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/disc/ ~ Allahu Akbar
File 154822675694.jpg - (82.85KB , 770x578 , matrimonio-ninas.jpg )
2321 No. 2321
I am here to write to you 'Dear World' that 'Pedophile' or 'Pervert' is no longer recognised as a term or a disease.

Every man, no matter what, is attracted to the 'virgin' girl, ripe as a fruit, no matter what her age is.

Adam and Eve destroyed our world, they destroyed us all... but Islam comes to the rescue here.

You're allowed to marry girls as young as 9 in Saudi Arabia and Yemen and if you don't want to be married, Nigeria's age of consent is as young as 11 but not in all states because of new erupting Child Rights Laws etc but their government can't keep up with those demands.

If you like girls under 9, I promise I'll kill you ;) I'll find you, hunt you, chop off your penis... and see that you live a slow painful death :)

Go and do the right thing, chase after your dreams, save up so much money and go to Saudi Arabia or Yemen and convert to Islam :)

P.S. With Islam, you're allowed to have as much wifes as you wish... make sure you can afford for them all :P

7 x 9-year old wifes for Monday to Sunday :) Follow my drift :P Stop fapping off to CP lol

Allahu Akbar <3
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>> No. 2322
File 154823514581.jpg - (33.66KB , 303x350 , vt.jpg )
Howabout to convert your selfe TO HELL ?

A fiew hundreds years ago a nice guy named Vlad Tepes Dracula show us what we shell do with islam shitt !!!!
>> No. 2323
File 154823611924.jpg - (4.87KB , 220x204 , myhat.jpg )
Take your constructive conversation to /disc/ boys, /cg/ is the commercial section.
>> No. 2326
Yes ! And i dont know wtf is doing the mods here ?

Threats of radicalization Islam IS fanatics what threatens with murder and homicide, have lost nothing here!!!
>> No. 2330
religion the best made up fantasy of all kind
enslaved poor majority of population illiterate starved with no possibilities of actually changing their lives
as they happens to believe in the biggest lie of all lies

but it's vlad tepe who showed how it should be done
the first to go should be all religous fuckers
then maybe the world can be a constructive place cause killing peeps in the name of a god who really don't exist & itäs a fact in every religion not only islam and their radicalists

eye for an eye works for me cause a hard world don't need a fantasy telling all that bullshit
believe what the hell you'd like i'll never believe in a fantasy created ro enslave peeps which is the inly purpose of a religion.......
>> No. 2337
All religious people are gay. Essentially they miss their daddies big dicks up their buttholes so they make up some big dicked God to punish them with His big dick entering up their asses. Christians and Muslims are WAY MORE GAY than others. They created religions that ARE COPIES OF JUDAISM, so they weren't even able to create their own gnosis and mythology like pastafarians, did, for example. Christians are not even human beings. Even Pastafarians are superior to them. Christianity (and Islam) are just another form of homosexuality, and more dangerous because they keep telling you they are straight.
>> No. 2341
I couldn't even think of a photo for this topic if I tried. Reminds me of a song by a band called "Korn"; "too a world that never appreciated Shit, you'l SuCK my DiCK and FuCKiNG LIKE IT!" WTF? Share some dick and puss and lets all be friends. This one guy in Boy' replied to a pic of dick and said: "not Filipino because they have mostly Non circumcised penis's". now Wait? Is not They mostly Catholic? And Catholics clean up the Love Shaft*? naw, Fk that shit. I just want to come here and wank off when I have time. "I fk'd a Sheep. I fk'd a goat, I rammed my Cock right down it's throat. so what. SO WHAT U POOR LITTLE SLUT! WHO CARES! WHO FK'M CARES
>> No. 2464
perfect example of how stupid some white people are. if you want to marry a 10 year old, stop hating muslim, they can help!
>> No. 2490
I guess op never visited saudi arabia thats why he share this stupid post , In saudi arabia they never give citizenship to a foreignr you can not buy property or married their womens even you are muslims
>> No. 2616
im okay Marrying with underage
and dont have problem with them too
BUT Have you ever read Quran ?
Dude agree if you want to be pedophile be one no need to say this
and as i know you can only have max 4 wives are you sure about last part ?
im saying this becuse im leaving in a Islamic county
>> No. 2693
actually its true. but i wouldnt agree to go there Gudluck....
>> No. 2698
File 155388611865.jpg - (22.94KB , 411x334 , serveimage.jpg )

Allahu Faggot, I happen to like girls under 9 years old, so tell me again what you're going to do about it you big tough keyboard warrior you.
>> No. 2728
They can have all the pathetic SciFi geeks who never leave their parent's basements.
>> No. 2732
Every one of those girls, beautiful
>> No. 2733
I prefer white girls myself but Islam is really onto something there
>> No. 2762
The only thing Islam and Muslims need to be is at the destination of the airborne bomb.

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