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/disc/ ~ African tribal girls
File 153205236422.png - (472.12KB , 480x854 , Screenshot_20180719-200538.png )
1806 No. 1806
There's a group of three African tribal girls showing ass etc and I haven't seen the pic set in years this is the one pics I found here can anyone else contribute more pics.
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>> No. 1807
Pussy is good, but the face is ugly
>> No. 1809
Shuddup you racist, her face is pretty cute even if not showing well. Post little black girls fucking by huge white cock! lol
>> No. 1811
Oh jeez. Niglets all look the same.
If I hadn't seen the pussy, I would assume it was a male, and it could be 10 or 40, I have no clue.
>> No. 1812
She's got a perfect body, and a wonderful mouth ...
>> No. 1813
Muhammad Ali before his sex change operation?
>> No. 1815
damn I cant believe you guys getting off on this ugly moon cricket
>> No. 1816
gaaawd damn...what a dog....you all must be desperate!
>> No. 1817
Ha! Limp dicks don't know what to do with pussy! I'd nail her in a second. Hot body and looks like she'd throw a great fuck. Piss off, racist pussies!
>> No. 1820
Looks more like a cheesy game walk thru.
>> No. 1821
File 153295463026.jpg - (126.47KB , 610x406 , UN-Peacekeepers.jpg )
If that's your style you can easily get it in Central Africa, South Sudan, Kenya, Haiti, etc

Translation notes:
Child sexual abuse = child prostitution
Child abuser = customer
Child victim = young slut
>> No. 1823

I don't hate my dick, never gonna waste it in some diseased fifth-world cesspool African majority place like Brazil, Haiti or Africa.
>> No. 1826
... Philadelphia, Detroit, Washington DC ... yeah, why travel. You can get it in the US.
>> No. 1827

You forgot Washington DC...
>> No. 1829
File 153305968014.jpg - (1.41MB , 1835x4175 , ang_180016.jpg )
Don't include Brazil on that list. There are some very nice places in Brazil with very hot blonde girls. Florianopolis for example. Angelica is from this region. Pic related
>> No. 1832
Why the Brazilian monkey "I am white please love me, American, as I am Brazilian and have no honor, pride or dignity and my only goal in life is to humiliate myself and suck my American overlords' balls" text was republished and the guy criticizing him was not?
All Brazilians ARE DESCENDANTS OF AFRICANS, even the ones that look white! Brazil is THE FIRST COUNTRY IN CRIME! Brazil is the LAST COUNTRY IN PISA TEST SCORES! Brazil is the LAST COUNTRY IN LITERACY! Wherever city Brazilians immigrate to becomes A CESSPOOL OF CRIME, DRUGS AND HOMOSEXUALITY as all Brazilians are little sissy, cuckold, homosexuals that will do anything to please US, AMERICANS! Brazilians are the root of all problems in the world. Just prohibit Brazilians of immigrate, lock their country and nuke all those 200 million monkeys out of the planet and the world will be a better place. I am American and every time I been to Brazil I just have to show my US passport that Brazilians will begin to humiliate themselves and try to lick my balls, ask me to piss on their faces. Brazilians have no dignity and are not human.
>> No. 1833
useless comment.
>> No. 1834
Poor disgusting worm, just another ignorant that doesn't know that AMERICA it's a continent and not only the USA and ALL the people whether Black or white who have been born in this continent ALL OF THEM are AMERICANS.You must be just another offspring of some outlaw syphilitic British Man who came to AMERICA looking for not starving in England. I'm not Brazilian, nor do I like the way they are as well, but one thing is that you do not like something and another is to show your Supreme Ignorance, hate and racism just like that, without consequences...Oh no... my confederate and redneck friend,I bet you whatever you want that I am WHITER than you but with a BIG difference, I am NOT an ignorant, full of hate who usually runs with a white sheet on his head and prays to DAVID DUKE and, to continue the white supremacy he fucks his own daughters, as most of peasant beast like you do in the USA with the excuse of maintaining the purity of the white race.
>> No. 1835
American idiots Brazil is a country of white people, Americans are going to eat their trash at MC donalds
>> No. 1836
File 153837038334.jpg - (636.21KB , 3543x2362 , sbtorcida_wr_30062013003.jpg )
>> No. 2061
who fucking cares
>> No. 2067


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