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/disc/ ~ daughter or son
File 15434941049.png - (737.09KB , 812x594 , cute.png )
2040 No. 2040
would you rather have sex with your daughter or your son?
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>> No. 2043
what question is that even?

just look at that boy, ugly as Avery...
>> No. 2047
File 154366840159.jpg - (125.11KB , 1536x2048 , 34340922_10204564890358588_1110953802904633344_o.jpg )
I had sex with her when she was 5 and 6
>> No. 2053
did you cum inside her? hope you did
>> No. 2185
I had sex with my daughter when she was 9
>> No. 2186
I had sex with my daughter when she was 9
>> No. 2187
I think sex with your kids is great parents mom's and dad's should experience there children sexually if so desired i personally had sex with my daughter i don't have a son but if i did I'd definitely fuck him really young. Please do what you are into if that's children i say do it and enjoy.
>> No. 2188
10yo son is a bedwetter and wears diapers at home. Sometimes I can't resist and rub my dick between his ass and the diaper. Wish I had a daughter...
>> No. 2189
Had sex with my daughter since she was 12. Now she is spending a year abroad...miss her like hell
>> No. 2193
God miss sticking my thick pedo prick in all of hayles holes
>> No. 2204
I'd like to fuck her
>> No. 2244
My daughter just turned 11 and I desperately want her pussy. She is fine with me touching and fingering her, but she's afraid of my dick.
>> No. 2287
I currently don't have kids. I would like to have a daughter to fuck but that's something I can't control, unless we decide to adopt a little girl. However a boy would be ok too.
>> No. 2308
I want to have both you hot son and SEXY lil daughter get naked together as I am so fucking greedy when there's any children at all,age,sex is very much the same for this Proud PEDO DADDY..
>> No. 2309
File 154797122449.jpg - (1.92MB , 3264x2448 , image.jpg )
Any peso daddy that's molestered his own daughter will agree that her life as our property for ever to own.,lick,fuck,suck,rape and share for other pedophiles to fuck! I can never let her escape now 💓
>> No. 2318
Why do the pages keep going blank on me?
>> No. 2319
My dau is a lesbian. And loves young girls, too. Really great, she makes friends with them and we have sex with them together
>> No. 2331
you are a property for anyone who like to have all the fun as possible with.....
cause you're nothing then an object which should have been extinct since eons
a girl a property NO but YOU are just a miserable loser who can't control your own life so that's why you'll have to take out your frustration on a girl
your a disgrace to mankind a disgusting kind of lifeform
please die asap cause you're not worth to be alive
>> No. 2345
File 154888426640.jpg - (161.12KB , 546x354 , boys_sofa.jpg )
Don't have a daughter, but I just blew a full load into my older son's diaper while he was watching TV
>> No. 2346
Nothing wrong with that, when their young they all look cute. Wish you could see how your pst made me hard! :) 8====>
I assume he has a cute butt too? how old?
>> No. 2347
Sweet & lovely!
Come to the boy section and share your stories with your fellow brothers. https://144chan.pk/boy/
>> No. 2446
File 154965802737.jpg - (151.51KB , 523x353 , bobby_bed.jpg )
The older is almost 5yo the younger 3yo. They think it's funny when I rub myself against their butts, but the little one doesn't like cum in his diaper. The older doesn't mind, he sometimes even goes to bed with the diaper I blew into.
>> No. 2448
They're adorable for sure! If you ever want to chat and stroke together, hit me up on wickr.
>> No. 2457
That sounds incredibly hot! Tell us more! Do you really fuck them or just rub yourself? You take off the diaper when you do it?
>> No. 2461
ty, to darn cute! If you have wickr and would love to have a likeminded chat message me.
>> No. 2486
File 155045838986.jpg - (80.46KB , 528x720 , My Sexy Daughter.jpg )
>> No. 2487
Unattractive. Would not fuck.
>> No. 2489
Are you active with them?
>> No. 2495
Where is the guy with the diapers? Want to hear more!
>> No. 2496
Sadly :(.... I believe that the diaper guy is not real.
>> No. 2509
File 155096027025.jpg - (784.16KB , 1110x1173 , tommy_bed.jpg )
I just rub myself, too afraid to hurt them. When you open the diaper just on one side and leave it on, you can slip your dick in from behind and 'fuck' between the diaper and the sweet little butt. Grab them in the crotch and rub their little tips through the diaper so they also have fun.
After being done, I just close the diaper again. Though the younger doesn't like to have the cum diaper on very long.
>> No. 2510
Oh please, I've seen these exact pics on IMGSRC awhile ago. Stop with the fakery.
>> No. 2511
Well the best way to prove that it is to post a "Proof of Real" photo. Just write 144chan and todays date on a piece of paper and include it in the photo. That is the old tried & true method!
>> No. 2512
The old and proven method. Just cry "fake", demand "proof", track and arrest. You guys are so stupid it even hurts the poor police officer monitoring these boards. But since most of you are stupid retards, why don't you just use your credit card on our honey pots? No worries, you won't have to buy a taxi, we'll fetch you at home and have cosy, decent single room apartments for each and everyone of you retards at a jail in your county.
>> No. 2515
Nice attempt to discredit a tried & tested method, you failed! You people crack me up. If they have already posted pics. Adding a note that says 144 + date to the next photo doesn't do any more for tracking shit!

Nice counter operative tactic though, but you FAIL! With just a simple examination of your illogical banter, your hypothesis crumbles like a house of cards in a hurricane.

Proof of Real is a great way to weed out fakes, and always will be!

>> No. 2519
I’d rather see those two fuck
>> No. 2533
No wonder nobody wants to fuck you retards. You can't even just fap without starting to act like a retarded nazi arguing who is the purest. The Fuehrer would be ashamed. Boylovers, diaper fags and nazis...what a pitiful masterrace.
>> No. 2540
File 155154394976.jpg - (61.03KB , 258x315 , Alert1.jpg )
what that mean?

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