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/disc/ ~ Am I busted or just paranoid?
File 154547682474.jpg - (40.76KB , 351x450 , 12-01-24-Nervous-Guy.jpg )
2134 No. 2134
I've known "Tina" for about 11 years now, she has two kids now a 5

year old daughter and a 6 year old boy. Tina and her kids are like family. The kids call me

uncle "John" and the little girl even likes to call me "Daddy" sometimes. Tina and the kids

come over to visit my place usually once a week. My mom and girlfriend are

also really close to Tina. Just to be clear, I've never had any kind of actual sexual contact

with her 5 year old daughter "Jen". I have seen her naked twice, the first time maybe 8 months

ago when she needed help getting out of her swim suit and the second time this summer when she

had pee'd herself trying to go to the bathroom and couldn't get outta her swim suit. Both times

her mom wasn't here and I made sure to tell her that I would help her if she didn't tell her

mom or dad so she wouldn't get in trouble and she said ok. Of course I had to rub the towel

over her bare ass and privates to dry her off and she just giggled and said "If my mommy say

uncle john touch me I say no", I said "yes, good girl". The other time I also made sure she

wouldn't tell and made her repeat "If my mommy asks I say no uncle john didn't touch me or take

my clothes off". Other than that, I might squeeze her little butt when I pick her up, fed her a

lollipop a few times while imagining dirty things, oh and she likes to pull her pants down

BEFORE she goes in the bathroom and goes with the door open sometimes, thinks it's funny,

although her mom caught her once with the door open and she got in trouble and a "timeout". So

pretty harmless, nothing illegal even probably.

So now that you have a little background story here's my situation. Last Friday Tina and the

kids were at my place as well as my mom and girlfriend all making preparations for a

party that Sunday. Tina asked if I could watch the kids while the woman were prepping

for the party. Jen and I were on the couch and her brother was across us on the

couch closest the tv watching a movie. After a while Jen asked if I could do "elevator", which

is when I basically bench press lift her up and down. Usually I put one hand on her thighs and

one on her back but then she said "turn around the other way", so I put one hand by her chest

and one by her belly, but my fingers were pressing right near her privates. I Went up and down

a few times and she giggled and said "that tickles here" pointing to her pussy. I laughed and

said "your silly" while I tickled her belly and said "were...here?". But then while I was

tickling her belly I tickled lower until, in a moment of stupid hornyness maybe, my fingers

were creeping just inside her pants line. She looked up at me smiling and said "your a bad

boy...and I'm a bad girl". I smiled back at her but was kinda shocked and asked her "why?", she

says "your not supposed to touch me there". All I could think of was " I'm sorry Jen, it was an

accident ok". She said "ok" and we went back to the movie like nothing happened. The day went

by and everyone went home.

The next day Tina came back to help again for the party and brought the kids. I said hi to

Tina and the kids as usual and the kids and I went to put a movie on. As soon as we got to the

couch Jen turns to me and says "look uncle I'm wearing two underwares so you can't touch me"

while smiling. She pulls down her pants a little and shows me her panties and what looks like a

leotard underneath. I immediately block her from view of the woman across the room and try to

talk over her as she repeats herself. Ok, now I'm a little panicked. Did she tell her mom? Did

her mom put that on her to make it hard to touch her or did Jen do it on her own? Her mom is

here tho and she smiled at me and said hi wih a hug as usual? Maybe I'm overreacting? Maybe her

Mom doesn't wanna cause a scene cuz she had already been obliged to come because the party was

her plan so she kinda had to follow thru? Yeah all kinda crazy thoughts racing thru my mind.

Now I'm thinking I have to get her alone for a minute and ask her about me touching her

yesterday and if she told mommy and if no, it's ok she doesn't have to tell mommy.

The hours go by and I just can't get her alone with all the people and activity at the house.

Finally I think ok, I'll tell her mom if I can check her vans tires and fluids like I usually

do and get the keys. I tell Jen if she wants to help with the van while her brother watches

videos. Jen comes outside after a little while thru the garage and I tell her to get in the van

while I turn it around. Finally I can talk to her alone without anyone hearing. Just as I'm

geting ready to talk to her, mom comes looking for her. "Come inside Jen" she says, "let your

uncle work". Dammit. I hop out the van and go inside after them to get a soda. As I open the

front door Jen's moms back is to me but she's knelled down and it looks like pulling up Jen's

pants or checking something. In my head I'm think shit she's checking to see if I messed with

her panties! Everyone goes home a little later and I'm left freaking out about what Jen coulda

said to her mom.

The next day of the Christmas party I'm thinking if Tina doesn't show up I'm fucked/Busted.

But she shows up, greets me, brings the kids, all smiles, even have a little friendly

conversation. I try to get Jen alone again to talk to her but their's a house full of people

and Jens brother is almost always with her. Party over, everyone goes home. The next day my mom

says Tina called her to ask about a room for rent at our place for her friend. This actually

calms me the fuck down cuz I'm like if she thinks I'm a pedo no way she's gonna recommend her

friend to rent a room at my place right? Ok so all clear? False alarm? Yes I

thought so but something came up today. Every Friday Tina almost always stops buy to visit my

mom, just for an hour sometimes, sometimes for dinner. Today my mom talks to her and Tina says

she's sick and can't come over. She says to leave the box of Christmas decorations she was

gonna pickup outside and she'll get them cuz she doesn't wanna come in and get us sick. I know

you guys are thinking just a coincidence, calm the fuck down you paranoid motherfucker, but

dammit I'm freaking out again! Was actually driving today thinking to myself, should I race home

and destroy my hard drive? Could this be my last car drive as a free man?

You guys can call me a paranoid faggot, but shit I'm just not cut out for real world pedoism.

I'm happy just looking at pictures and using my imagination. Don't get me wrong I'm not one of

those "I'm only here on the triforce for the artistic value" fags. Please...we're all on here

dick in one hand mouse in the other clicking and scrolling away. If I'm not in jail soon I have

NO intentions of doing anything with Jen so don't even ask. I would be happy just being able to

be around her, play with her and her brother, give her hugs, hold her, cuddle watching movies.

Man I love these kids and don't want any harm to come to them. Yes I'm a pedo but I draw the

line somewhere. Thing is being in this world you also get to here about how so many guys get

busted. Some cases it was being stupid with security or trading with the wrong people/leo.

Sometimes it's just the fact that little girls grow up to be woman. Maybe it's a counselor or

therapist that convinces them to tell. Not trying to be a downer but getting busted is fucking life


I started typing thinking I'd ask for advice, but I guess this was more of a venting thing

maybe. What could I even say or do if I am busted? Who the hell else could I talk to about

this? Where the hell else could I post this? Tor maybe I guess, fuck that. Holy shit did I just

type six paragraphs? I do feel a little better. Stay safe out there pedos. Viva le Triforce.
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>> No. 2135
You let your fingers drift down without taking precautions, while her mother was in the house. You aren't paranoid enough. Encrypt your entire life, to be safe, and be normal with Jen and Tina. Co-operate with the cops if they pull up, but don't tell them anything without a lawyer present. Chances are this is nothing, but the fact that you're panicking means you fucked up. If you're gonna be risque with a girl, you gotta know they'll be quiet, or have the parent in on it. Better to avoid it, at least until there's some movement towards not killing pedos.

If you end up in jail, say you're in for fraud or something. It's believable and doesn't get you labelled as a potential buyer.
>> No. 2142
Yes I really fucked up. Tina and the kids were supposed to come by Christmas so I guess we'll see. I won't feel safe until I can straight up ask Jen about what happened and if she told anyone. If I can talk to her I'm thinking I'll tell her to remember what happened was just an accident like when someone bumps into you, I'm sorry, it won't happen again and it's ok she doesn't have to tell anyone. I'm also hoping she remembers the times when I helped her get out of her bathing suits and I told her not to tell her mommy so she wouldn't get in trouble.

For sure stepping up my security. I use a logless vpn, have used tor. I have a laptop I keep just for porn but to be honest it's not even encrypted, just a simple login password. Scrambling to get all my vids, pics on new hard drives and truecrypt or veracrypt. Any advice on best setup? Encrypt operating system and storage? Dual login or dual OS? Have a new SSD for OS and HDD for storage.

I'll keep you guys updated on my situation. If it wasn't for the triforce were else could I talk about this shit? Thanks guys.
>> No. 2155
NO. its over. you play the "nothing ever happen'd card now. Forget about it unless its brought up and be prepared to answer like, it was nothing. Like you said' Life out here is worth What too you? But I dig ya. seems logical as i generally feel. I could never interact with a kid in any sexual way and not just because of the law. I treat people like people treat me. now, if I was just happens to be camping for some reason, and a little girl just happend to waunder into my site while no one seemingly near for miles? no. it would be all about getting the kid help and where they belonged. If I waswalking back to my car from the bar at 2am, got into my car, then, a hot 11 year old climbed upfront and said "get me some alcohol" while reaching for my crotch and starts rubbing while licking her lips and looking at me with those "Oh GOD"Eyes? oh my! Still oh god WHY! But no. I couldn't. Why? Because if I found out some poor fool messed with MY Kids? or ANY of my Family? I Would be going to Prison. But not for pedo. But for Murder! So There's the point of the Story! Hey? Call me hypocritical. I can't deny my own demons. But I can hold them at large and keep in control. And hey? This new Sex doll technology + future AI? We WILL see it in our time : ) and seriously? I have, Legal Ages* been with girls that were So Small that it felt like fucking a pair of chopsticks in rubber bands. Was awkwardly painfull for myself and by the looks and sounds she made? yeah. I have no idea why she stayed my GF for as long as she did. Youl be ok. I hope. well, we all do. Merry Xmas for what its worth. be Well. ps, sorry no pics. I view only. (how I stay safe. the internet IS my library* of knowledge)
>> No. 2156
File 154586170892.jpg - (1.36MB , 959x1854 , tru_270_05045_jpg.jpg )
Encrypt your entire computer and system immediately: https://www.veracrypt.fr/en/System%20Encryption.html

Act normal with the woman and the girl. You did nothing wrong. If the cops come, do not talk to them without a lawyer present. If you can afford it, find a lawyer and tell him what happened and keep his number in case the cops come and talk to you.

From what you described, you did nothing wrong.

But the woman will over react and call the cops and they will come to talk to you. Encrypt your computer immediately. Have a lawyer ready.

That will protect you.

Sounds like this girl is bad news. I would avoid her if I were you, she will end up ruining your life.
>> No. 2164
>"If the cops come, do not talk to them without a lawyer present."

and that's eaxactly to get smoked
seriously law ie. cops find it extremely suspicious if someone can't talk to them woithout a lawyer when not even being more then just just briefly interesting to them
a lawyer present IS THE SIGN that def will make you more interesting then you ever imagined.....

btw it's similar whatever the cops wants to talk to you about need a lwayer and they'll sure you've got something to hide even if you don't have shit to hide fom them i know by experience not similar to this kind of stuff though but lawyer made it worse
so decide if you want to get highly suspicious or they'll talk to you and let you off the hook
>> No. 2184
File 154627784439.jpg - (786.74KB , 972x1296 , sabrinar09004.jpg )
Re 2164

That is horrible advice. You should NOT talk to the police, ever. They are trained professionals at extracting information from you. Their job is to gather evidence to arrest and convict you. They are NOT your friends, they are NOT there to help you, they are there to put you in jail for as long as possible.

Even innocent questions and dialog will be used against you and are designed to loosen you up to incriminate your self.

A lawyer LOVES it if you did not talk to the police.

Watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-7o9xYp7eE
>> No. 2191
So Tina and the kids DID come by for Christmas. Tina still had a cough so she really was just sick. She even got me a present and thanked me for being such a good uncle to the kids. This coulda been bad tho, I think I'm just lucky Jen was a good girl and didn't say anything. Maybe she remembered from the times I helped her get in/out of her swim suits? I still haven't had a chance to ask/talk to Jen about it, but I'm planning to as soon as I get a chance. "But the woman will over react and call the cops and they will come to talk to you" yeah that's what really worried me.
Sorry for the long ass original post. Was nervous as fuck and kinda venting. I'll let you guys know what happens afer I can talk to Jen. Thanks for the advice guys.
>> No. 2192
As I was just typing my response got an error message saying windows had encountered an error and had to close my VPN. VPN is supposed to shut down/close browser if any interruption to connection but it didn't, vpn shutdown but browser stayed open with multiple triforce tabs open. WTF?
>> No. 2194
File 154645591881.jpg - (310.36KB , 768x1024 , !44226_2267_123_469lo.jpg )
If you configured your VPN kill switch to shut down if the VPN goes down, it will only close your internet connection, not your browser. Which is ok. If your browser stays open but your internet connection is cut, it does not reveal your true IP.

For example. I have private internet access and I have the kill switch always on. That means that I can not connect to the internet without the proxy. If the proxy goes down while I'm on the internet, it cuts off my internet and I unable to connect to the internet without it. It does not close my browser.
>> No. 2199
I wouldn't think so. As you saw it DID interrupt current but left old and inactive open. Besides its the IPS you should be worried about? Who is sold out and who refuses? What about the fact of "View Only vs Download and catalogue*? I Guess in some places there is no law. No Common sense. No Empathy. No Concern for recourse of ones evils? Awww. But to let the Butterfly wander and Rome as it feels. That is as God intended. Not capture. Not pursued. Not Convinced by an others small rational; But let the Chance to Fly on his own. Who are we to take he wants footballs in his ass from; Someone just turn hem selves in already if you feel vonurable to act upon you thoughts. LMAO but i liked op story. I was relating. I had them similar moments too. but I was their age and yeah. Young Perv. LMAO! YUP! Thats ME! I learned what a sock was for when I was about 5 or 6. I was well aware of my erection and its feelings very young. And I remember the good feeling too the "Need Clean up"* Ha HA. Ya ALL? If I had and Known? I wish I'd a had a chance to video those young moments and share. Now i'm old. still have a small penis, but I have had my days being young. I remember when Internet first started. Hollyheartbreak. Then Tawnee then looking see Galitsin and LS and BD and so on and so on. My Point? Dont rape kids. Let them explore and grow as they choose. All I Wish for.
>> No. 2233
I was able to ask Jen about what happened, she was a good girl and didn't say anything. I'm at ease about the whole situation for sure now.

I've had the same VPN for 4-5 years now, first time that ever happened. Yes I have the killswitch activated, just hope it was able to activate before the VPN program crashed. I immediately closed the browser, didn't check to see if connection was active. Didn't get a notice of lost connection. No sure but there was an update/new version a few days before. Some kinda bug? My main concern is that if vpn crashed and didn't disconnect me I would now have a record of viewing triforce(cp) @my ISP. Shit I guess I'll just never know for sure though. For sure didn't have any active DL's or uploads during that session, just browsing and my thread reply of course.

I can remember being 13 and being intensely sexually attracted to a 9 year old neighbor. I remember she had a crush on me and her brother who was my age even told me she would make out with and hump her pillow pretending it was me. She had a gorgeous face, she was Colombian. Great ass even at that age I mean bubble butt teen ass on a 9 year old ass. Never acted on it cuz even at that age I knew society frowned upon the age difference. Wish I woulda tho, shit what's the worst that could happen at that age? Get grounded and no video games for a week lol.

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