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/disc/ ~ looking for vids
File 154876781139.jpg - (74.74KB , 769x1024 , 1548746064661m.jpg )
2350 No. 2350
Anyone got the blackmail scat videos of the girls
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>> No. 2351
hell yeah finally some good stuff, she looks delicious
>> No. 2352
Who is she? Any more of her? TIA
>> No. 2353
this is disgusting af u fucking crazy people
>> No. 2354
More more...:)
>> No. 2355
yessss!!!! more plz!!!!
>> No. 2356
bet that's part of a blackmailing set
>> No. 2357
She didn't rub any on her face because it already looks like shit loool
>> No. 2358
wtf STOP bumping this SHIT!
>> No. 2362
Don't like it people?
Then post...you to!!
>> No. 2363
>> No. 2364
File 154888368664.jpg - (275.71KB , 1440x956 , lfs-022-075.jpg )
Happy girlfriend..say ahh and eat her pussy!😏😏
>> No. 2365
So degrading only peeps with special fetishes would watch or download.

Offensive to me - 144chan just took a downwards notch.
>> No. 2366
File 15488841323.jpg - (297.59KB , 960x1440 , ism-029-088.jpg )
Just love it..post some surprisinly some offensive posts and get your disgusting fuks..me too.. To post! Ye ha😊😊😊
>> No. 2367
Asain love oral.
>> No. 2368
Is that her own shit smeared on her body? If so I want to lick her clean.
>> No. 2369
File 154888450674.jpg - (233.15KB , 960x1280 , lbs-008-072.jpg )
Eat me daddy suck my pussy make me feel special!
>> No. 2370
I want to live off her shit and keep eating it until I die so hot. I need to taste her shit
>> No. 2371
File 154888462562.jpg - (276.93KB , 1440x956 , lbs-010-039.jpg )
Love when they spread theircunts ..get my dick hard!
>> No. 2372
Imagibe she wears diapers? During changing her diapers time I can eat the shit out of her dirty diaper.
>> No. 2373
File 154888483527.jpg - (265.02KB , 960x1440 , lsr-008-029(1).jpg )
Love to smother my face into her pussy!!👄
>> No. 2375
Oh MISTER my dick is so hard..going to CUM!!
>> No. 2377
How ever..girls I still love my Asian women ;) with shit..😊😊
>> No. 2384
Is she single I wanna fuck her so hard
>> No. 2385
File 154888622167.jpg - (135.07KB , 1024x683 , 1.jpg )
>> No. 2386
Normie fags sharing gore and scat porn. Way to thank the community that gives you child porn for free. Fucking sad.
>> No. 2387
vai se fuder com essas porcarias. que lixo
>> No. 2388
This entire thread is nightmare fuel.
>> No. 2389
File 154895197458.jpg - (271.93KB , 916x761 , dapic - Copy.jpg )
OP pic is faked -

It's been shopped. Look at her face.
>> No. 2390
Lmaoo wtff you sick fuck
>> No. 2391
File 154895452972.jpg - (183.20KB , 1202x1600 , 1548833959917.jpg )
its not shopped fool, there are lots of scat girls in this series
>> No. 2392
I hope to marry a girl like this. She is so hot I wish she will shit all over me and in my mouth. Then I wash it down with her piss MULTIPLE times each day. Please share more her pics
>> No. 2393
File 154895661879.jpg - (228.15KB , 1202x1600 , 1548834474480.jpg )

i only have this clean one but im sure theres a whole set
>> No. 2394
File 154895668040.jpg - (169.73KB , 1202x1600 , 1548007560675.jpg )
these girls probably too old for here, some 16/17 year olds some older, i dont know..
>> No. 2395
You guys with your scat fetish is extremely disturbing. It's doodoo. You don't put doodoo on yourself or other people. You clean it.
>> No. 2396

noone cares what you like and dislike move on
>> No. 2397
Fucking faghag here
>> No. 2398
Fucking sick perverse shit. Can't you enjoy it without fecal matter you sick fucks?
>> No. 2399
Thank you!! Shes hot as hell
>> No. 2400
These girls actually have visible areolas. Can't believe they voluntarily wreck their beauty with shit.
>> No. 2401
>>78021 don't hate on it till you try it. maybe you will find out that it can be really hot. look at this girl cover in her own shit she so hot and delicious looking.
>> No. 2402
Moron, viewing it is trying it. It's not mainstream for a reason and that's because it's absolutely abhorrent vile degeneracy. So if your self worth is so low that you have to degrade others by making them smear their own excrement on their bodies, that's as low as you can go.
>> No. 2403
File 154895899478.jpg - (19.86KB , 224x291 , SaladinPurgerofInfidels.jpg )
>> No. 2404
>>78207 I meant actually try it yourself. you might feel a certain way now but once you covered its a completely different feelin. then maybe you will come into the pool with hot girls that also do it. I dont know how you can be so sure if you don't try new things.
>> No. 2405
You do realise that pools wash away excrement yes? What logic still resides in that decayed sense of self worth you faggot.
>> No. 2406
>>78031 I meant pool as a metaphor.
>> No. 2407
Of course you did, simpleton.
>> No. 2408
>>78033 ok well if you want to say I mean pool fine. it doesn't change the fact that u might like smearing once you try it. Only talk to me once you got first hand professional experience viewing is not enough.
>> No. 2409
Talk to all of the perfect muslim mothers who must clean diapers all day (and night) who all hate it (although they rarely complain).
>> No. 2412
File 154896327783.gif - (879.92KB , 500x270 , TDOL.gif )
Wow mommy!😱
>> No. 2414
File 154896350469.gif - (921.55KB , 256x256 , 154878225376.gif )
'fuck my bald count daddy's!
>> No. 2452
Would like to rub my nose across those cute anuses! Would love to see those beautiful poopers flower open and shit out soft gassy turds while hearing the young girls give out a grunting sigh of relief followed by loud splashes in the toilet water.
>> No. 2526
Pic 2373 is a good pose. Yes her pussy is nice, but her asshole advertises a much bigger statement, along with that beautiful face and smile. I would gladly brush my nose slowly across her anus to get a good smell. The smell of a girl's asshole is a sexy turn-on, helping perverted penises get hard. The worst thing a girl could do would be having a clean anus without a stinky smell, resulting with a limp penis and a lost cause.
>> No. 2527
I don't like tasting or smearing shit on my body....But I do enjoy using girl's poop for penis pleasure and masterbation. Yes, it is nasty and gross, but guess what?, you won't have poop all over your body and won't get sick from not eating it. I'm a pervert that likes only female poop rubbed and smeared on my penis, always inviting my nose to capture a good scent while visioning how lovely her anus must have looked as it flowered open, letting out the very turds my penis is smothered from. Choose a butt sleeve from Fleshlight or Fleshjack that has a rich detailed look of the anus. Rip out a good layer of rubber from inside to accommodate room for the girl's poop to fill in. Also the food she eats will dictate the texture of her shit. To get a smooth, sleek texture that is solid, but yet a friendly feel for the penis, cream of wheat, pancakes and high quality cheeses will make her poop a big money maker that people do buy online. It's a shame to hear a girl's turd splash in toilet water, knowing her poop is going to waste rather than being used for penis enjoyment.

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