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/disc/ ~ DL-free COMPROMISED...???
File 154549433958.jpg - (317.53KB , 956x1440 , lsh-017-066.jpg )
2136 No. 2136
Hi friends...!!!...I am not able to use the host DL-free..."...blocked by the authorities..."...are you facing the same problem...???...it seems we are confronting a new trouble...!!!
>> No. 2137
change your vpn. also, different ip's effect connectivity performance and captcha accuracy.
>> No. 2138
Thank you very much, Anon, for your information...!!!...now, DL-free seems to work properly again...
>> No. 2140
No problems with dl.free. You just LEA trying to scary posters to upload sets to other hosts as dl.free is the ONLY ONE where your IP cannot be traced and is totally TOR compatible. Homosexual LEA faking they are users is funny to say the least. Let's see if that will be so funny when I kill your family in front of you and make you eat them before I kill you. dl.free is GOD death to all that are against it.

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