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/disc/ ~ I like Nude and NonNude of LG's but not porn
File 153561750253.jpg - (326.48KB , 1000x1400 , 153452544270.jpg )
1609 No. 1609
Am I unusual? Am I alone?

I love non nude pics and nude pics of LG's. Perfect age is 11. The beauty is awe inspiring. It's the perfect rendition of female beauty. Perfect age, such cute personalities, love being around them, admiring them. Love their beauty and have a collection of over 4 TB of pics and videos. I support all the non nude teen and preteen studios and buy their sets. I fully support the NN community. People have to be nuts to not see the beauty in LG's.

But I'm not interested in CP. Child porn. I see some hard core CP on here and I never download it or view it. It just doesn't interest me.

And when I think of LG's I don't think sexually or get a hard on. I just love their beauty. Like a painting, sculpture or work of art.

I guess this is good as I don't have to worry about getting caught with CP or trading it. I only collect legal NN pics or legal nude pics. Although I do take the necessary precautions when online and encrypting my collection. I'm well aware that they would bust me just for having these, so I'm just as careful as I would be if I downloaded and collected CP.

Any others like me?


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>> No. 1931
me too.can u share your picture,please?
>> No. 1932
File 153982097722.jpg - (685.85KB , 2000x3000 , Lgh_414_05024_jpg.jpg )
TURNING TROLL MODE OFF temporarily, honest opinion incoming:

>Am I unusual? Am I alone?
probably not
>Perfect age is 11
perfect age is 5
>love being around them
it's ok to be near little girls, but touching them is not ok
>over 4 TB
i've more
>studios and buy their sets
i don't buy anymore, because i don't have money
this world is stupid if you need something you don't have to show your appreciation
>NN community. People have to be nuts to not see the beauty in LG's.
they don't need to be models to show their beauty, being a pedo means you love little girls, not just some flashy studio production
>It just doesn't interest me
doesn't interest me neither, but if the girl is cute you might want to see what's happening in the video
>And when I think of LG's I don't think sexually or get a hard on.
>Like a painting, sculpture or work of art.
SO YOU'RE AN ARTIST? I knew it, you don't really care about little girls in any other way than seeing them as an art.
>I only collect legal NN pics or legal nude pics.
I like these too, but I also like less interesting material, like boring fully clothed family pics of little girls, because I'm a pedo and love to love little girls, if you don't like something like that, are you even a pedo, they turn me on
>> No. 2419
You've got me on your side, man!

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