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/disc/ ~ Caught?
File 154672208550.jpg - (67.46KB , 1024x819 , 9c3d26d193bf0655a637e10c634300a49a65cc3b_hq.jpg )
2214 No. 2214
Little more than 1 year ago i've lost one memory stick right in front of my friend's house, after it got out of my pocket. There was some darknet videos, explicit, and my friend called the police.

I live in Brazil, so there is some specific laws here where i think i need some local help, i really dont know.

I've only used the memory stick on my very old ubuntu laptop, and before the use i got it completely formatted through ubuntu tools.

The brazilian police are very slow and the case doesnt gave any results to my friend, so i really dont know if they can find me. I'm at risk?

It would be greatfull if any brazilian friend could reply me or if any IT technician can tell me if the memory stick can me traced back at me even with the very types of format i've done with it.

Sorry about any grammar error.
>> No. 2216
What is it that you got formatted, the stick or the laptop? If it's the stick, does your friend know it was yours or did he just find it there? Did he give it to the cops or did he throw it away?

I don't know about Ubuntu but Windows stores metadata on all storage devices that connect into it, forever. You can't clean that data w/ CCleaner, for example. I'd definitely format the laptop as a precaution.

I'm guessing you formatted the usb stick and it was the slow format, right? In that case, I'd only worry about fingerprints and contact DNA on the stick but 1: your friend has his on there as well, and 2: contact DNA is very easy to spread around.

I don't even think they'll test for contact DNA. For fingerprints, you just tell them the truth: you went to your friend's house and saw the stick on the floor, picked it up, thought it was broken since it had been thrown away and left it there. You had no idea what was inside.

If your friend doesn't know it was yours, I wouldn't worry too much, but I'd still format every computer the stick has been inserted into.

If anything happens, my tip is to deny any accusations. If you say "yes, I did x", the judge will have no choice but to convict you, and he won't be able to give you any sentence smaller than the minimum. But if the stick wasn't yours, they need beyond reasonable doubt that it was in order to convict.

Is there such certainty from fingerprints on a low-value object left flat-out on the street (and a street that you had verifiable reason to be in)? No, there isn't. 20 of your friend's friends plus the entire neighborhood might have touched that thing.

You should've encrypted the stick, seriously.
>> No. 2286
Unless your memory had data about you: photos, texts,audio, etc. There is nothing to worry about. It's latam after all. The only people that are caught are the ones that left personal data. I.E. cellphones with cp.

If you were from a 1st world country it would be more worrisome.

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