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/disc/ ~ Retarded?
File 153928530428.jpg - (6.39KB , 250x167 , th.jpg )
1902 No. 1902
Is President Trump retarded? Retarded people fixate on ludicrous things such as Twitter.
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>> No. 1903
File 153928663290.jpg - (41.19KB , 696x465 , ceausescu-trump-696x465.jpg )
they are both related?

Ceausescu & Trump :-))))
>> No. 1904
But I thought that he was a self-proclaimed genius. However, retardation would explain so much.
>> No. 1905
Yes! Ceauseschu was a self proclamed idiot but idioty has no frontier, equal if its self proclamed or born in. :-)))))
>> No. 1914
File 153954072118.jpg - (73.74KB , 366x600 , bs04.jpg )
He built a 40 billion real estate empire from 1 million dollars and he's now the President of the United States. Meanwhile, you're flipping burgers at McDonald's and calling him retarded.

>> No. 1915
money doesn't matter at all
but being a president yes, but then again, it's because people VOTED for him
>> No. 1916

Actually, he didn't. He got BANKRUPT a couple times and got PLENTY OF GOVERNMENT BAILOUTS with our taxpayer money.
He is not a capitalist, he is just A COMMIE CLEPTOCRAT that was never able to get rich with his own wits, smarts and guts, and had to be bailed out by his daddy, by us, taxpayers, and many other real BUSINESSMEN AND WORKING PEOPLE, like the little gay JEWISH-COCKSUCKER he is.

You Trumpers must be careful. There are plenty of Military Veterans like me, NRA CARD CARRYING MEMBERS, ASSAULT RIFLE OWNERS like me that hate your god, Trump, and your sect of homo-gay-faggot subhumans that follow him.
I may be your neighbor, you don't know. The guy with the confederate flag sticker on his truck that you THINK is another retarded gay trumper like you.
But I may be just watching you and your family. Then one day I may knock at your door, and just go and disembowel your family and pets in front of you, before I cut your head and stick it up your gay Trumper ass.
There are thousands like me and we going to make America free again, by exterminating all Trumpers and Democrats.
We got guns too, and shoot better than you do.
Never sleep again and always look over your shoulder because one of us may be just behind you and ready to send you to hell to lick Trump's gay shithole there.
>> No. 1928
File 153971133932.jpg - (52.04KB , 640x676 , delicate_liberal_snowflakes_emory_university_writi.jpg )
Yes, he did.

He started out with 1 million dollars and is now worth over 40 billion. That is a FACT. Whether he went bankrupt or legally avoided taxes or got bailouts is not relevant to the fact that he is a brilliant businessman and very smart. Almost all entrepreneurs go bankrupt a few times in their careers and avoiding taxes and using government programs is very common in commercial real estate. But you don't know that because you're an idiot in your mom's basement repeating shit you've heard on CNN

FACT: He started out with 1 million and now is worth over 40 billion

FACT: He is the President of the United States

FACT: His popularity is higher than Obama's was at this point and time in their Presidencies.


Does that sound like a stupid or retarded person to you?

In my opinion you are seething with jealousy. He's a self made Alpha male with a hot wife and his handling of the U.S. economy is brilliant. Not only will he be re-elected but Pence will do 8 years after him.

Liberals and snowflakes are over in the U.S. People have had enough of your failed policies, programs and regulations.

Go to your safe space and play with crayons.
>> No. 1946
He's not retarded, he's just an egomaniac and a shameless liar. A disgrace and embarrassment to my country.
>> No. 1947
He plays to the mouth breathers. (uneducated racists) The only concern Donald Trump has is Donald Trump. He needs to feed that ego. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool. A dolt. That is FACT for anyone with a shred of intelligence.

He doesn't care about the average person trying to get by, he cares only about Donald Trump. He lies constantly. It's all about his low IQ base, which he does rallies for regularly to again feed that ego. The man is a national disgrace and embarrassment. He has no feeling..no soul. It's a mystery to me why so many support that disgusting pig.

>> No. 1950
@1928 - Obama, 2 years into his Presidency: 46.5% Approval
Trump, 2 years into his Presidency: 44% Approval. Not higher like you said. You lie just like Dum Dum.
>> No. 1954
FACT: Trump SAID he started with $1 million and is now worth $40 Billion. In fact, he received hundreds of millions of $$ from his father (look it up) Apparently, you believe ANYTHING Trump says.

FACT: Obama's disapproval rating was NEVER over 50% during his entire first term, and Trumps disapproval rating has NEVER been under 50%. Look it up.
And you apparently believe that adding $1 TRILLION to the deficit every year is brilliant.
Wanna buy a bridge?

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