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/disc/ ~ Is there any safe and free vpn out there?
File 153326985611.png - (216.01KB , 720x1230 , 20160712_142720.png )
1531 No. 1531
I am a newbie in thi website and want t learn the safest way to download, for now i only used tor browser
>> No. 1545
Yes there is - Live close to a 24hr McDonalds!
I do and I get a good signal and use a wifi booster which has an invisible mode!
>> No. 1560
Windscribe free vpn is good, but hostly TOR is much safer. I recomend using Tails.
>> No. 1584
Windscribe is great for torrenting, but for this sort of content I'll stick with TOR. VPN's just aren't secure enough to risk your freedom. this site MAY be legal in SOME areas, but even so, you can end up drawing unwanted attention to yourself... that is of course only my opinion.
>> No. 1588

Using a McDonald's wifi is not going to protect you if you do something egregious enough. Almost all McDonald's have cameras and constant recording. The recordings are saved for at least a few months. All LEO have to do is go back over the tapes to see you on the computer there at the time you uploaded or downloaded your CP and with facial recognition, you will be busted in a matter of minutes.

Not to mention the danger of someone seeing what you're doing and reporting it on the spot, which happens from time to time.
>> No. 1589
Yes, most unsafe to use WIFI if you are in the McD or any store with security cameras. However, many of these places have signal that carries outside store and if you live close like 100 meters from store you can connect. Not entirely safe. If LEA types are informed someone is leaching a signal they can set up and triangulate you.
>> No. 1590
Free means they sell your data. The only real and safe free VPN I could recommend is ProtonVPN trial... If not, just use Tor Browser.
There are some "cheap" and good VPN like PrivateInternetAccess or NordVPN.
>> No. 1591
I'm not trying to be a nitpicker here but keep in mind also that there are cameras outside McDonald's and on many street corners as well. The street corner ones are hooked up to automatic license plate reader that keep a national database of license plates and their locations.

Suppose you're parked around the corner from McDonald's using their wifi to download child porn. If the cops know the location and time, it's possible to use their public cameras or other public cameras to track you down.

If you're in a large enough city or town, go look on top of the poles at intersections, you'll most likely see a camera.

In my local area, the police are asking the public to allow them to hook into their private security cameras at homes and business so they can monitor them too. Some people are resisting as it's a privacy issue but many are allowing the police full access to their private cameras too.

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