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/disc/ ~ Dead Links
File 154742564136.jpg - (149.21KB , 786x684 , th.jpg )
2280 No. 2280
Now that the heavy regulations have begun, what is going to be done about the Joos milking dead links attached to their shorteners? I could not count the number of links I clikced, worked the shortenrs (which makes the Joo money), only to find a dead link at the end of the cycle.

Aditionally, if premium links are to be identified, I think the number of shortenrs a poster attaches to their files hould be disclosed. I would like to know if I am attemtping a two, four, or five shortenrs cycle before I start clicking. Nothing worse than working a four shorteners cycle to find a 3.7mb file containing 8 photos.

I propose that posters must disable shortener links to dead files. Users can identify the dead link and the poster can then disble those shorterner. I also propose that posts w/ shortenrs should disclose how many shorteners are attached to each file and disclose the file size.

If we are going to start heavily regulating one class of Joos posters, we need to start heavily regulating all Joo posters.

See what happens when you beg for big government intervention...
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>> No. 2281
Are you saying these assholes get paid whether you download their files or not?
Another problem is when the shorteners kick you on to a virus site. It happens often.
>> No. 2282
File 15475429959.jpg - (4.87KB , 220x204 , myhat.jpg )
I'll have to blame users on this one. Some autistic dedicated users would go all the way back to page 15 on /cg/, pick a thread which hasn't been updated since 1997 and which its shekeleer has been buried in Hawaii long before we had the dark background for 144 and bump it all the way to the top with "reup plz!!".

If you feel you must comment on some ancient thread type the word sage in the email slot when responding. This will post your reply as usual but cause it not to bump the thread all the way to the top.

Now for current threads, note that we don't censor negative posts so read others comments on a thread before downloading. This is called market signaling. If everyone is cussing for too many shorteners or dead links then move on to another thread or proceed at your own risk.

It's impossible for mods to micromanage hundreds of shekeleers and breastfeed users the content, you need to exert some minimal effort while we take care of major violations like cp, double-posting and recent reposting.

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