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/disc/ ~ Suggestion for all chan's
File 153911382754.jpg - (615.58KB , 1920x1080 , vt.jpg )
1894 No. 1894
In all chan's mostly in the 180 i see a extreme offers of NN pics and vids mixed with the nudes.
It is extremly boring for user who dont search for NN to scroll endles this offers, hour after hour to find what they lookfor. Thats why i suggest to create NN (No Nude) Categorys in all chans or NNCG for the sponsored offers and NNMIR for the free ofers to separate them.
I dont know what are the searching statistiks here but i think the most users dont search for NN what we see allday long on the streets or on the beach, so please think about it to made us the life a litle easy in the search and requests.

Thank You!
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>> No. 1911
File 153948672344.jpg - (285.55KB , 1296x972 , Lgh_199_06036.jpg )
>what we see allday long on the streets or on the beach

I don't see any girls outside, I live in the middle of forest and can't use my legs.

So I want to see some cute NN girls too.

Unless you know some girl delivery services who can bring a girl to my house?

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