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File 15435958595.png - (368.43KB , 557x351 , Screen-Shot-2018.png )
2044 No. 2044

did someone see pic or vid? arrested for posting at 144chan :(
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>> No. 2049
File 154372532027.jpg - (38.75KB , 200x200 , ProtectYourselfOnlineLogo.jpg )
Shows how important using a VPN is.
>> No. 2050
File 154375210078.jpg - (4.85KB , 220x204 , myhat.jpg )
He wasn't arrested "for posting on 144chan". He was arrested because unique house furniture was depicted on images allegedly uploaded to 144chan, along with messages indicating he was abusing (by feminist definition) the children.

The article exactly says messages and images on 144chan "sparked an investigation at Clark’s home on East Chester Street. Some of the room decor, bedding and clothing depicted in the images that were uploaded on “144 Chan” message forum were located at that residence”.

This is how Masha Allen's father and many others got caught, through LEA identifying the furniture style in their images which can easily indicate your state or the specific school where girls attended etc. Brianna's father town was identified by a local badge on his trash box.

The article is from July so we might have deleted said images months ago, or the article may not be accurate and the images may have been simply linked from here, or the images may have been legal but his messages were indicating foul play. Anyway the issue isn't technical opsec here. Had he done the same on the darkweb using 3 VPNs and 6 Tors he would've still gotten caught through furniture clues.
>> No. 2102
File 154463148070.jpg - (199.09KB , 1152x1728 , Charity-34-053.jpg )
After the Jackson Police Department received a tip from Canadian police, they arrested James Edward Clark. He appeared Wednesday in Jackson City Court.

“Images of child pornography and messages confirming sexual abuse of two children, ages one and four, were being uploaded to a message forum,” City Court Judge Blake Anderson read from the police report.

This sparked an investigation at Clark’s home on East Chester Street.

“Some of the room decor, bedding and clothing depicted in the images that were uploaded on “144 Chan” message forum were located at that residence,” Judge Anderson read.


The Canadian police located him and then contacted the Jackson police who went to his home and then matched up his room decor, clothing, and background.

His home and identity was not determined by analyzing his furniture and background in the picture. The background only confirmed they had the right place.

The article does not say how the Canadian police located him.

This leads me to believe that they got his IP from this chan. Most likely, they subpoenaed the host and obtained it that way. He was not using a VPN or he was using a shitty one.
>> No. 2104
File 154463254864.jpg - (4.85KB , 220x204 , myhat.jpg )
Very unlikely. Our host doesn't normally have direct access to the server. And if we go down that extreme assumption, even if they got the whole database they can't access the hashed and salted IPs without an admin password. Plus nothing in the article says anything about subpoenaing hosts, you just pulled that out of your behind.

The more likely explanation, which conforms to the story itself, is that his furniture contained clues to him being a resident of Jackson. From there it was easy for the local police to find out who he was.

How did I know? Because the Canadian police has no jurisdiction on the whole case. The guy isn't Canadian and our servers were never in Canada. So the fact that they located him first and then contacted the Yankees, especially with the lack of mentioning of any other international police force in the story, shows they didn't need subpoenas to figure out his city.
>> No. 2105
File 15446332302.jpg - (75.79KB , 1080x1350 , 24838618_135149157151664_6853085384121778176_n.jpg )
I still disagree that his background furniture revealed his location. It only confirmed the location after the Jackson police identified him.

Whether the Canadian police had jurisdiction is not relevant in the initial stage of the investigation, that's why they turned the information over to the Jackson police who had jurisdiction.

You see, some cop in Canada is visiting this forum and sees child porn. He has no idea where the perpetrator lives. But since he is accessing the child porn in Canada, he can subpoena the site to determine the location of the offender. Once he does that and finds out that he doesn't have jurisdiction, then he turns it over to the authority who does. Which is exactly what happened in this case.

This happens all the time with law enforcement.
>> No. 2107
Full set please.
>> No. 2120
Ask LEA why they don’t close these sites down. And the onion sites that have been up for years. Useless or complicit?



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