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/disc/ ~ Should we continue premium-only?
File 154684657748.jpg - (31.17KB , 501x585 , shekeleer.jpg )
2219 No. 2219
As our residentfags may have noticed there has been quite a quarrel recently over premium-only hosts in /cg/. I'd like to hear from both users and shekeleers about whether we should continue to allow premium-only links in /cg/.

Please don't samefag on here because this is not a poll. The only reason for this thread is to weigh and discuss both points of view, not see which is more popular.
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>> No. 2220
Yes, this is a selling site not a sharing site. Fuck those who can not purchase a premium account for what ever reason. Sharing should be only for the elite.


>> No. 2221
It seems as tho most of the people who complain on here about premium links have never heard of debrids. I've not found a single premium link that I couldn't find a free (or very inexpensive) debrid for. You just have to search for one. Take wdupload for instance. leechall give you a one gig per day limit but its free. alemdarleech, for $5 per month, give you a 5gig per day limit. Same for exupload. Just look around and quit the constant complaining.
>> No. 2222
Last year, I talked about debrids.
Their argument is "it's not safe, and there are a lot of viruses"

Ha-ha! I have been using debrids for 5 years and still alive!

>Should we continue premium-only?
I think yes, why not?

I never use this earning tactics, but for some it’s better to get 1 sale than 1000 downloads.

I can earn more than $ 1000 per month using free hosts.
Who from premium-only downloaders can do the same?
How many sales do you have?
>> No. 2225
Yes we should continue to allow anyone to post freely. As much as you hate premium, I hate shorteners and redirects. Is my preference less valued that yours? To each their own.

I see plenty of complaints on the shortener threads too. Do not act like those do not exist.
>> No. 2230
Censorship typically comes back to bite the ass of those who favor it.
>> No. 2231
File 154691952233.png - (17.23KB , 669x367 , google_captcha_sucks.png )
If someone wants to use PREMIUM ONLY sites, then he MUST state it in his thread.
It's no fun to raise false expectations. That's unfair.



But when it comes to redirectors or shorteners, one of the BIGGEST troubles is GOOGLE CAPTCHA. Look to the attached image, for instance.
There is another "captcha service" called SOLVEMEDIA, that doesn't have those GeeCaptcha absurd hurdles.
Weighing in the scale the two captchas, I reinforce my eternal opinion about Google as Pig Brother...

>> No. 2232
To state firstly, I have never needed to download from any premium thread as I have already downloaded it all from MIR. I can also easily afford to purchase a premium account, but have never needed one and see no need to purchase one now.
The whole point of posting to premium on 144cg seems redundant as all the material has already been posted on MIR or other CG threads and continues to be uploaded on a regular basis, usually to reasonable hosts and more often than not with no links or minimal links.
If occasionally someone needs to go through some hoops (clicks) to obtain something they do not have and want, fair enough, they pay with some clicks.
But to expect people to buy a premium product on the off chance something they need turns up is not caring.
$20 may be an hours wage to some, or a weeks wage to another (more than they can afford) and so often those people are trashed because they can not afford the luxuries of those in first world countries. Other people may live in police (like) states where there may be issues in obtaining premium accounts, or others simply may not have the technical savvy to purchase those accounts safely. All of these people are being discriminated against for something they can not help.
Ordinary sheckellers do not discriminate, they share to one and all equally.

It is up to the trichan community to decide if this is an equal and caring sharing community or if the option to allow premium posts which are redundant and favour only a few should be encouraged to spread.
The observation that some premium posters do not make as much as sheckellers do makes one wonder why they choose that method (ie. make less money), then if they are genuine about sharing why use such a slow hosting service.
I simply can not trust the motives of that type of individual.

So, I am against premium, on principle only.
>> No. 2234
File 154698107556.jpg - (166.46KB , 600x320 , big-government.jpg )
"If someone wants to use PREMIUM ONLY sites, then he MUST state it in his thread"

If we are going that route, then we should also have posters state how many shorteners are attached to each link. It is a pain in the ass to make it through two shorteners only to have two more waiting for you. I would rather not have began that series of clicks, but after two you are already committed to the rest of the clicks.

This whole censor and having regulations only leads to more regulations and other issues being debated. Leave things the way they are before it becomes "Big Government"
>> No. 2235
"If occasionally someone needs to go through some hoops (clicks) to obtain something they do not have and want, fair enough, they pay with some clicks."

You know what pisses me off more than premium hosts? Going through a series of four shorteners, only to find that the link has been removed and is nolonger active. That pisses me off. The shekler gets paid and I get nothing in return. At least with premium, I know I get the content I paid for. No run-arounds, no redirects, no bullshit. One click and a minute or two later I have the content.

The chans are full of content. having premium services banned because someone cannot obtain a small fraction of the total chan content is outrageous and leads to more censorship down the road.

You give this anti-premium and inch, and the next activist group asks for a foot, and the next a mile. Pretty soon the chan become nothing more than a memory.

How about, we do not interfere with the poster's business and mind our own. If we cannot dl a file, too bad and move on to the next file we are interested in. One thing I have earned from using the chan, is that these files always recirculate. If I cannot obtain a file today, I know it will be back around in the near future.

Additionally, if the chan begins to increase regulations, posters may be less inclined to spend the time uploading content to distribute. And the result is less and less links available and even less re-ups of old files. Because, lets face it the facts: As inconvenient as it it, CG posters do the chan a yuge favor by recycling MIR files that have been taken down and/or removed.

Let's do some math. Lets say 5% of CG posters decide it is not worth their time to upload under a heavily regulated system. Over time, that 5% has a huge effect because less and less content is being recycled through those posters. Eventually, the content will all have died.

Whether it is shorteners or premium host we despise, those posters (the way the are) keep the chan filled with valuable content, that otherwise may be lost once the files are taken down.
>> No. 2236
We have banned short links on 180, let's ban only premium on 144 and then there will be a balance.
>> No. 2237
Lets look at some ratios for a minute. While I do not have the actual data for these ratios, I can make a pretty good guesstimate.

I would be willing to bet a shit ton of vids/images that these two ratios are either the same or not far off from one another:

Total files: premium only files
Total users: users bitching about premium files

Simply put, premium and those bitching about premium are only a small fraction of the total chan and thus IMO do not merit any needed changes.
>> No. 2238
I was always told not to leave a paper trail. If you pay for something, you are bound to leave traces of your activity online. Either LEA or a blackmailer could use that against you. There are enough ways for the "sellers" to make money. This should not be one of them.
>> No. 2239
File 154702743584.jpg - (4.86KB , 220x204 , myhat.jpg )
So far I'm leaning towards requiring premium shekeleers to disclose that on the first post of each thread. This way we don't waste users time and don't lose on any potential benefits they may offer because yes, rarer and better content which is more difficult to collect and post wouldn't exist without adequate compensation.

I'm curious though to how much money premium shekeleers actually make. The fact that there's only like 3 premium threads on 144/155 shows free ones actually earn more and without getting cussed at every two minutes, too.
>> No. 2243
I think that if it is premium or shortener we should specify it in the thread, users according to their possibilities and comfort prefer one or the other. However, I also think that we should do cleaning, make the rules clearer and respect them, both for users and mods / admins.

On the other hand, has the dirty war started against the shorteners or is it a personal attack? Lately my threads are commented with flood and lies, in addition to that the administration deletes active threads (new and old) without apparent reason, for example: https://144chan.pk/cg/res/42549.html Threads of other users remain the same even though their files are repost or are already dead.

>> 2238 It's a risk for everyone. The logic of the LEA is to go first for the administrators, then for the uploaders and finally for the downloaders. Sincerely, I would like to know what is the secret of the administrators so that they have not been arrested, since in the Deep Web is very frequent LOL



>> No. 2245
File 154710539769.png - (24.27KB , 1194x487 , cpmlink_asks_for_disabling_adblock.png )
Also, there must be a "blacklist" of redirectors/shorteners that impose absurd, harmful and unnecessary hurdles in order to get the link with the treasured content.
For example, "cpmlink" MUST BE BANNED, because it mandates the disabling of any adblocker. And one of these, "NoScript", shows (when visiting cpmlink) a list of suspicious sites (xwxgveihw2jvkjv.com, for example...what kind of website with that strange adress is that?).
Look at the attached image if you don't believe me!
>> No. 2253
File 154727538577.jpg - (4.86KB , 220x204 , myhat.jpg )
I'm asking users and shekeleers to report premium-only threads here. We'll edit their first post to clearly indicate they are premium.
>> No. 2275
get rid of the premium links!!!
>> No. 2276
Seems a fair compromise. Fair enough they should disclose up front they are posting to premium hosts. Some premium Ok, but would truly be saddened to see them take over.
>> No. 2299
I say get rid of the premium and JS links altogether
>> No. 2306
I get frustrated when spend "precious time", and get somewhere I wished did not waist that time doing. Whilst the shortners generated Someone something*; Whilst that was sought* was never available. False advertisement? Just plain trickery? Thievery? BUT?
I understand the business aspect. Like, once, As long as I payed Rent and kept heat and a phone and rest of crap that came along with it? I got free Dope. Just for letting them pass threw. I think here is same. Freeloaders gathering up crumbs. And thats part of what makes this work here. SO?
enforce proper descriptions as far as "Premium" content. No one said we couldn't Buy it here, then Post it in another Chan/topic/ ie' "Look whaty I GoT! Neener neener NeenER!" That creates LIFE! Tryforce depends on "TRAFFIC"! And I know need keep your own asses covered and same time; make ends meet. So Yeah. > Specific topic* for reports. Make links available too tutorials on how to understand captas and shortners. Why some just not accurate? A "Banner" say where to go for what? But then that make it easy for cops, FKK! I Feel ya. False Advertisement is just not a factor that should exist.
TY for exploring options to expedite availability of "TIME" : ) dBrl dBrl dBrl
>> No. 2335
So, after all the discussion, the dick posting to wupload via gg links has just started a thread of LS material. As if there is not enough LS threads already,he is posting to "premium" without advertising the fact. Sure, can be downloaded free at 24kbs, but that was the whole point of the trolling. It ain't gonna stop him hijacking the entire board over time.
>> No. 2454
My premium thread is here:
All good?
>> No. 2505
all links in my thread are for free but uploaded by wupload ( slowly file hosting)

>> No. 2520
Get rid of premium, JavaScript llinks, and shorteners, please!!!
>> No. 2525
You guys are really chill about safety here. It's not an onion site, so pretty much any clueless Joe can access. What does a clueless Joe do when he wants to download CP behind a paywall? He takes out his credit card and pays for CP, giving his personal information. You're really making it too easy for LEA to track you down.

None of the security oriented CP boards allow java or premium sites for a reason, and that reason is so that members don't get jailed.
>> No. 2544
Hi admin,
My Thread was locked for posting premium-only links

I tested all my links, and yes, some were for premium member. But that was not wanted by me! For some reason, all links were only for premium member only. I can not see if they are free or not. I need to verify them one by one. Now they are all accessible to everyone.

Can you please unlock my thread


>> No. 2545
you've got links accessible to everyone ie. reach the host
sofar all good but it's something else that def makes peeps annoyed & yeah i know cause had to test what mentioned about your links dude
not premium but 1st you must wait 60 sec to get to a captcha with images which everyone who'll get those knows are pure hell
if you can manage to solve the fading images then you'll get the file
too much crap b4 get the file that's the part anooys peeps just too much
and yeah those captchas differ depends where the hell you are when attempt to dl google is hell & it's googles bloody captchas i'm talking about.......
end of ranting links works not premium but kill the bloody capthcas & none will complain again promise;)

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