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/disc/ ~ Safety is Paramount
File 153492187425.jpg - (17.72KB , 400x264 , encryption-1.jpg )
1592 No. 1592
Encryption and Decryption

So I have been lurking for a while, not saying shit.
Now is the time.

What is a dictionary size and why does it matter?

Repeatable items are stored in a dictionary and a code is assigned as a substitute.


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 0001 bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb 0002
alsdjl;asjdfkl;asdfjkljj 0003

instead of the whole line it just put the code in its place. The larger the dictionary the more codes it can handle. Normally, when a dictionary becomes full it starts a new one on the fly. When it starts a new one it is blank and new codes are assigned to detected patterns.

Generally, the larger the better to a point. The entire dictionary is held in memory so you need more RAM than the dictionary size.

The dictionary size depends on the compressibility of your data, the number of files, size, and overall size.

Generally, 32mb is more than enough, but if your compressing numerous multi-gig files then a much higher number can be used. Larger dictionaries often make the process slower, but the results in a smaller file.

So why does this matter?

Obviously, a zip file that uses a 32mb dictionary is weaker then a 7z file with 1024mb dictionary.

So I'm protected then?

No, everything can be decrypted over time and the government can afford a lot more then you when it comes to computational power and time to consume.

So what should I do?

Embed a self-destructive mechanism for files that are brute-forcer, failing that, do not distribute. If you still wish to ignore my warning, then distribute but only in the form of 7z with 1024mb dictionary size.

Safe travels
>> No. 1599
interesting subject.......
just 1 thing got my attention
>"No, everything can be decrypted over time and the government can afford a lot more then you when it comes to computational power and time to consume. "

it's not exactly true.....
there IS a format none ever have successfully decrypted and as is or as a quite simple passwordproteected file

the file in particular have been at a university about 20 years to this date
computers have been running 24/7 365 and the computers are very powerful still not even close with brutal force to crack that particular file
this done as a test encouraged by the creator of the encryption program btw
with a simple 4 word password it's by far safer then any zip 7-zip or rar file
want to be absolutely safe when it's about file?
use kremlin encrypt but a small problem may occure if aomeone actually want to try it out
it's not available anymore so for those who have one of the first versions you may say those are quite lucky
btw it's got a feature which will create as safe messages as the files are too

so there's no problems to stay completely safe
if you can actually get the program itself there is
hosts won't accept the extension but that's easy simply use a rar as the container for the file

so to stay safe first of all make sure to get a secure connection then think about what kind of encryption to use plus where those files are posted....

there's even more ways of staying on the safe side but that's another story

i've been lurking around for quite a long time and used to the heaviest encryption methods available as it was a must
time lightened but have been courser again
that's whu i find your thoughts interesting but i'm no tech guy in this particular field......
>> No. 1621
too bad you don't have the kremlin install for us.
>> No. 1622
I have a copy of the Kremlin install. Do you need it?

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