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/disc/ ~ some telegram or whatsapp group?
File 154947173167.jpg - (168.13KB , 1588x1168 , 100-0062_IMG.jpg )
2436 No. 2436
Is there a group to share material?
>> No. 2437
Always loved her... Oh, I got distracted by Ms Blue Eyes!

Get Wickr then you can chat with likeminded all you want. Stay off Telegram,Kik,WhatsApp etc. They're corporate non encrypted crap...

>> No. 2438
look here first, rem. spaces obviously
>> No. 2439
So Ive got wickr installed, but how do I make contact with like minded people to chat etc ?
Need some help plse.
>> No. 2440
Well you meet others and exchange your screen name is one way. Just make your name here your wickr name. Hit me up on wickr and say hello!

Other than that. I Love little blue eyes, she's precious!

>> No. 2441
for the love of god people stop using apps of any kind and whatever you do not use a cell phone ever if it asks you to loginin with a password that means they are storing your info
for example operation orkid by the us gov busted thousands of pedos..and definatly dont meet anybody from a chatroom case and point dateline with Chris Hansen
>> No. 2442
>>80317 You're trying to argue logic to someone who's letting their little head do their thinking for them. If history has taught us anything, it's men are STUPID where sex is concerned. Change that to FORBIDDEN SEX and some of the weaker males would crush their own hand in a vice if there was a promise to see a young girl they lusted after nude. Even if only for a few seconds.
>> No. 2443
You obviusly don't know about the technology in wickr or you wouldn't be saying that. Every fucking drug lord to organized crime leaders including ones in government use wickr for good reasons. It's been around for many many years and unless the user fucks up it's a solid encrypted system.

However I use wickr strictly for text chatting, or voice chat. Why, because what I say or write is my business and neither of those are illegal to do so. However I would rather my thoughts and conversations between those that I choose to talk with be only for us!

The real scenario is your law enforcement trying to scare people away from the technology because you know how good it is. Wiich is a great play on your part. Seen it many times scaring regular people away from VPN, Slip Stream Proxy technology, encryption algorithms etc! That is what your actually doing in my opinion.


>> No. 2444
Use telegram and whatsapp myself just don't be a dumb ass even tor users use VPN and all that jazz yet say something thing incredibley dumb and incriminating talking to wrong person, hell gov in us just past law no one is allowed to look at search or even touch your phone without your permission anything they find has to be thrown out because seased iligally .
Case in point Texas massacre they were looking for pot not severed heads.
>> No. 2445
So just be smart be careful who you talk to feds are pretty fucking dumb pretty ez spot bacon anyway so just don't be flamboyant get send to u first just don't Willy Nilly send with out care
>> No. 2447
Hey MUOSS... Best way is to know who your talking to is to go on cam waist down and stroke your pedo cocks together while talking about whatever your mutual interests are.

Got to agree with the poster about Wickr it's the best choice. Nevertheless if you want to know the person is real make them your pedo stroke buddy :) 8====>


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