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/disc/ ~ Tokyo
File 154494446889.jpg - (140.49KB , 593x892 , Tokyo_Montage_2015.jpg )
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where would you go if you were visiting Tokyo?
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File 154770029116.jpg - (142.47KB , 860x1250 , 008.jpg )

Yeah, that's compensating dating. It was legal many years ago, and there were many cp videos produced about it. Most vintage japanese child porn was themed around it.And there are many Loli doujins about it.

It's still done by many girls that want to have a good source of money. But I don't think it would be easy for gaijins(foreigners) to hire little prostitutes. And also considering the fact that many of them are highschoolers, but you can get highschoolers elsewhere as well.

<sorry for anime pic>

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