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File 151633241069.jpg - (831.33KB , 1200x1800 , LauraB07_062.jpg )
669 No. 669
Where can a newbie find a tutorial/guide/primer/discussion on how to upload to the file sharing sites and then advertise the post here or 155-180 ?? I've posted to usenet and seeded a few torrents but never posted to a board.
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>> No. 670
File 151635187412.jpg - (2.61KB , 125x116 , myhat.jpg )
Because we don't accept affiliate "shekeleer" links in /mir/ we have developed a list of free and anti-censorship hosts here https://180chan.info/mir/res/3049.html

The first batch (currently 12 sites) are preferred because they got an excellent record in not deleting files but you can use any site on the list. Even the "blacklisted" ones are unlikely to delete your file.

So just pick any of them, upload your file and you'll get a link. Share the link with a preview image in /mir/. It's that simple.

If your file is about a new topic like a girl which has never been posted before start a new thread for it. Otherwise if it's for example Candydoll or Webeweb or School-Models etc please add your post to the relevant thread so we keep the board tidy. You can click on "View catalog" for a quick preview on the topics on any given page.
>> No. 729
this girl needs a good stuffing
>> No. 1171
Girl name
>> No. 1492
LauraB. Candydoll
>> No. 2005
Nice ass
>> No. 2169
such a delicious ass

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