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/disc/ ~ I'm Sorry if I like her or him more
File 154650076662.jpg - (369.19KB , 1209x1814 , IMG_3168.jpg )
2201 No. 2201
I'm a weird one. I Like people for the most part. I usually get along unless I'm past the "6 beer" phase. Which I am as writing this so beware. All might come out.
I NEED YOU! I LOVE YOU! I give my LIFE too YOU!~ I AM A SPONGE. Sponge is Not to be associated with Collector as I am Not a "Collector"! I am ALIVE ! I ask not Respect, Appreciation, Recognition, or Money/Value. I only seek Honesty and True. What I mostly like about Porn is watching Growth. How no labia changes into more. How the over time developement of Breasts happen. More about pussy, but, Thats what I Like. I maybe want to know about it and our development? I Love Penis but a restricted sum. I like small penis. not Age. I like idea of a young lad tell me his woes and ask me if I would care to gently teach what I know and learned. But that's Dream not reality. I did when I was a child. Sucked a few friends and had mine sucked and played doctor with a few girls. My Life is no worse then yours if your here reading this. Does this make me smart? WTF. No but I sure am tired of wasted time getting too the mission*, HA Ha.
>> No. 2211
I don't know what you're on about but could you send me this set?

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