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trichaner concerns
File 153205236422.png - (472.12KB , 480x854 , Screenshot_20180719-200538.png )
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There's a group of three African tribal girls showing ass etc and I haven't seen the pic set in years this is the one pics I found here can anyone else contribute more pics.
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>> No. 1834
Poor disgusting worm, just another ignorant that doesn't know that AMERICA it's a continent and not only the USA and ALL the people whether Black or white who have been born in this continent ALL OF THEM are AMERICANS.You must be just another offspring of some outlaw syphilitic British Man who came to AMERICA looking for not starving in England. I'm not Brazilian, nor do I like the way they are as well, but one thing is that you do not like something and another is to show your Supreme Ignorance, hate and racism just like that, without consequences...Oh no... my confederate and redneck friend,I bet you whatever you want that I am WHITER than you but with a BIG difference, I am NOT an ignorant, full of hate who usually runs with a white sheet on his head and prays to DAVID DUKE and, to continue the white supremacy he fucks his own daughters, as most of peasant beast like you do in the USA with the excuse of maintaining the purity of the white race.
>> No. 1835
American idiots Brazil is a country of white people, Americans are going to eat their trash at MC donalds
>> No. 1836
File 153837038334.jpg - (636.21KB , 3543x2362 , sbtorcida_wr_30062013003.jpg )
>> No. 2061
who fucking cares
>> No. 2067


File 154401143074.jpg - (273.19KB , 1333x2000 , IMG 1065.jpg )
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This site is about PEDOPHILIA, but you CENSORED PICTURE with nude SEX, HC, BJ, ANAL.... That is STUPID.
>> No. 2064
If they do not want exposed nudity, do not use the site.

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Under which categories do I find hardcore mom/son dad daughter etc.

File 154382065413.jpg - (67.11KB , 800x600 , 1540328312455.jpg )
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have been looking like crazy for a link to a Discord server i stumbeled over anout 6 to 9 month ago. but i can not find it back. any one here heard about it. was called Porn
Palace of something like that.

Pic not related

File 154371550245.png - (245.95KB , 480x360 , lxLLOdJ.png )
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This site: 15yp.site has a lot of files to download, but I don't know the password. Any help here?

File 154364597198.jpg - (172.83KB , 601x900 , 166045594_W02EyJjK_20170813N17_2556.jpg )
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Is it possible to get past the link shorteners without js? I can do the oio.io ones but then it just leads to more link shorteners that I can't see the captcha for...

File 154324939344.jpg - (651.38KB , 2122x1415 , cops.jpg )
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do any of you pedos know anything a newcomer like me could find useful? stuff like how to stay safe on tor and on the clearnet, how to avoid getting caught, and anything else i should know.



File 154144094654.jpg - (245.89KB , 1920x1004 , Sin título.jpg )
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>> No. 1965
What is the password for enter the site? Maybe i can help you dpwnload the file. But i need to know tge pass for site
>> No. 1966
ACCESS Password: pass4jbking
>> No. 1967
is a nice site to download videos and pics :D sorry for the pw :P
>> No. 1976
who can buy a videos?
>> No. 2035
What a fucked up payment method. I had depfiles with no problem but can't make heads or tails out of this outfit. Besides, most of the previews are down.

File 154316443840.jpg - (28.25KB , 378x378 , stop-aids-statement-bee-pride-design-statement-hiv.jpg )
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boy lovers are jeolous of girl lovers because they're rare according to girl lovers haha!
boy lovers have problems mentally and physically..
i'm proud of to be girl lover

File 154306821821.jpg - (71.80KB , 640x960 , image.jpg )
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It won't let me do a post without a photo so ignore the photo but you guys are going to want to see this when i wanted to search color climax and see if they had younger teens on google images i saw this one photo of vicky and i was like no way this can't be possible but yep it was true but i can't give the website name because of open net i'll get the website banned but i can say how i got there was look up (color climax brother and sister) and you'll see that photo not too low and click the photo and click the website and you'll get to see the 45 minutes video of her and her dad and if you keep going with the website you get too see other long videos of other kids i'm not going to say more i'll leave it up too you but it was like a paradise

File 153520876662.jpg - (1.91MB , 2448x3264 , IMG_20180814_093358.jpg )
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without breaking her hymen or causing pain
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>> No. 2018
lol, That's like drinking a soda without removing the lid. Back to anatomy class, or were you taking woodshop and smoking pot behind the school?
Man, there be some dumb people on this planet.
>> No. 2019
he might own an old cat. looks like a cat person
>> No. 2020
>> No. 2021
i saw a pic set of a man fucking a kitten. dont think the kitten survived. luckily my memory of the pics didnt survive.
>> No. 2023
Hey mods, got my answer... how to delete this post so that it doesn't waste precious storage?

File 15429223619.jpg - (217.22KB , 2000x1500 , spec-ass-OMQnZ.jpg )
2009 No. 2009 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
you are changing your emergency links more often then your underpants?

File 154281577547.png - (110.83KB , 500x647 , i-dont-always-have-a-slow-internet-connection-2389.png )
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File 151994874693.jpg - (87.51KB , 620x413 , password.jpg )
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I am looking for passwords for the following files:
1st Studio -1.7z

Any help is appreciated
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>> No. 1868
Many linux distibutions do not have 7z or rar file handing included as standard. So...Using a basic Terminal app -

To Install p7zip to unzip *.7z files on Fedora

# yum install p7zip

To Install p7zip to unzip *.7z files on Debian and Ubuntu

$ sudo apt-get install p7zip

May then have to restart - job done.
>> No. 1870
Password: D3tDtH
>> No. 1871
>> No. 1872
I have pw 155chan for MG3.RAR - try that
>> No. 2003
those paraniods should go to hell instead of freaking good peopleith their paranoia

File 154192967093.jpg - (262.96KB , 1024x1536 , 80408866.jpg )
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someone could pass me the links of hidden wiki or topic lonks 2.0
>> No. 2000
please post this krystal from willystudio
>> No. 2001
>> No. 2002

File 15173641239.jpg - (547.42KB , 2074x3110 , JUNTAS VIP 287.jpg )
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How do I play mirrorace files
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>> No. 1057
Sexy girls
>> No. 1382
this 2 girls is very sexyyyyyyyyyyy
>> No. 1489
love their titties
>> No. 1952
Manda o link do vídeos delas porfavor
>> No. 1997
where to find videos

File 154244710637.jpg - (59.95KB , 652x400 , enflasyonda-dusus-olacak-mi_3ab13.jpg )
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What are the rules? where should I share the file?
>> No. 1987
>> No. 1989
File 154245897974.png - (469.80KB , 1920x1080 , gg.png )
can't share error


>> No. 1990
post doesn't appear but
>> No. 1991
sory it was now

File 154243773921.jpg - (52.69KB , 595x583 , 1522459990682.jpg )
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Me: How do I get a girlfriend?
Him: Just be yourself, bro.

File 153655705498.jpg - (12.84KB , 681x383 , HNI_0012.jpg )
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should we have a discord
>> No. 1648
>> No. 1650
If you were going to answer your own question, you could have just done it in the same post instead of an immediate reply
>> No. 1982
the discord would be been banned almost immediatly, so what'd be the point?
>> No. 1983

There used to be a live chat on this site, any chance of getting that back?

File 15420473975.jpg - (76.56KB , 600x900 , spec-face-nn-1456950564_64656d74d244bef9.jpg )
1975 No. 1975 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
triforce.forumside.com - disabled
180chan.info - down for weeks
only ChanZ gateway works



File 154132307875.png - (4.28KB , 309x310 , PNG.png )
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Hi mod, please dont allow PNG files for preview, it dont compress for thumbs, i have a slow connection and page hang on
>> No. 1972
What's a slow connection? It's 2018.

File 154155659597.jpg - (33.17KB , 640x480 , bamper_in.jpg )
1969 No. 1969 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Anybody know what happened to http://bamper.in/?
>> No. 1970
Web addresss has changed. Now it is bampir.com o .net or .org . Its one of those.
>> No. 1971
Web addresss has changed. Now it is bampir.com o .net or .org . Its one of those.

File 154155650170.png - (154.13KB , 720x1440 , Screenshot_20181106-180127.png )
1968 No. 1968 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Lennox ngrad is Where Art Lover aka Norbert Paedophile resides. Go kill guyver in Russia ASAP end the Triforce age 45ish, height 6 foot 1 and a half. Dark black hair short black hair slightly curly. The man of sin being revealed aka Art Lover aka Norbert aka guyver the no God at all king.

Leningrad guyver is Art Lover
Go kill Paedophile Fart Lover 6 foot 1

File 153596078136.png - (1.03KB , 640x480 , black.png )
1616 No. 1616 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

I know what will you say about it, but, use VPN.
It is a general chat, so you can put your site on it, share photos/sets, share another contact methods... Feel free and don't forget to post yours.
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>> No. 1760
Yeah I wanna see a discord for 144/155/180
if it's still up could you reup
>> No. 1761
reup quick?
>> No. 1897
Is there a channel for this chans(144,155,180)?, if so, could you upload the link? Tnx in advance
>> No. 1899
Is there a channel for this chans(144,155,180)?, if so, could you upload the link? Tnx in advance
>> No. 1962
any discord

No. 1953 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I am a freshman , please tell me, thanks!

File 154056439111.png - (4.74KB , 190x266 , images (1).png )
1951 No. 1951 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Is politic allowed?

File 154023410220.jpg - (5.99KB , 225x225 , αρχείο λήψης.jpg )
1943 No. 1943 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
sorry for this unpacked post but Emule after 8 years make a new version. Release date 2018-09-02 version 0.51
>> No. 1944
Mind my ignorance but what exactly is EMule?

File 154022361644.png - (23.90KB , 180x180 , unnamed.png )
1940 No. 1940 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Any site secure where watch and search periscope videos? I know there was "anonvoyeur" but its down. Any ideas?

File 153972999470.png - (1.27KB , 800x582 , norge.png )
1930 No. 1930 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
any Norwegian stuff?

File 153645686992.jpg - (51.70KB , 750x600 , picture_unrelated_by_madnessabe-d4rhxp9.jpg )
1637 No. 1637 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I can't reach it, no matter what I try, since weeks.
Different browsers, different VPN's... :(

144 & 155 work like a charm
>> No. 1642
File 153647128096.jpg - (4.17KB , 200x186 , myhat.jpg )
There was a hiccup which hopefully got resolved today. Try 180chan.co again and if it still doesn't work then it could be blocking by your ISP https://144chan.pk/mir/res/1462.html#20409
>> No. 1651
Works for me now thanks.
>> No. 1762
180 is down again. .co not working


>> No. 1917
I don't think people are real pervies here. How they can look to that OP picture and not imagining Goofy and Patrick are taking Fluttershy to a seedy motel to drug her and gangrape the shit out of her? I know I am sick, jejeje.
>> No. 1922
>I don't think people are real pervies here.
You're right, most people here are cops.

But how many are corrupted?

File 153951885245.jpg - (5.58KB , 211x238 , download.jpg )
1913 No. 1913 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
This is by far the most salt less, no flavor edomite website I've ever seen not shocked though you'll never have any type swagger that not stolen so idk why I'm shocked but I'll do better on x videos✌

File 153948952983.png - (29.44KB , 180x180 , unnamed.png )
1912 No. 1912 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Can anybody please list the girls, or boys, of this site? It would be really nice to get to see some live stuff for once, maybe even get some private photos/vids for myself.

File 153911382754.jpg - (615.58KB , 1920x1080 , vt.jpg )
1894 No. 1894 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
In all chan's mostly in the 180 i see a extreme offers of NN pics and vids mixed with the nudes.
It is extremly boring for user who dont search for NN to scroll endles this offers, hour after hour to find what they lookfor. Thats why i suggest to create NN (No Nude) Categorys in all chans or NNCG for the sponsored offers and NNMIR for the free ofers to separate them.
I dont know what are the searching statistiks here but i think the most users dont search for NN what we see allday long on the streets or on the beach, so please think about it to made us the life a litle easy in the search and requests.

Thank You!
>> No. 1911
File 153948672344.jpg - (285.55KB , 1296x972 , Lgh_199_06036.jpg )
>what we see allday long on the streets or on the beach

I don't see any girls outside, I live in the middle of forest and can't use my legs.

So I want to see some cute NN girls too.

Unless you know some girl delivery services who can bring a girl to my house?

File 153938095432.jpg - (107.89KB , 1024x768 , αυγο τηγανητο.jpg )
1907 No. 1907 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Can you put an edit button so if we write something incorrectly it will let us edit and correct it?
>> No. 1910
theyw dontt know houw to do it

better to just deal with typos

File 153928723035.jpg - (149.63KB , 1600x1200 , 2696623.jpg )
1901 No. 1901 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
help guys find a set or video with her

File 15300214939.png - (160.93KB , 700x400 , golden_age.png )
1421 No. 1421 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
RIP Periscope (2015/2017), it was a golden place but it's gone to dead during the past year with all the bans due to their AI automatically detecting what's happening on a live stream and the difficulty to create a new account for broadcasters. From 50+ wins per day to a couple of flashes if you're lucky enough ..

What are the new places to look for fresh content now ?
>> No. 1426
Try up(.)live Works as both app and website and doesn't seem to ban anyone.
>> No. 1498
But is there anyone running a girls cam list like there used to be one for Periscope?
>> No. 1538
Pls, somebody. Is anybody doing this?

No. 1877 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I'm obsessed!
>> No. 1878
You newfags should look up her videos on eMule.
>> No. 1879
You use WinBlow$$ ??
Fuck dat shit!!

(eMule is only for windows users!!)

Windows has more security holes than FaceBang - and that takes a lot!!! Mark ZuckerMyDick is the next president of the US of Ass-holes - Your Cunt-tree sees you folks!!
>> No. 1880
Kindly share the vids please
>> No. 1883
Searching more pictures or videos
>> No. 1884
if it has so many security holes why they're using it in pentagon?

File 153847557733.jpg - (25.29KB , 650x472 , matrixpastillas.jpg )
1875 No. 1875 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

File 152714751545.jpg - (419.21KB , 1034x611 , Katerina.jpg )
1765 No. 1765 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I love this vid of Katerina.
Found another one of hers but very
low quality.
Do you gentleman have more of her?
29 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1800
File 153834851121.jpg - (55.40KB , 620x465 , tinfoil hat 1.jpg )
The tinfoil is strong with this one.
>> No. 1801
File 153835040358.jpg - (83.91KB , 1008x588 , 1*08CQji4SPl5Scx89pZ2-kA.jpg )
Wow something to be proud of!!!
Yes your stupid leader will fry the U.S.A . as he has been doing by pissing off all his allies:FBI,CIA, Military, all allied countries, and kissing on the mouth the biggest assholes on the planet: Kim Jong Il and Poutine.
Nice goin America!
You got anything better?
You BORE me.
>> No. 1802
I wasn't dumping on Canadians, I was dumping on Trump's stupid fucking border wall by advocating building a wall along a friendly border. Please read before you comment instead of having a knee-jerk reaction.
>> No. 1803
>> No. 1805
But that's the typical liberal response. They aren't capable of rational thoughts and are incapable of seeing humor. Its ALL knee-jerk emotional over reactions from liberals.

File 153834628583.jpg - (97.50KB , 684x474 , 1151600445892.jpg )
1764 No. 1764 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
in "beautiful naked bodies of young boys" thread the user fagboys scupi ranted

You're all a bunch of fags. All the beautiful young girls to fuck and you're all looking at little faggot cocks. Disgusting scumbags.




I replied
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 1679 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Sargeant Schultz & Colonel Klink!
& a few other brilliant strategists?
Planning how to reverse WWI no doubt.


60 posts and 28 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1755
It is proven with out a fact that most of the stories involving WW2 are complete BS that includes why we went to war, who started the war, and the whole Holocaust Nonsense.

Hitler tried to stop going to war with the US and UK. But hey Churchill and Jewish friends.
>> No. 1756
for those that need history lessons
this was posted else where once
www tomatobubble com
>> No. 1757
>Hitler tried to stop going to war with the US and UK. But hey Churchill and Jewish friends.

Er...Um...Hitler declared war on the U.S. of his own volition immediately after Pearl Harbor and Churchill wasn't even Prime Minister when U.K. declared war on Germany.

Your facts are a little out there. Having said that Churchill was a warmonger and did owe favors to certain Jews who'd financially benefitted him and Hitler did have good reasons for declaring war on USA (to bring his Jap alies on board as he'd just been counter attacked outside Moscow and wanted the Japs to continue to pose a threat to the Soviet Union through Manchuria in the East, then of course there was the U boat Captains who had one hand tied behind their back as they couldn't attack neutral shipping or attack in neutral waters which allowed convoys carrying material for the enemies of the Reich to sail into mid Atlantic unopposed etc, etc).
>> No. 1758
the website it above you and has all the facts on what happened!
>> No. 1759
My grandpa shot down a bunch of worthless Nazi fucks over Europe.

If the Reich had won we wouldn't be out in the asteroid belt: why bother, with a world population of half a billion, most of whom are out of jobs once the last of the gas chamber/crematorium complexes is shut down for lack of anyone left to murder and just trying to eke out an existence in the rubble of civilization destroyed by the Reich?

Hitler expected Britain to side with him: only proves what a moron the little syphilitic corporal was. Rudolph Hess took it upon himself to try and persuade the Brits to join with the Nazis when Hitler committed his treachery against his erstwhile ally the Soviet Union although I believe he was more just an early rat abandoning the sinking ship. Even if he had succeeded and returned to Germany Hitler probably would've had him shot(as an enemy to Hitler's ego).

If anything, the number of murdered in the Holocaust is underrepresented. They are still finding the odd mass grave from it.

Hitler was such an insane little psychopath that his greatest military minds tried to kill him, so as to save Germany from damage he wrought. When they failed and he had them killed/let them "commit suicide", the war was, for all intents and purposes, over because that left only the idiot corporal and his yes men to make military decisions. "Messerschmidt has developed a fighter that can sweep the Allied bombers and their fighter escorts from the skies over the Reich, Mein Fuhrer!" "I have ordered that no defensive weapons are to be built. They will get no resources to build these aircraft unless they can be used as bombers. We need to attack, attack, attack!" What a moron!

And lets not even get started on his whole Cayce/Crowley/mysticism fetish...

Face it, the corporal was just about as dumb as they come. He only came to power because he was a rabid hater who aptly played upon the German people's complete embarrassment over getting their collective dicks knocked in the dirt in WWI and being told to go stand in the corner and not being allowed to have any toys anymore by a world sick of their li'l Teu
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 153780350838.jpg - (229.60KB , 960x1280 , 2qrpP.jpg )
1677 No. 1677 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
If you enjoy IRC networks, try the new 50Lashes network.

50Lashes is safer than undernet, with SSL connection, it has nickname registration and offers Vhost to hide your ip host.
NO underage restrictions!! We are pedo friendly!

The Server address is irc.50Lashes.net - port 6667.
Easy connection instructions --- https://yerl.org/MXqt1 ----

And mibbit now has us listed http://search.mibbit.com/channels/50Lashes
>> No. 1678
anyone can see user IPs and report users. only their bot post. this won't last for long.

anyway go to Tor chats like http://csclonezdiriab5k.onion/ or other textual Tor chats

File 153436832477.jpg - (4.15KB , 200x186 , myhat.jpg )
1575 No. 1575 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Just letting everybody know we got https://180chan.info back and will always be redirecting it to the latest 180chan. Think of it as emergency board #3 besides triforce.forumside.com & lisach.cf/triforce
>> No. 1576
does this mean the triforce is taken down because it doesnt seem to be working at the moment


>> No. 1593
lisach.cf/triforce is redirecting to brchanansdnhvvnm.onion. is that permanent redirection or?


>> No. 1594
>>1593 that redirection is for "/trifore" only, not for entire domain, and it was for lisach.cf site but ..... lolifox.org/triforce is now also redirecting to http://brchanansdnhvvnm.onion/triforce
>> No. 1676
180chan.info does not work for days. is it gone?


File 153764141331.jpg - (171.31KB , 600x826 , garbagecan.jpg )
1673 No. 1673 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
/jb/ - Just Bullshit

File 153600934035.jpg - (113.88KB , 960x1280 , 1.jpg )
1618 No. 1618 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Does anybody have some links to good mega.nz collections? Or maybe telegram channels? Please share.
>> No. 1643
>> No. 1659

Please, somebody, upload these to the clearnet.

File 153492187425.jpg - (17.72KB , 400x264 , encryption-1.jpg )
1592 No. 1592 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Encryption and Decryption

So I have been lurking for a while, not saying shit.
Now is the time.

What is a dictionary size and why does it matter?

Repeatable items are stored in a dictionary and a code is assigned as a substitute.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 1599
interesting subject.......
just 1 thing got my attention
>"No, everything can be decrypted over time and the government can afford a lot more then you when it comes to computational power and time to consume. "

it's not exactly true.....
there IS a format none ever have successfully decrypted and as is or as a quite simple passwordproteected file

the file in particular have been at a university about 20 years to this date
computers have been running 24/7 365 and the computers are very powerful still not even close with brutal force to crack that particular file
this done as a test encouraged by the creator of the encryption program btw
with a simple 4 word password it's by far safer then any zip 7-zip or rar file
want to be absolutely safe when it's about file?
use kremlin encrypt but a small problem may occure if aomeone actually want to try it out
it's not available anymore so for those who have one of the first versions you may say those are quite lucky
btw it's got a feature which will create as safe messages as the files are too
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 1621
too bad you don't have the kremlin install for us.
>> No. 1622
I have a copy of the Kremlin install. Do you need it?

File 151759799613.png - (62.80KB , 800x800 , 800px-Itoopie_svg.png )
939 No. 939 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
So.. can we get a list of "on topic" sites offered on i2p? If they exist? From what I can see a lot is Russian.
>> No. 1443
I've never been able to figure out what this image is even supposed to be.
>> No. 1455
It is someone inspecting you through a magnifying glass and gesturing that you are ok.
>> No. 1615
Looks like someone shitting while smoking pot to me.

File 153569369095.png - (13.35KB , 1132x318 , 153509229132.png )
1612 No. 1612 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Katfile insists that you turn off your VPN before it will allow you to download. That is fucking crazy. MOD - Please look into this security concern, and take appropriate actions.



File 153034662926.jpg - (7.80KB , 308x420 , 152836312779s.jpg )
1429 No. 1429 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hello, I am so thankful I came across this site. However, I've become more and more enamored with the idea of setting up a meeting with one (or several) loli girls. Are there any sites that provide such a service?


>> No. 1431
Never understood why idiots would declare their intent for a sexual meetup on the chat and risk that being taken evidence if it turned out to be a sting operation.

Aside from demanding custom vids etc for verification, if you think you're really talking to a girl say you just wanna meet to hangout in a park or something. When you see she's really an underage girl feel free to rear your predatory head.
>> No. 1610
uhhh stings often use women who look like girls or actual girls. hate to break it to you but unless they engage in actually criminal behavior with a child they can do more or less whatever they want to catch you.
If a young looking cop jumps on your dick they have no case but if they use an actual child and you say one wrong thing they7 have a case.
If you're going to try to meet anon little girls online you have to be 2 things.
1 really smart.
2 really lucky.

File 153326985611.png - (216.01KB , 720x1230 , 20160712_142720.png )
1531 No. 1531 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I am a newbie in thi website and want t learn the safest way to download, for now i only used tor browser
2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1584
Windscribe is great for torrenting, but for this sort of content I'll stick with TOR. VPN's just aren't secure enough to risk your freedom. this site MAY be legal in SOME areas, but even so, you can end up drawing unwanted attention to yourself... that is of course only my opinion.
>> No. 1588

Using a McDonald's wifi is not going to protect you if you do something egregious enough. Almost all McDonald's have cameras and constant recording. The recordings are saved for at least a few months. All LEO have to do is go back over the tapes to see you on the computer there at the time you uploaded or downloaded your CP and with facial recognition, you will be busted in a matter of minutes.

Not to mention the danger of someone seeing what you're doing and reporting it on the spot, which happens from time to time.
>> No. 1589
Yes, most unsafe to use WIFI if you are in the McD or any store with security cameras. However, many of these places have signal that carries outside store and if you live close like 100 meters from store you can connect. Not entirely safe. If LEA types are informed someone is leaching a signal they can set up and triangulate you.
>> No. 1590
Free means they sell your data. The only real and safe free VPN I could recommend is ProtonVPN trial... If not, just use Tor Browser.
There are some "cheap" and good VPN like PrivateInternetAccess or NordVPN.
>> No. 1591
I'm not trying to be a nitpicker here but keep in mind also that there are cameras outside McDonald's and on many street corners as well. The street corner ones are hooked up to automatic license plate reader that keep a national database of license plates and their locations.

Suppose you're parked around the corner from McDonald's using their wifi to download child porn. If the cops know the location and time, it's possible to use their public cameras or other public cameras to track you down.

If you're in a large enough city or town, go look on top of the poles at intersections, you'll most likely see a camera.

In my local area, the police are asking the public to allow them to hook into their private security cameras at homes and business so they can monitor them too. Some people are resisting as it's a privacy issue but many are allowing the police full access to their private cameras too.

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