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/disc/ ~ Passwords neded for these files please
File 151994874693.jpg - (87.51KB , 620x413 , password.jpg )
1840 No. 1840
I am looking for passwords for the following files:
1st Studio -1.7z

Any help is appreciated
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>> No. 1841
Did you try 144chan bro,if not work let me kkmo
>> No. 1842
Pass: xjGOi7
>> No. 1843
pass for ExtPlayMod.7z

>> No. 1844
yes I did, thanks


Thanks much!
>> No. 1845
Did you try 1 2 3 4 5?
>> No. 1846
that doesn't seemto work.

I am still looking for passwords for these files:
1st Studio -1.7z

thanks for the help!
>> No. 1847
ahhh 7z too easy
>> No. 1848
Occassionally I accidentally download a 7z file.
It used to be a problem opening them, now I just delete the fuckers.
>> No. 1849
I don't have issues with 7z files like some people seem to be having, it's the passwords, I had them written on a text file but didn't save it, and my computer rebooted and i lost the list, and I have been searching all over the site for these files
>> No. 1850
chan after fuced up chan
thread after fucked up thread
there's 7z. WHY? why don't you 7zfags get a life?
>> No. 1851
File 152001761878.jpg - (272.50KB , 1000x1500 , 002.jpg )
I had a few sets I downloaded of Miss Alli then could not find the place I downloaded them because they took so long to download and I tried DELETED.net and it worked also has worked for a few others.
>> No. 1852
another shekeleering site
>> No. 1853
you are brilliant, I can tell
>> No. 1854
Easy there SCOOTER,did you come out of the womb
>> No. 1855
Password for a file posted here on March 1 I think - traffic.rar - which is 182 MB
Sorry I can't help with pswd's for the files you have. Download took so long I lost post from browsing.
>> No. 1856
YEWDHXVl.7z xjGOi7
xRjeewEF.7z D3tDtH
>> No. 1857
File 152003015190.png - (68.13KB , 241x221 , PwdMGMT.png )
I used to lose passwords ALOT! I would DL files and completely lose track of PW while surfing. Now I screenshot the PW, copy/paste the PWD to rename the Screenshot. Then put the PW,screenshot over the file or group of files being DL'ed. Example in photo. It takes seconds, then I can move on and UnRAR/unzip everything later.

If anyone has a better method, I'd like to know.
>> No. 1858
BTW, sorry VKv77, I used a file of yours for and example. You are the holy grail standard for file uploaders. This method works well for ridiculously long/complicated PWs as well.
>> No. 1859
I advise you to immediately unpack the files at the right place after downloading :)
>> No. 1860
>I advise you to immediately unpack the files at the right place after downloading :)

I unpack and put them in a temp folder, then put them on a remote HHD later. Yea, my shit's a bit unorganized, but I'm not a collector... and I can find my stuff pretty well. I do have trouble with organizing single girls, or ones with unknown agencies...
>> No. 1861
That's the usual plan, but with slow downloads of sometimes large files then it can get a bit crazy


I am still looking for passwords for these files:
1st Studio -1.7z
>> No. 1862
File 152005722092.jpg - (6.75KB , 300x168 , download.jpg )
METOO...........just do that or u will have 100dreds of .rar 7z around..........just saying
>> No. 1863
7zip works fine for me maybe it not work for tor users
>> No. 1864
when i download a file i copy the filename and password to a txt file and save it everytime
>> No. 1865

some 7z files wont open in Tails/linux (you get an error msg) maybe they are created with a windows version of 7zip, but when i switch to windows it open very well with winrar
>> No. 1866
File 152006445190.jpg - (869.42KB , 5616x3744 , FashionLandAgency-00161.jpg )

This is a new set of Fashion Land?
I saw several posts with different passwords, try "FL"
or download again
>> No. 1867
Thank you!
>> No. 1868
Many linux distibutions do not have 7z or rar file handing included as standard. So...Using a basic Terminal app -

To Install p7zip to unzip *.7z files on Fedora

# yum install p7zip

To Install p7zip to unzip *.7z files on Debian and Ubuntu

$ sudo apt-get install p7zip

May then have to restart - job done.
>> No. 1870
Password: D3tDtH
>> No. 1871
>> No. 1872
I have pw 155chan for MG3.RAR - try that
>> No. 2003
those paraniods should go to hell instead of freaking good peopleith their paranoia

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