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/disc/ ~ IRC network 50Lashes.net
File 153780350838.jpg - (229.60KB , 960x1280 , 2qrpP.jpg )
1677 No. 1677
If you enjoy IRC networks, try the new 50Lashes network.

50Lashes is safer than undernet, with SSL connection, it has nickname registration and offers Vhost to hide your ip host.
NO underage restrictions!! We are pedo friendly!

The Server address is irc.50Lashes.net - port 6667.
Easy connection instructions --- https://yerl.org/MXqt1 ----

And mibbit now has us listed http://search.mibbit.com/channels/50Lashes
>> No. 1678
anyone can see user IPs and report users. only their bot post. this won't last for long.

anyway go to Tor chats like http://csclonezdiriab5k.onion/ or other textual Tor chats

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