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/disc/ ~ Looking for this little
File 152714751545.jpg - (419.21KB , 1034x611 , Katerina.jpg )
1765 No. 1765
I love this vid of Katerina.
Found another one of hers but very
low quality.
Do you gentleman have more of her?
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>> No. 1766
>> No. 1767
This beautiful girl became very popular in the latino's normie world last year. Apparently someone leaked this video on facebook and everyone were asking for it.

It caused commotion because the little girl looked like she was enjoying it(she was indeed enjoying it) and many teenagers were amazed by that fact.
>> No. 1768
Leaked on facebook? Must have been taken down from the net. Is there chance any other vid survive?

Yes she is very cute and she enjoy it (which is why i like it).
>> No. 1769
IMO she's not enjoying, if you look more closely, she starts pretending yo be enjoying when she realizes the camera is on her face.
>> No. 1770
>> No. 1771
Does anyone have the full version?
>> No. 1772
>>26144 Does anyone have the full version?
>> No. 1773
Quiero follarla con Ricas tan sexy
>> No. 1774
Bump for full version
>> No. 1775
she is awesome
>> No. 1779
File 153716826013.jpg - (95.49KB , 730x694 , 090.jpg )
There seems to be quite a bit of latinos here. That's all good and well but could you please stop bumping to death threads featuring dark ugly malnutrition poor fat latino children? Let's focus on what we all agree is beautiful. Slender, clean, cute white girls.
>> No. 1780

Latinos are cheaper, even free if fearing deportation.

What a wonderful situation Trump has created for us.
>> No. 1781

As a latino in MS-13, I agree. Also, no girls with big foreheads.
>> No. 1782
You can either be a pedophile or a racist.

Fucking pick one.
>> No. 1783
To me he doesn't seem to be a pedo at all, just a racist, big time.
>> No. 1784
i'm a pedo and this is what i like:
-3-9½ yo girls
-not fat, little bit of baby fat is ok
-white, asian, latin is ok, black is only ok if she looks like an angel (if that makes any sense)
-her face is the most important part, kid-like and cute faces always win
-delicious flat chest is the most important part, also no pubic hair at all
-girly hairstyle and clothes (like princess dress) is always a win

here's what i dream of (as a pedo):
-tongue kissing (long sessions, not just some 10 seconds)
-anal while she's sitting on my lap (and tongue kissing)
-licking ice cream on her face and mouth (and tongue kissing right after)

if the little girl is tongue kissable she is OK
>> No. 1786
do your fellow gang members know about your viewing child porn?
>> No. 1787
Noticed everyone is into anal these days.
May I ask why? To me it's so gross and unnatural, plus painful for girl and may cause serious injuries.
Isn't it better to prepare her for full vaginal sex? Even going with the tip of your head still feels amazing and can make you ejaculate.
Girls aged 5+ can be prepared and actually enjoy it if done right.
>> No. 1788
Can someone please share the video
>> No. 1789
where's that girl from? She looks like mexican
>> No. 1790
>> No. 1791
>> No. 1793
>> No. 1794
Why do you care? She's Mexican, she dug a tunnel under Trump's wacko border wall.

We need to be more concerned about the Canadian border. The left-wing hippies in Washington State are too stoned to stop the Canuck hordes that will one day stream across the border. God help us when that happens.
>> No. 1795
yes, and fucking five year olds vaginally is perfectly natural. hypocrit. ever heard of YKINMK?
>> No. 1796
File 153834391426.jpg - (125.59KB , 900x846 , Canadian Flag.jpg )
Hey I am Canadian.
And you think WE are your problem????
Stupid hosers eh?
Lets compare our leader to yours:
Our leader is young, smart, well spoken, progressive, a gentleman and statesman of the highest honor. He is well liked by his people and internationally.
NOW, your leader idiot Trump is the opposite of all the things our leader is. How can anyone like that orange gorilla I dont get the USA. Whats WRONG with you????
>> No. 1797

Your "leader" is a Pajama-Boy-Pussy-Fucktard.

He's also Fidel Castro's bastard son, his mother being a notorious whore and drug smuggler.

Justin is a little boy who has no idea of what they fuck he's doing.

And he's about to get flushed into history by Doug Ford's brother.

and I'm going to laugh my ass off when that happens.
>> No. 1798
File 153834484010.jpg - (379.17KB , 1000x750 , 0202trudeau.jpg )
Ahh the retard rantings of a right-winger. LOL
Canada has all the qualities that the U.S. wishes it had. Yes, there are millions of people in the states, but there are BILLIONS of people that DON'T think America is the center of the world or the president is 'the leader of the free world." And dummies like you are the product of a stupid nation.
BTW Trudeau rocks.FY
>> No. 1799

MY LEADER (Donald Trump) is destroying our American economy with no sense sanctions against Chinese products, and now said he is going to impose a naval blockade on Russia until Russians have no alternative remaining as to shoot all their Nuclear missiles and destroy the world. My leader bought land in YOUR CANADIAN NORTH to build a whole underground complex for him and his family and just took there a cargo of 200 contraband little Ukrainian children, as my leader likes to fuck them, then disembowel them alive and eat their little hearts while still beating. My leader (Trump) will see all of us 7 billion morons DEAD in a nuclear war, while he chills raping and killing little kids in his underground bunker and laughs at us all. So, that make my leader (Trump) WAY MUCH COOLER than yours as he will be the guy that destroyed this planet and the whole humankind! How is that for you Canadian, huh?
>> No. 1800
File 153834851121.jpg - (55.40KB , 620x465 , tinfoil hat 1.jpg )
The tinfoil is strong with this one.
>> No. 1801
File 153835040358.jpg - (83.91KB , 1008x588 , 1*08CQji4SPl5Scx89pZ2-kA.jpg )
Wow something to be proud of!!!
Yes your stupid leader will fry the U.S.A . as he has been doing by pissing off all his allies:FBI,CIA, Military, all allied countries, and kissing on the mouth the biggest assholes on the planet: Kim Jong Il and Poutine.
Nice goin America!
You got anything better?
You BORE me.
>> No. 1802
I wasn't dumping on Canadians, I was dumping on Trump's stupid fucking border wall by advocating building a wall along a friendly border. Please read before you comment instead of having a knee-jerk reaction.
>> No. 1803
>> No. 1805
But that's the typical liberal response. They aren't capable of rational thoughts and are incapable of seeing humor. Its ALL knee-jerk emotional over reactions from liberals.

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