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/disc/ ~ Please
File 154621355612.jpg - (3.06MB , 3968x2976 , IMG_20181223_143219.jpg )
2174 No. 2174
Back to your God
>> No. 2175
What is that greenish light over there in the thickets? A UFO? Or maybe a ghost? I wanna know!
>> No. 2176

Metallic emerald green flat bed trunk, probably someone out logging.
>> No. 2177
Oh, good. So there was a rational explanation this time! All the better!
>> No. 2180
Ok Jew (or cryptojew if you are a Christian). But go back to your GOD, the shekel, please.
>> No. 2289
Jews are allowed to fuck 3yo. I wish I was a Jew.

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