sock was for when I was about 5 or 6. I was well aware of my erection and its feelings very young. And I remember the good feeling too the "Need Clean up"* Ha HA. Ya ALL? If I had and Known? I wish I'd a had a chance to video those young moments and share. Now i'm old. still have a small penis, but I have had my days being young. I remember when Internet first started. Hollyheartbreak. Then Tawnee then looking see Galitsin and LS and BD and so on and so on. My Point? Dont rape kids. Let them explore and grow as they choose. All I Wish for.
>> No. 2233
I was able to ask Jen about what happened, she was a good girl and didn't say anything. I'm at ease about the whole situation for sure now.

I've had the same VPN for 4-5 years now, first time that ever happened. Yes I have the killswitch activated, just hope it was able to activate before the VPN program crashed. I immediately closed the browser, didn't check to see if connection was active. Didn't get a notice of lost connection. No sure but there was an update/new version a few days before. Some kinda bug? My main concern is that if vpn crashed and didn't disconnect me I would now have a record of viewing triforce(cp) @my ISP. Shit I guess I'll just never know for sure though. For sure didn't have any active DL's or uploads during that session, just browsing and my thread reply of course.

I can remember being 13 and being intensely sexually attracted to a 9 year old neighbor. I remember she had a crush on me and her brother who was my age even told me she would make out with and hump her pillow pretending it was me. She had a gorgeous face, she was Colombian. Great ass even at that age I mean bubble butt teen ass on a 9 year old ass. Never acted on it cuz even at that age I knew society frowned upon the age difference. Wish I woulda tho, shit what's the worst that could happen at that age? Get grounded and no video games for a week lol.

File 154687250881.jpg - (146.46KB , 1080x1349 , milliebobbybrow.jpg )
2226 No. 2226 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Someone has a "good" link to uncensored hidden wiki.

Thank you.

File 154650076662.jpg - (369.19KB , 1209x1814 , IMG_3168.jpg )
2201 No. 2201 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I'm a weird one. I Like people for the most part. I usually get along unless I'm past the "6 beer" phase. Which I am as writing this so beware. All might come out.
I NEED YOU! I LOVE YOU! I give my LIFE too YOU!~ I AM A SPONGE. Sponge is Not to be associated with Collector as I am Not a "Collector"! I am ALIVE ! I ask not Respect, Appreciation, Recognition, or Money/Value. I only seek Honesty and True. What I mostly like about Porn is watching Growth. How no labia changes into more. How the over time developement of Breasts happen. More about pussy, but, Thats what I Like. I maybe want to know about it and our development? I Love Penis but a restricted sum. I like small penis. not Age. I like idea of a young lad tell me his woes and ask me if I would care to gently teach what I know and learned. But that's Dream not reality. I did when I was a child. Sucked a few friends and had mine sucked and played doctor with a few girls. My Life is no worse then yours if your here reading this. Does this make me smart? WTF. No but I sure am tired of wasted time getting too the mission*, HA Ha.
>> No. 2211
I don't know what you're on about but could you send me this set?

File 154656899481.jpg - (14.39KB , 300x300 , tox.jpg )
2206 No. 2206 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Tox, a distributed, secure messenger with audio and video chat capabilities. Respects privacy of users.

To get started download a client:

Make sure to use either a VPN/Tor to mask your IP address due to Tox being direct connect.

- Disable IPV6 and UDP in settings
- Set to Socks5 proxy and use for the IP and 9050 for the port (9150 if you use Tor Browser).

Feel free to add me for CP/PTHC/PEDO trade or chat :)


File 154637558248.jpg - (1.09MB , 1800x1443 , A BERLIN GIRL.jpg )
2190 No. 2190 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
my favourite book

File 151633241069.jpg - (831.33KB , 1200x1800 , LauraB07_062.jpg )
669 No. 669 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Where can a newbie find a tutorial/guide/primer/discussion on how to upload to the file sharing sites and then advertise the post here or 155-180 ?? I've posted to usenet and seeded a few torrents but never posted to a board.
1 post and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 729
this girl needs a good stuffing
>> No. 1171
Girl name
>> No. 1492
LauraB. Candydoll
>> No. 2005
Nice ass
>> No. 2169
such a delicious ass

No. 2159 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Looking for passwords to files called cooking with sage cooking with lemons cooking with chilli please help picture unrelated
>> No. 2160
Check the password master list https://144chan.pk/cg/res/34620.html#43216
>> No. 2161
Bump someone must have pass
>> No. 2162
Why must someone have the password? I download and use the password right away. If I am saving links to get later, I copy the post I found the links at. This way I always have the link and password in front of me.

A lack of planning on on your part hardly creates an emergency on mine. Mark this as a failure on your part and learn from it. Delete your useless download and next time learn to save the file name and password to a notepad file.

File 153050764640.jpg - (200.53KB , 673x1200 , 61.jpg )
1436 No. 1436 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Topic Links 2.0 - CHANGELOG
DELETED :: 144chan :: Rule violation: 0102, 0204, 0305 :: https://144chan.tw/
DELETED :: 155chan :: Rule violation: 0102, 0204 :: https://155chan.li/
DELETED :: 180chan :: Rule violation: 0102, 0204 :: https://180chan.al/

Topic Links 2.0 - RULES AND POLICY
0102 - We do not link to websites that seem to be making a quick profit of being listed on Topic Links 2.0.
0204 - We do not link to websites that draw CPU power from their visitors for cryptocurrency mining.
0305 - We do not link to websites that are outside Tor (clearnet) and contain CP. These are short-lived and generally dangerous.



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>> No. 1876
Russians blocking 155chan.gr


>> No. 1885
Secure Connection Failed
The connection to 155chan.gr was interrupted while the page was loading.
The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.
Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem.


>> No. 1938
File 154016879925.jpg - (49.50KB , 829x484 , Untitled.jpg )
Cant' connect to 155chan. It tells that owner is inproper.
>> No. 2144
someone to make friendship exchange
>> No. 2152
You honestly thing anyone is going to be stupid enough to pay ? get real even with traceable BTC

File 154709350124.png - (54.05KB , 200x145 , 2d4.png )
2247 No. 2247 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Can anyone provide me the following:
1. Hurtmeh
2. Forbidden fruit
3. Girlsprio

I accidentally wiped my drive which contains my Tor bookmarks...
>> No. 2250
File 154721094680.jpg - (106.05KB , 600x800 , 0_83.jpg )
girls a priori
2249 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 15471765651.gif - (1.92MB , 480x270 , tumblr_pgwzb17Qhu1x5v7hio1_500.gif )
2249 No. 2249 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Tumblr had some great pedo pic/gif caption blogs before the ban, any idea where I can find some now?

File 154411309578.jpg - (161.77KB , 768x1024 , 154404939151.jpg )
2057 No. 2057 Locked hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>> No. 2058
File 154412338822.jpg - (749.59KB , 1200x1800 , hanna_f.jpg )
Upload your child porn content at this free child porn image host at https://nudes.255chan.ws
>> No. 2224
Also forgot to say that forum and other 3 sites does not require e-mail validation/verifying. So sign up today and start sharing CP content!
>> No. 2246
File 154710812624.jpg - (27.22KB , 400x376 , 5278083308_fee6faaed7.jpg )
you forgot to mention the 200 capchas and still authentication fails

File 154698378544.jpg - (275.03KB , 1500x996 , AB471445-F88E-40E4-9EE7-670583AA10DD.jpg )
2240 No. 2240 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>> No. 2241
File 154698380713.jpg - (13.95KB , 330x244 , B855C849-D0F1-4023-AC40-EBC106E4A298.jpg )
>> No. 2242

Whats Pornofraphy ?

File 154665757316.png - (416.60KB , 1402x581 , j.png )
2213 No. 2213 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Anyone used this web before?


I bought the access then download a txt, whcih has a really long code. But still not know how to log in. What is the ID and password

Anyone know how to use the code to login?
Thanks a lot!

File 154647527433.png - (167.21KB , 774x1033 , my_first_vector_of_raichu__by_flutterflyraptor-d5n.png )
2202 No. 2202 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I downloaded some videos of a Chinese girl those are high quality and are short is several parts that can extract individually thank you
>> No. 2203
File 154647998149.jpg - (11.79KB , 300x169 , password.jpg )
You are hopeless. You claim you downloaded the files yet you don't post the file names? Instead you post a general description of the videos? You are too dumb to even ask for help properly. See photo to open files.

File 151524927268.jpg - (69.84KB , 853x480 , Laura-B-series 7.jpg )
558 No. 558 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I'm new so apologies in advance. Is there a search function in the chans? Thanks.
3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 781
Silly noob. You Armageddoned your browser's profile. Go to about:support and refresh the browser.

This time, install ONE ad-blocker and NoScript. Learn how they work first, then you can try Request Policy Continued. At your skill level you need to leave about:config the fuck alone. Don't shop for cool add-ons, either. It will trash your browser fast.
>> No. 1961
>> No. 2173
hermosa mujer
>> No. 2178
>> No. 2181
estas muy buena

File 154586665281.jpg - (1.35MB , 1936x1296 , 1354298.jpg )
2157 No. 2157 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Someone have Hurtcore onion link please ?

File 154576608393.jpg - (91.31KB , 720x978 , 116172347.jpg )
2151 No. 2151 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Does anybody have the pw for this movie?
>> No. 2154
Algum brasileiro?

File 154572058244.jpg - (92.18KB , 1738x1125 , Logo-The-Sims-4.jpg )
2145 No. 2145 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Looking for a thread (with the thread pic) that i found a little bit ago that had links to a forum that had the sims 4 woohoo where you could have sex with babies/kids. Can anyone find that thread again and post link if possible?
>> No. 2146
The Wicked Woohoo mod?
>> No. 2147
Probably was over the 180chan toon board https://180chan.co/loli/
>> No. 2148
i think you mean this

File 152631966242.jpg - (751.05KB , 1333x2000 , IMG_7710.jpg )
1326 No. 1326 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Any good tor side up =)
>> No. 2013

File 154546096234.jpg - (18.94KB , 320x293 , Interpol_logo_56fd41f2972ae.jpg )
2133 No. 2133 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Was greeted with an Interpol warning when jumping onto 144 recently that the site had been seized, but it seems to be fine now? Possibly a virus or is there something bigger going on?



>> No. 2141
Hello, is there a problem with 144? I cant get to mir at this moment.


File 154549433958.jpg - (317.53KB , 956x1440 , lsh-017-066.jpg )
2136 No. 2136 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hi friends...!!!...I am not able to use the host DL-free..."...blocked by the authorities..."...are you facing the same problem...???...it seems we are confronting a new trouble...!!!
>> No. 2137
change your vpn. also, different ip's effect connectivity performance and captcha accuracy.
>> No. 2138
Thank you very much, Anon, for your information...!!!...now, DL-free seems to work properly again...
>> No. 2140
No problems with dl.free. You just LEA trying to scary posters to upload sets to other hosts as dl.free is the ONLY ONE where your IP cannot be traced and is totally TOR compatible. Homosexual LEA faking they are users is funny to say the least. Let's see if that will be so funny when I kill your family in front of you and make you eat them before I kill you. dl.free is GOD death to all that are against it.

File 154562571452.jpg - (325.41KB , 1152x1728 , IMG_2232_R.jpg )
2139 No. 2139 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Forbidden fruit down can any help me with the emergency link for it thanks file unrelated

File 153928530428.jpg - (6.39KB , 250x167 , th.jpg )
1902 No. 1902 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Is President Trump retarded? Retarded people fixate on ludicrous things such as Twitter.
11 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 2004

"Retarded people fixate on ludicrous things such as Twitter."

Funny. In my country Twitter is mostly used by leftys and feminists.
>> No. 2103
File 154463190169.jpg - (7.24KB , 275x183 , index.jpg )
Your supposed facts are wrong. No wonder you didn't provide any sources:

Donald Trump’s Approval Rating 5 Points Higher Than Barack Obama’s at Same Point in His Presidency: Rasmussen Poll


I can provide many more links to news reports showing Trump's approval rat ing higher than Obama's at same junctions of their Presidencies.

Will you admit you were wrong? I doubt it. Even in the face of absolute proof, you won't admit it.
>> No. 2113
He's a lucky goof, nothing more
>> No. 2122
So what? I'm a pedo. The first act of the Obama administration was to extend hate crimes protections to me. Trump has done nothing for me.
Pay me, or GTFO & STFU.
>> No. 2132
File 154541395829.jpg - (855.11KB , 1187x1090 , eDSC_0329.jpg )
Hate crime laws do nothing to protect victims. They have absolutely zero impact on crime rates and assaults. All they do is drive up taxes by increasing the cost of incarceratons.

Trump has directly affected you. You're just too obtuse to realize it. Your taxes have been dramatically lowered. Trump authored the largest tax cut in history.

The problem is that the media doesn't report things that are good for Trump and you're too close minded to look them up yourself.

Stay stupid, my friend

File 154400988082.jpg - (667.59KB , 1700x1700 , logoforItunes(1).jpg )
2054 No. 2054 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Mayday Mayday 155 is down I repeat 155 is down



File 154521020369.jpg - (11.92KB , 460x345 , getimage.jpg )
2124 No. 2124 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
is it possible to search on this site? like after names or specific words?

File 154508161640.jpg - (284.27KB , 1920x1080 , 30EA4920-0E4A-4C86-A7A6-C7341C3CA752.jpg )
2121 No. 2121 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Wants to learn business.

File 15435958595.png - (368.43KB , 557x351 , Screen-Shot-2018.png )
2044 No. 2044 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

did someone see pic or vid? arrested for posting at 144chan :(
2 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 2102
File 154463148070.jpg - (199.09KB , 1152x1728 , Charity-34-053.jpg )
After the Jackson Police Department received a tip from Canadian police, they arrested James Edward Clark. He appeared Wednesday in Jackson City Court.

“Images of child pornography and messages confirming sexual abuse of two children, ages one and four, were being uploaded to a message forum,” City Court Judge Blake Anderson read from the police report.

This sparked an investigation at Clark’s home on East Chester Street.

“Some of the room decor, bedding and clothing depicted in the images that were uploaded on “144 Chan” message forum were located at that residence,” Judge Anderson read.


The Canadian police located him and then contacted the Jackson police who went to his home and then matched up his room decor, clothing, and background.

His home and identity was not determined by analyzing his furniture and background in the picture. The background only confirmed they had the right place.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 2104
File 154463254864.jpg - (4.85KB , 220x204 , myhat.jpg )
Very unlikely. Our host doesn't normally have direct access to the server. And if we go down that extreme assumption, even if they got the whole database they can't access the hashed and salted IPs without an admin password. Plus nothing in the article says anything about subpoenaing hosts, you just pulled that out of your behind.

The more likely explanation, which conforms to the story itself, is that his furniture contained clues to him being a resident of Jackson. From there it was easy for the local police to find out who he was.

How did I know? Because the Canadian police has no jurisdiction on the whole case. The guy isn't Canadian and our servers were never in Canada. So the fact that they located him first and then contacted the Yankees, especially with the lack of mentioning of any other international police force in the story, shows they didn't need subpoenas to figure out his city.
>> No. 2105
File 15446332302.jpg - (75.79KB , 1080x1350 , 24838618_135149157151664_6853085384121778176_n.jpg )
I still disagree that his background furniture revealed his location. It only confirmed the location after the Jackson police identified him.

Whether the Canadian police had jurisdiction is not relevant in the initial stage of the investigation, that's why they turned the information over to the Jackson police who had jurisdiction.

You see, some cop in Canada is visiting this forum and sees child porn. He has no idea where the perpetrator lives. But since he is accessing the child porn in Canada, he can subpoena the site to determine the location of the offender. Once he does that and finds out that he doesn't have jurisdiction, then he turns it over to the authority who does. Which is exactly what happened in this case.

This happens all the time with law enforcement.
>> No. 2107
Full set please.
>> No. 2120
Ask LEA why they don’t close these sites down. And the onion sites that have been up for years. Useless or complicit?


File 154494485822.jpg - (143.70KB , 720x1280 , Screenshot_20181208-005811_Snapchat.jpg )
2119 No. 2119 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
If anyone could direct me to pics or vids, be much appreciated several times/day:)
My busty niece for your time.

File 154227296085.jpg - (754.57KB , 1100x1868 , fbi.jpg )
1981 No. 1981 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>> No. 2036
This is stupid.

The case officer is breaking dress code, and we don't salute one another.
>> No. 2117
yeah.. stupid alright

File 154417405052.jpg - (190.32KB , 640x800 , 1538935415694.jpg )
2062 No. 2062 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
So when are you Pajeets going to fix the catalog so I don't have to scroll to the right to see more shit?
>> No. 2116
File 154488535882.jpg - (4.85KB , 220x204 , myhat.jpg )
We reduced the number of catalog columns from 12 to 8. This should balance the view of Jews with 20" screens and niggas on Android.

File 153335504714.jpg - (138.40KB , 960x1280 , FOTOS (63).jpg )
1541 No. 1541 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Trade videos and photos, troco videos e fotos
>> No. 1632
Please I would love to trade videos or pics
>> No. 1644
File 153650942791.jpg - (10.71KB , 315x420 , 153335504714s.jpg )
>> No. 2063
any more of her?
>> No. 2114
She is a beauty.

File 154473191812.png - (363.41KB , 771x583 , Elefants - Trump Style.png )
2111 No. 2111 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
This guy in the Whitebouse, with MORE natural Hair in His nose Than on His Head, is KillinG this Planet!!!
Like Some other VIP`s & Tax evaders, seen him hunting Pussy´s in Afrika... HIS dream "CUM" true...
ge got BRAINWaSHED - lol111

File 154448440548.jpg - (476.94KB , 1500x1357 , Parmigiano-Reggiano.jpg )
2070 No. 2070 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Y'all have the url for TL? Deleted my Tor browser in hopes of becoming a...better...man, but here I am a-crawling the dirt in search of the love I lost. Anyone have mercy for a po' lost soul?


>> No. 2072
is this a newfag bait?

you know that mods are deleting topic links links because they want moneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey


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