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/disc/ ~ no VPN?
File 155220671711.jpg - (330.05KB , 1208x752 , 03164.jpg )
2559 No. 2559
sorry guys
I have not been able to access this site via VPN ... am I doing something wrong or is that not possible?

pic not related
(but 13)
>> No. 2560
thanks mod to move my thread here
I hope u guys can answer my question ...
>> No. 2561
Try changing the IP location of the VPN you're using.
>> No. 2563
What VPN are you using? A free one? Paid?

Also you might want to look at this

Pay attention to the VPN you are using if you want to be anonymous.
>> No. 2567
Forgot to say I use Opera (free VPN)
I do not know if that is important.

I did it, but its very random and I could not enter even using IP from america or europe.
>> No. 2575
Opera (free VPN)
and changing IPs nothing happens
>> No. 2620
opera is good?

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