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/disc/ ~ Creepy Old Man
File 154813159253.jpg - (80.21KB , 1200x630 , drummer-nathan-philips.jpg )
2317 No. 2317
What would you do if an elderly Native American man approached you to chant in a foreign language and beat his drum close to your face?
>> No. 2332
he actually felt what kind of so called human being you are;)
so the creepy one osn't the old native man
it's you and the drum is more of a tool and nothing to be scared of
these easily scared dudes these days geeez
foreign language lol your is the foreign since thousands of years dumbass
don't you have a single clue about anything or wtf.......
>> No. 2336
The MAGA boy is actually gay, you can tell by his face. He just want that Native American guy to stick the drumsticks up his white faggot MAGA gay butt.
That "creepy" guys is A DECORATED VIETNAM MILITARY HERO by the way. Not an alt-right Internet faggot wannabe that play video GAY games like you.
>> No. 2349
He's not a Vietnam Vet or hero you Kool Aid drinking liberal idiot. You've been watching way too much liberal fake news.

Want proof? Here it is:


The guy is a professional bullshitter and the media set the whole thing up and idiots like you fall for it.

Have you learned your lesson? Do you finally see now how the news has been lying to you all your life? Do you think that there is a possibility that your political opinions are based on misinformation? Just a slight possibility?

No? Then you shall remain a stupid, liberal idiot
>> No. 2435
Want proof?
>> No. 2450
You bitch ass libtards.
>> No. 2557
you're dizzy dude keep that fucking politics as far as hell out of here
cause none mantioned that bloody crap k
you'll need some fresh air then get some fucking education like learn how to read what's typed in posts dude geeeez & some actually wonder if the world will survive another century hell no.......
>> No. 2562
The idiot who writes like a retarded 2nd-grader tells others to get an education.
>> No. 2572
cause i'd kill better then type fucker wanna have a go you'll be an awesome fertilizer that's for sure

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