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/disc/ ~ daughter or son
File 15434941049.png - (737.09KB , 812x594 , cute.png )
2040 No. 2040
would you rather have sex with your daughter or your son?
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>> No. 2043
what question is that even?

just look at that boy, ugly as Avery...
>> No. 2047
File 154366840159.jpg - (125.11KB , 1536x2048 , 34340922_10204564890358588_1110953802904633344_o.jpg )
I had sex with her when she was 5 and 6
>> No. 2053
did you cum inside her? hope you did
>> No. 2185
I had sex with my daughter when she was 9
>> No. 2186
I had sex with my daughter when she was 9
>> No. 2187
I think sex with your kids is great parents mom's and dad's should experience there children sexually if so desired i personally had sex with my daughter i don't have a son but if i did I'd definitely fuck him really young. Please do what you are into if that's children i say do it and enjoy.
>> No. 2188
10yo son is a bedwetter and wears diapers at home. Sometimes I can't resist and rub my dick between his ass and the diaper. Wish I had a daughter...
>> No. 2189
Had sex with my daughter since she was 12. Now she is spending a year abroad...miss her like hell
>> No. 2193
God miss sticking my thick pedo prick in all of hayles holes
>> No. 2204
I'd like to fuck her
>> No. 2244
My daughter just turned 11 and I desperately want her pussy. She is fine with me touching and fingering her, but she's afraid of my dick.
>> No. 2287
I currently don't have kids. I would like to have a daughter to fuck but that's something I can't control, unless we decide to adopt a little girl. However a boy would be ok too.
>> No. 2308
I want to have both you hot son and SEXY lil daughter get naked together as I am so fucking greedy when there's any children at all,age,sex is very much the same for this Proud PEDO DADDY..
>> No. 2309
File 154797122449.jpg - (1.92MB , 3264x2448 , image.jpg )
Any peso daddy that's molestered his own daughter will agree that her life as our property for ever to own.,lick,fuck,suck,rape and share for other pedophiles to fuck! I can never let her escape now 💓
>> No. 2318
Why do the pages keep going blank on me?
>> No. 2319
My dau is a lesbian. And loves young girls, too. Really great, she makes friends with them and we have sex with them together
>> No. 2331
you are a property for anyone who like to have all the fun as possible with.....
cause you're nothing then an object which should have been extinct since eons
a girl a property NO but YOU are just a miserable loser who can't control your own life so that's why you'll have to take out your frustration on a girl
your a disgrace to mankind a disgusting kind of lifeform
please die asap cause you're not worth to be alive
>> No. 2345
File 154888426640.jpg - (161.12KB , 546x354 , boys_sofa.jpg )
Don't have a daughter, but I just blew a full load into my older son's diaper while he was watching TV
>> No. 2346
Nothing wrong with that, when their young they all look cute. Wish you could see how your pst made me hard! :) 8====>
I assume he has a cute butt too? how old?
>> No. 2347
Sweet & lovely!
Come to the boy section and share your stories with your fellow brothers. https://144chan.pk/boy/
>> No. 2446
File 154965802737.jpg - (151.51KB , 523x353 , bobby_bed.jpg )
The older is almost 5yo the younger 3yo. They think it's funny when I rub myself against their butts, but the little one doesn't like cum in his diaper. The older doesn't mind, he sometimes even goes to bed with the diaper I blew into.
>> No. 2448
They're adorable for sure! If you ever want to chat and stroke together, hit me up on wickr.
>> No. 2457
That sounds incredibly hot! Tell us more! Do you really fuck them or just rub yourself? You take off the diaper when you do it?
>> No. 2461
ty, to darn cute! If you have wickr and would love to have a likeminded chat message me.
>> No. 2486
File 155045838986.jpg - (80.46KB , 528x720 , My Sexy Daughter.jpg )
>> No. 2487
Unattractive. Would not fuck.
>> No. 2489
Are you active with them?

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