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/disc/ ~ New places ?
File 15300214939.png - (160.93KB , 700x400 , golden_age.png )
1421 No. 1421
RIP Periscope (2015/2017), it was a golden place but it's gone to dead during the past year with all the bans due to their AI automatically detecting what's happening on a live stream and the difficulty to create a new account for broadcasters. From 50+ wins per day to a couple of flashes if you're lucky enough ..

What are the new places to look for fresh content now ?
>> No. 1426
Try up(.)live Works as both app and website and doesn't seem to ban anyone.
>> No. 1498
But is there anyone running a girls cam list like there used to be one for Periscope?
>> No. 1538
Pls, somebody. Is anybody doing this?

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