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/disc/ ~ Any Tips on how to penetrate a 9 year old pussy?
File 153520876662.jpg - (1.91MB , 2448x3264 , IMG_20180814_093358.jpg )
2014 No. 2014
without breaking her hymen or causing pain
>> No. 2015
Dafuk is that?
>> No. 2016
This doesn't look like a 9 year old pussy
>> No. 2017
Yeah I just used some random pic from google cause it wouldn't let me post otherwise
>> No. 2018
lol, That's like drinking a soda without removing the lid. Back to anatomy class, or were you taking woodshop and smoking pot behind the school?
Man, there be some dumb people on this planet.
>> No. 2019
he might own an old cat. looks like a cat person
>> No. 2020
>> No. 2021
i saw a pic set of a man fucking a kitten. dont think the kitten survived. luckily my memory of the pics didnt survive.
>> No. 2023
Hey mods, got my answer... how to delete this post so that it doesn't waste precious storage?

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