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/disc/ ~ i dont see why
File 154609218172.jpg - (393.56KB , 1664x2496 , 2_838.jpg )
2168 No. 2168
I don't see why i should have to do this. But many use my nick when its not me!!
Therefore i shall always use a coded sig!!!

If it aint the same, then it aint me!! GOT IT??

I have always posted GOOD stuff here, good vids, good galleries, but now someone is pretending to be me!!

That is now over!! Always check the "sig"-"name" with the code after, if it aint the same as this one, then it aint me!!
>> No. 2183
My heart bleeds gallons of piss!!
>> No. 2200
She is "op pic J" SOOOOOOO bad ass. So Few peeks, ,But WOW WOW WOW. And may I call you Neph69? Cool? Cool! Hey? I dont want 5000 photos of her. Just the "best*" if ya know what I mean? Will they be mad at you if do it? Well TY anyways and lways appreciate all you share. TY.
>> No. 2290
There are not accounts here, so that's why. Everyone can impersonate anyone.



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