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File 154690761457.jpg - (66.90KB , 1023x870 , depositphotos_94051128-stock-photo-smiley-doing-th.jpg )
2228 No. 2228
I think it's a shame that so many fake pictures are here, what better way to do that? Also, it is a pity that most of the pictures and videos if they are to download are all very old and not much is new. With so many videos there are not even links to download or watch I think it's stupid here others like it vl always the same pictures and videos are there and so many fake pictures.
>> No. 2229
Well the fake pictures are really annoying but you can not expect much from movies and pictures because you have to look for other sites or download them but you will not find much good material everywhere I think the pages are mostly monitored or blocked
>> No. 2274
Unless the pics you are viewing are amateur photos uploaded by the photographer, almost every professional photo is a fake. With all the air brushing to remove flaws or blend imperfections, it is rare a professional photo is an original image of the model untouched up.

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